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  1. If he's on the board by our pick he's 100% BPA. Yes, even over Corey Davis and Mike Williams.
  2. Have you ever watched him play or are you just talking based on height weight measurements? Dude is an enforcer, beast, probably one of the hardest hitters in the draft. He plays way bigger than that. Not to mention he's one of the top 2 players on the best D in college football.
  3. "Just put your head down?" "Who cares if you miss a tackle here and there?" Glad you're not the coach Smh.
  4. Is NFL Networks' Taylor Biscotti (Steve's niece) one of the girls you're referring to? Probably not because she's somewhat affiliated with us lol. I think they do a great job personally. Coleen wolf has great football knowledge. But most women "hate on" women that are on tv so I feel you.
  5. Thank you! I was about to post this. Some people just talk to talk lol
  6. "Hoodie like" move if Ozzie pulls this off. Pats do it all the time.
  7. Lol wait... ray rice?
  8. And peanut onwasaur. Correa wasnt even active most games.
  9. Completely agree bro.
  10. I really hope this doesn't make cam Robinson our first round pick. Love him as a prospect but would rather see us grab Taco, Harris, TaK McKinley Barnett etc or one of those corners.
  11. Calling everybody "fans" like he isn't one. Lol comical.
  12. Crazy. We can keep free agents. We can't keep a forum. Lol soon we are gonna lose the team. Jk
  13. I created a "playmaker" thread months ago and got crushed. Not BR puts it up and everybody is all over it lmao.
  14. Lol yeah he seemed like he was spewing a bunch of crap he didn't even believe.