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  1. I've been on the Reuben Foster to Baltimore train since right around the combine, and it's picking up even more steam now! That'd be the best 1st round pick I can imagine, dude is one of the top 5 defensive players in the whole draft. If we can get him and Juju in rds. 1 and 2 and then Pocic and Sidney Jones with our two 3rd round picks, I will be ecstatic. And honestly, at this time, all of that seems genuinely attainable.
  2. We got TJ in the Second? That's news. He's talking Jernigan, not Jefferson
  3. Myles Garrett would be a pretty dope addition, our D would be truly fearsome. But replacing Flacco with Kap/Cutler... that's just a nightmare.
  4. Very sad news to hear, there are not many days my thoughts are with Steelers Nation but today is one of them.
  5. I really hope we don't trade back much at all in this draft, it is loaded and we have 4 picks in the top 100. Should be 4 potential starters with the quality there.
  6. not in this draft bro, teams are treating picks like gold. pick 16+ pick 74 = pick 12/13
  7. I figured it out guys. We had to get rid of Jernigan to make room for Tony Jefferson. There can only be one TJ, it's so obvious to me now.
  8. lol, we will trade with the eagles again and get their 4th round pick.
  9. you know what? If that's the move then I am down for it. I'd love for us to take him on and stash him on IR for a season.
  10. This was a bad move imo, he probably would've given us 3rd or 4th round compensation next year, and instead we ship him away just to move up in the same round... We didn't even get an extra pick. Our FO must really love this draft. I'm just not seeing the value here.
  11. Agreed. Look at Correa's performance last year and when you have a second rounder, you expect someone who is going to spend a lot of time on the field if not injured and he wasnt injured. Once again, in the second and third rounds, the ravens FO and scouts have failed us again (and again and again). The old trade back to get more picks so we can get extra people with those picks that we eventually have to cut is just a poor strategy. You can only keep 52 and I would rather trade up and have a few really really good players than 15 of which 14 don't ever see the field. The old philosophy of being successful in the draft by getting more picks and accumulating comp picks is no longer an effective strategy. How many picks did Cleveland have last year, like 20, and they were like 1-15 or 0-16. All those draft picks did them absolutely no good like all those draft picks we get do us no good. Hopefully, soon we will learn. Please look back at our 2nd and 3rd round choices from the beginning of this decade. We have hit more often than we have missed. KC was a disappointment, but the jury is still out on him. Kaufusi broke his leg. Since 2009, we've picked up Paul Kruger, Lardarious Webb, Torrey Smith, KO, Bernard Pierce (remember he was actually pretty good in 2012), Brandon Williams, and Timmy Jernigan. Our flops have been Arthur Brown, Jah Reid (who was a pretty good depth player), and Terrance Brooks. Terrence Cody and Carl Davis fit somewhere in the middle of success and bust, and Davis still has time to turn it around. Bottom line here is, overwhelmingly, our 2nd and 3rd round picks have paid huge dividends for us. To continue to make this point, in 2008 we picked up Ray Rice in the 2nd and in 2007 we picked up Yanda in the 3rd.
  12. I also like the idea of drafting Reuben Foster and have Correa as OLB as well. But after the draft, if we don't draft Reuben Foster and he's still on the open market by then, Zach Brown could be another slide in player that Ozzie could take a look at. 👍 The Dolphins wanted to sign Brown but he wanted too much money. When the Miami Dolphins think a player is asking for too much, you can bet that he is out of the Ravens price range. That being said, I hope so much that we can draft Reuben Foster.
  13. lol, I'll be the first to admit that I was had. The Ravens would totally be the team to pull this off over any other NFL team. This was a cool April Fools joke.
  14. If I were a player, this would be incredible news. As a fan, I'm thinking that they better not lose this London game now.
  15. Remember this time last year when Justin Forsett was definitely gonna be our starter? I'm just saying.