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  1. The big question is not would he help us... he certainly would... it's has he forgiven the Ravens for the way they dumped him? Getting rid of him was the Raven's worst move since Model fired Bill Belichek (just before they became the Ravens).
  2. Why cut him? Well we have 6 TEs on the roster all much younger (and cheaper) than the 36 year old Watson, who, if you will take a look at his stats, has had exactly one good season out of all his years in the NFL. What are the chances of needing 6 TEs, or of Watson having a second good year at this point in his career especially after a serious injury?
  3. Weddle is clearly the Ravens best free agent signing since "Q" or maybe SSS. Anyone have a clue why the FO hasn't released Watson yet to free up more cap space? Is it the way the contract is structured... maybe after 6/1?
  4. Am I the only one scared to death by the prospect of Ozzie selecting a WR in the first round? Think of his other first round WR picks over the years!
  5. Good signing... anyone have a clue why Watson is still on the roster? Does the date he is cut affect the dead money or is there some other consideration?
  6. Admit it... the prospects of the Ozzie taking a receiver with their first round pick scares the heck out of Ravens fans.
  7. He is reputed to be a third down back... good blocker and excellent receiver. He also consistently racks up a lot more yardage after first contact than say Pita. He might just see a lot of targets this year.
  8. I'm sure the money will come in handy... I hope the ravens have figured a way to help this fine young man out as well.
  9. Mangold seems like the answer here... why we are not interested is the question. The other question is why is Watson still on the roster?
  10. Sounds like a weaker version of Dennis Pitta, who we just asked to take a paycut. I rest my case. "Q" a weaker version of Pitta?? You are trying to be humorous... right?
  11. He has been a model of workmanship and work ethic thus far. Quite possibly because of having come up the hard way. A lot of professional athletes are never the same after they sign their first big contract... (the Ravens have a couple of examples). My guess is that Williams will continue to be Williams no matter the size of his check.
  12. Joe performed very well during his rookie contract... after that not so much.
  13. No doubt he will be missed but we are deep on the DL and we couldn't afford any more contracts of that magnitude. NE gave him a nice sized contract.
  14. More like 3 yards on third and 4.
  15. He can't block... even a little bit. He set a new NFL record for failed receptions. He not only had an average yards per catch near the bottom of the league, he had virtually zero yards after first contact. Two thoughts... first they need to cut Watson... second they need to figure a new scheme so we won't set another record for failed receptions.