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  1. Totally agree. The players he doesn't miss on we tend to groom up and watch walk away for big paydays. Be nice to keep some of that talent (looking at you Brandon Williams). Be nice for Oz to nail this draft and bring in the depth we need to improve.
  2. Never liked Juan Castillo. The scheme he implemented seemed to take far too long to implement. Players seemed to struggle with assignments. Forsett was able to make it work but only with Kubiak running the show. More change please- 8-8 ain't good enough next year!
  3. No problems with Mr. Bisciotti. If he did fire folks and act the fool, than we are no better than Irsay. I'll take a calm head at the helm of the ship. May take a few years and a new coach but a calm headed owner behind it all will bring this team back to the promised land.
  4. Harbaugh wants the easy to coach, no resistance type players. I'm amazed that Sizzle minds his P's & Q's and hasn't fired off a Bernard Pollard type of approach. Harbaugh would not be able to coach a Suh, Icnogito, or Sherman type of character. These are the type of players that have character questions but can change a game. No, they are not the best players in the NFL, nor are they the best examples, just off the top of my head players that are loud and strong in personality. The type that Harbaugh shies away from. Quite obvious that Ed and Ray were running this team and Harbaugh got to reap the results. Pollard called it out and was released. Don't even bring up Pollard's drop off in performance during the run to SB47, the man had 3-4 broken ribs and was still trying to lay the hay. Bottom line, time to move on from Harbaugh and bring back the fiery players that can't stand losing and strike fear in opposing teams.
  5. The line about underpaying wide receivers is just ridiculous. You're point than is that had the team ponied up the money on WR's that Flacco would suddenly be a contender? So money solves everything, right? moving on.....
  6. Well let's hang on a second before we post these types of statements...... I mean if Flacco read the play book, this team would be much more capable.
  7. Whether we draft for D or O, can we still trust in Ozzie? Not sure that any of the present powerhouse teams follow the "best player available" approach to the draft. Perhaps instead looking at our needs and deciding which players are available and building based on strengthening weakness will serve us better. How many years of decent drafts filled with "the best player at the time" can we continue through and still not be a solid team?
  8. I agree there is a lot wrong with your post. Living in a "remember when world" doesn't cut it in the NFL. 2008 was a great season and we almost got there, but that has nothing to do with our present situation. I stand by my posts that Flacco is not a student of the game and does not put in the work mandated by his top $$$ contract. You have no idea what I am talking about yet come up with the play where he threw the ball into the ground? Fairly certain in the Bengals game Flacco failed to get the ball out of bounds past the line of scrimmage. This is a penalty and not one that a well prepared and knowledgeable QB makes with minimal pressure on him. You are correct- "Mallett" came in for <3 mins in the Bengals game. Putting him in for the second half would have made more sense from an experience stand point. This is a forum board though, so I guess since you pointed out an error, you win, give me a break.
  9. I was about to point out the CBA myself. We'll let Rudy stay in the game until he learns not to get run over anymore.........
  10. Agreed! I have towed the Flacco is Elite mentality for years now. After the last few seasons, I really don't think Flacco cares. Never see him upset or fired up, I know "ice in his veins" and "Joe-Cool", but I'm over it. Even an icy personality will get mad or vent once in awhile. They say "beware the wrath of a patient man", when do we see Flacco's wrath? I honestly believe most of our problems start with Joe just not working hard at his position. Sure a few years ago with GOAT as his MLB and Reed getting him the ball back, Joe was able to get something done and cashed in. Since then he has gone belly up. Look at his mechanics, back foot throws, can't even get the ball past the line of scrimmage and out of bounds to avoid intentional grounding. This is just a uninterested QB that is happy to count his money, raise his family, and move on from football soon as the contract is up. Move on from Flacco sooner than later and this team has hope. Stay with him and we will continue to see bone head plays on the upswing. Mallett is next man up, and not letting him play until <3 minutes left in Pittsburgh was a mistake.
  11. You can't be serious? I agree that all teams face the play and game clock for 60 minutes each week of the season. Yes, I have watched Brady, Roethlisberger, and both Manning's need to call the occasional time out for a bad play call, formational, or similar concern. We tend to burn 1-2 time outs per game just trying to get organized. I don't agree that it has gotten better. Stayed the same maybe, but improved, no.
  12. Aahhh- I see it's the you found the problem so you have to fix it mentality- fair enough and since you asked- 1) Be aware of the play clock. I see other teams pump their hands towards the sky and get the play clock reset when applicable. I have never seen Flacco or any other O' player make this motion. If not able to reset the clock, at the very least be aware that you either have 40 or 25 seconds to run a play. Flacco, in his 9th year, should be highly cognizant by now that he does not have limitless time to stand around and then run a play at his desired time. From a coaching stand point- be aware that a play clock is running and if you're $120M QB is ignorantly standing around, radio in, send a player, burn a flare, do something to wake him up and get moving. For the QB and coaching staff to miss the play clock all together and have to take a time out <2 minutes into any game or quarter is ridiculous. 2) Excessive clock waste while losing is just unpalatable from a fan standpoint. The game in New England was not over, yet the Ravens entire staff allowed 6 minutes to burn off the clock. Why? Not like they were struggling for a play. Time and time again, players were jogging to the line or the line was set and Flacco would take his time getting into formation. Makes no sense. Run the no huddle or the sugar huddle. At the very least burn less than half the play clock between plays. This starts with the coaching staff and needs to run through the players. A sense of urgency when losing. Simply controlling the clock and realizing that a large amount of the 4th qtr has burned off and you have not moved the ball should put a fire under their collective butt. Not to mention, we had already wasted time outs early in the 2nd half because of point 1. Either way- be aware that this is a clock management game. Whether its game or play clock, be aware of it.
  13. I would really love to see Harbaugh, Mornhinweg, and Flacco all get in a room and watch when and how other teams use time outs. I cannot stand the number of times we're calling time out in the first quarter because the wrong personnel are in, or the play never materialized, or Flacco just didn't see to realize that a play clock existed. Every time this happens it comes back to bite the team later on when we are down >3 pts and running under 2 minutes. Just ridiculous. Not even going to get started on the 6 minutes of wasted time in the New England game. Zero hustle back to the line, no play call existing, and no hurry up in place. Just like we were winning the game. Sadly, we do this far too often and act like we are winning and fail to manage the clock. Would really look professional or like the team cared if either of these two issues could be fixed in the off season.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Based on the comments above, I made a waiver swap and let Alex Smith go and grabbed Matt Barkley. Now the choice is Matt Barkley v. Redskins or Joe Flacco v. Steelers. Based on the two defenses, I'm leaning towards Barkley who has over 300 yards in his last few games going against a Redskins team that had allowed 350+ in their last few games. Of course to make things complicated the forecast is rain in Chicago. Really need to get this right as I'm in the championship and want them green backs!!
  15. In all honesty I try to watch these games and remain as calm as possible. After years and years of watching the Ravens get blown out by nobodies or blow away teams away that no one saw coming, I just try to chill and watch the drama unfold. I was honestly calm and predicting an Eagles come back on Sunday. This team is just so chaotic in performance you never know. Of course, a few single malt scotch always help with that calm feeling!