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  1. The OL might make for a boring pick but if we don't wind up with an OL that can give Joe time to throw, give our running backs holes and keep Joe from getting injured it will be another tough year for our Ravens.
  2. He seems small, 6' 0" and 229 for an ILB in the NFL. One has to wonder how effective he would be at the next level unless switched to strong safety.
  3. All the optimism in the world is no substitute for a great OL. If the season started today we would be in big trouble.
  4. whether you like Joe or not... we had better do something about the OL so he has a chance to succeed... or stay healthy for that matter, because the way his contract is structured he will be our QB for a minimum of three more years.
  5. If the Ravens can't come up with a good to great OL the skill positions won't matter.
  6. Foster would be a sound pick if he is still there at 16... but it also depends on who might still be available at wide receiver and edge rusher. My money is on one of the later two positions.
  7. Another 8-8 year missing the play-offs? That was what everyone predicted for the Ravens last year and we all scoffed. I certainly hope the "experts" are wrong this time around.
  8. We passed on a lot of talent to hang on to his draft pick... we can only hope the FO made the right decision.
  9. Most "dead money" in the NFL... again. What does that say about our FO's skill at doing business?
  10. One thing you can say for Ozzie is that he is pretty darn good at picking offensive linemen. He better continue that trend this year because if we had to play the season with the group we have now we would be in a world of trouble... both with our starters and our depth.
  11. We have so many holes to fill in the draft that this move makes sense. Webb actually was playing fairly well as the season progressed last year. This takes some of the pressure off to use a high pick on a corner; allowing us to look toward the OL and a WR. If the season started today our OL would be our biggest weakness so we need some serious moves to shore it up.
  12. QB's and receivers... not his forte. LB's, TE, DL and OL pretty darn good.
  13. A second round pick means you are picking from the best (33rd to 64th) college players in the country. We should have had a lot more success in round two... KO and Ray Rice were good picks surrounded by a lot of poor to mediocre picks.
  14. I fear we will live to regret sending Mangold on his way.