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  1. were good at wr for now , Steve smith and a healthy Dennis pitta will give us a huge boost to our passing attack plus good young Torrey and marlon who led our team in tds as a undrafted rookie yet all he gets is disrespect from us . Chris canty is old , unimpressive as well and urban is a 6:7 disruptive DE who's very low risk high reward , high potential pick . But I agree that the Crockett pick was the one pick that made me super furious to pass on Pierre desir like that , smh .
  2. Love the urban pick 3-4 DE with a lot of upside , length , disruptive and can bat balls . But we already have brandon Williams , Karpon lewis Moore and deangelo Tyson ! Youngsters with upside , now we have Jernigan and urban on top of that plus to solid vets in canty and ngata . So can we keep them all ? Because We're simply wasting talent if we let go of our youngsters with potential by kicking them out for two new ones . However if we can somehow keep Jernigan , urban , Brandon's Williams , deangleo Tyson and Karpon lewis Moore along with ngata and canty ( who could be cut ) then watch out offenses because the youth and talent on that d line is unbelievable plus being able to rotate a lot of guys . So hopefully were stacking on talent along with our already youngsters in brandon Williams , Karpon lewis and Tyson and hopefully were not wasting talent by letting go any of these guys .
  3. Pierre desir to the browns just ripped my heart out , my favorite player in this draft athletic as can be best ball skills in the draft to go along with justin Gilbert also crazy ball skills and athleticism and towsons terrance west and even Manziel can at least make plays unlike their past 20 quarterbacks .The browns are murdering this draft and its making me so mad .............
  4. WR is not that big of a need . Steve smith and a healthy Dennis pitta and Owen Daniels will give our passing attack a big boost . WE needed a RB more simply because kubiaks entire offense revolves around his rushing attack and we have pierce a non every down back who's a little I jury prone and ray rice who hasn't looked like himself in a while . There's no doubt we would of taken tre mason or terrance west with our 3 rd comp pick but they were taken ahead of us and that was gut wrenching .
  5. I'm not sure about all you guys but I'm excited that we finally have a guy who's got a good shot at winning DROY . Cj Mosley go grab 100 tackles and win DROY ..........
  6. I agree with you but we had a dilemma because brooks was really the last impact safety left so we rolled the dice hoping tre mason or terrance west would fall to our 3rd comp pick and very unfortunately they did not .
  7. Our wide receivers are fine if anything the one offensive need that we disappointingly didn't fix is RB Because we can easily sign a solid vet RT . We have Torrey a good young wr ,marlon brown who lead our team in tds as a undrafted free agent plus Steve smith and Dennis pitta can and will pick up plenty of first downs . RB is what we needed ! Kubiaks whole offense is his run game and when you only have ray rice who's declining and could get suspended plus a fragile non every down back in pierce , we needed a young impact rb from this draft and we were unlucky that the top 6 Sankey , Hyde , Hill , Sims , Mason and West were gone by our comp pick . We also missed out on signing gerhart and leggarrette Blount so were in big trouble at runningback and might now have no other option but to hope and pray pierce can improve and look more so like his rookie self and that ray still has something left in him .
  8. There's no doubt we were going to get terrance west with that late third and Cleveland knew it . It's gut wrenching to see that we had the pick of the litter of backs with our 2nd rounder and then come our 3rd round comp pick the top 6 are gone , Carlos Hyde bishop sankey jermey hill Charles sims tre mason and terrance west . I'm not saying Jernigan or brooks were the wrong picks because they're strong picks but we are extremely unfortunate to have the top 6 backs to before our 99th pick . Kubiaks whole system revolves around his RB and a unproven fragile pierce with ray rice who's slowing down (and could grt suspened ) the fact that we chose not to get leggarrette Blount or Toby gerhart ,we needed to get a talented back to compete and potentially start and it looks like they're all gone now ...........
  9. Browns did us dirty man . Kadeem carey might be our last hope at RB but still this one stings , terrance was perfect for us. One thing I know is with ngata brandon Williams and Jernigan plus Mosley upshaw and dayrl , these run stopping beasts won't let terrance produce to much against us , that's for sure .
  10. I appreciate your support of my posts BmoreBirds!! Thanks for the positive feedback.

  11. exactly what I was thinking . Could just be a bunch of fans who want shannahan and are starting a rumor . Who knows........
  12. I'm worried hostler will get the job . Harbs and hostler as the offensive minds and maybe even Castillo . Yikes , sounds like we don't wanna improve . Please at least get shannahan . I'd rather take Kirby Wilson over shannahan but anything other than hostler and Castillo .
  13. Does anybody know how to post youtube videos on these comments? Thanks ahead of time , go ravens !
  14. mostly NFL films stories I watch and stories in general on head coaches hiring coaches to be on their staff but yeah I could certainly be wrong .
  15. completely agree Im just worried that harbs hasn't found a candidate that he loves but you're right he can't wait forever to find that guy but at the same time you can't settle just because you wanna hire someone fast , so it's a combination of how fast do we need to hire someone and are we settling , could their be a better guy out their . We will see what happens , hopefully it all works out and our new OC can help us turn things in the right direction .