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  1. If Witherspoon tackles better he is a top 20 pick . Can't believe how underrepresented this guy is.....but if it means we get him in round 3 I'm glad about it. Really want us to get this guy. Shut down talent. 2nd best cover corner in the draft and I believe he has upside.
  2. Would have been good to have more than three rounds. I at least appreciate you going a different way.
  3. Marlon Humphrey is overvalued and I don't like him in the first.
  4. That should work. Oh, and more Eisenburg editorials.
  5. Most of the names being offered above are legitimate first round prospects. Some may be reached for within the first round but the majority are first rounders nonetheless. Two I see above that I would agree should not be taken in the first are Melifonwu and certainly Jordan Willis.
  6. I don't think he is. Really just conjecture. I'm not convinced about two safeties going top ten and I don't think Adams tape was as impressive in 2016.....thinking a team might go somewhere else with the expectation that they can get Peppers/Baker/Melifonwu or maybe even thompson later. Adams is better than those guys but perhaps not by as wide a margin for a team in the top ten.
  7. It's definitely plausible for Howard to be there. I'm hoping someone before us is picking Peppers but I am more inclined to imagine him available. If I am in a particularly delusional state I can convince myself that Barnett will be there. Jamal Adams could fall out of the top ten.
  8. Eisenburg is really having a hard time coming up with stuff to write about. Horribly grasping at straws and apparently at his wits end it would seem. Celebration...drama..diva..? Is he kidding? Get a guy who can play. This will do fine.
  9. There is always the possibility that Jernigan plays his best football in a contract year....gets 7 or 8 sacks AND yields a third round compensatory pick next year.
  10. Well, I am fairly confident that two quarterbacks will go before we pick. If for no other reason than that recent history suggests they will. The two guys I like are Mahomes and Trubisky but I could see someone falling for Watson. I guess if you need one, you could cross your fingers until the second but those guys, if you like them, will be gone. Yeah, I'd probably be hoping for a QB at 16 in a different year.
  11. That's fair. I was off base. Sorry about that.
  12. Two good points.
  13. I'm sorry, I've read Bleak House....twice but I'll admit, for now to having skimmed this novel. Anyway....I think having Arizona go QB would be a good thing. Love Corey Davis. 2...makes me nervous but I like him off the edge...sense Ozzie would go Anderson as you suggest. 3....seen Moreau much higher but Witherspoon is my guy. In any case, I love two corners being taken. I think Toth is a more sure oline prospect though he may be around a round later...I would prefer to a dress center.
  14. Yeah, I'm positive you read way too much into the post. You see, I've actually watched these players and can form opinions ( admittedly off the mark at times)on a player without needing to read up on what somebody else thinks.
  15. Reddick is special. No way I take Williams over him..... An aside : Williams mustered two half sacks in Alabama's final five games. That sort of drought is troubling. No corners in four rounds is inexplicable to me.