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  1. i like Harris he looks really fast off the ball and has a pretty sick counter spin move if we took him i probably wouldn't be too pressed over it, anyone but Takk please he just looks so raw and unimpressive when i watched his play, i haven't seen much of Watt all i know of is what i've read on here and some opinions of scouts on twitter that weren't high on him at all. If he's even half of what JJ is though sign me up.
  2. Matt Millers' last mock was a "what he's hearing/ what he expects" mock draft, and honestly i hope our interest in marlon in that situation is not anything that he's hearing, i'd be so mad if we really took him at 16, i don't even know if i like him as a prospect for us. I may be in the minority here but i really hope Lattimore falls or Wilson and we go pass rusher in the 2nd round, it doesn't seem like there are too many suitable 3-4 rushers at the top of the draft maybe so i think i'd be okay with waiting.
  3. Mannn if this happened....*sigh. I can dream i guess.
  4. I've seen talk of the Colts having found their starters at both Safety spots in younger guys this year and that Mike Adams may be the odd man out he's someone we could trade for or bring in via free agency as i'm pretty sure he's on the last year of his contract, i'm not sure what it'd cost to get him here but it would probably help a ton. Although i have also heard that this draft class is pretty deep at safety but bringing in a proven guy is just so enticing. Can't see Oz making that move but i can dream.
  5. i can recall at one point in time webb actually used to be a sure tackler but it looks as if those days have come and gone he doesn't look willing at all and the thought of him roaming deep with that speed or lack there of scares me, i honestly feel like he is our weakest link in the secondary. Shareece is not far off but i'm sure none of us thought he'd be anything more than a serviceable with up and down weeks from time to time, webb however had the vote of confidence from the front office so there was at least some sliver of hope that he'd be at least semi dependable but that isn't the case. What good is his football IQ if he can't even get into position to make the play he diagnoses, just doesn't seem useful at all. I for one would rather see if the TC talk on Elam was all hype or if it was legitimate, maybe we can have a late breakout guy like GB has with Nick Perry this year.
  6. Elam is definitely better around the LOS but i'd prefer Weddle in that spot he's been playing at such a high level, as for Elam i think his mental makeup may not be on par with webb at all but athletically he is gifted, hasn't helped him much yet up to date if any at all but it'd be comforting knowing if we give up a catch that it's not getting taken to the house because none of our db's have the speed to make up much ground once someone has a few steps on them.
  7. pretty much my thoughts exactly, i just don't see a point in us trending toward going toward a youth movement on both sides of the ball really but keeping him back there he doesn't add anything to the defense, really the only reason i can think of him being back there is we didn't have a better option behind him and he wouldn't blow coverages because of his knowledge of the defense but that doesn't seem to do much good for the defense
  8. not sure if there's already an on going thread on this i've been off the boards for quite some time, apologies if there's already one.
  9. Not sure if many feel as i do but the past few games i haven't been the least impressed by webb. In all fairness i didn't expect him to be moved to free safety and play like an all pro but every time i've come across him on plays he looks extremely slow, doesn't look like much of play maker and even looks lackadaisical with his tackling. I don't see any kind of play that would warrant the current contract he's on or much less starting. I'll probably catch hell for this given the general opinion of matt elam is he is a bust and doesn't offer much but if he shows better tackling technique and better awareness, could he and should he take Webb's place in the lineup? (i know he hasn't even gotten back yet but this is me hypothetically speaking if he does actually look better than the previous seasons)
  10. Probably just wishful thinking on my part to hope that the best player in the class is there at 6 for us, but with so much DL depth in this class they could always address their need later and most likely will. Gotta say i'd love to see Ramsey or Jack in purple and black though, they're my favorite prospects in this class by far.
  11. Demarcus Lawrence is facing a four game ban after failing another drug test, Randy Gregory is facing a suspension as well and we all know Greg Hardy is out of a job. I was wondering does anyone think this will likely force Dallas to draft Bosa or Buckner to offset their losses? With 2 qbs going at 1 and 2 overall if Tunsil were to go next, which is likely, this may give us a chance to take Ramsey or Myles Jack depending on Jacksonville's pick. Either could have a colossal impact on the defensive side of the ball for us in their first year but how likely is it they'll fall due to this?
  12. I would never trade Torrey for Johnson but there's not a doubt in my mind that he's worth a 2nd day draft pick or an early 3rd day pick, he hasn't had a major drop off in production, he still boast some of the best hands in the league, has both a great football character and off the field persona. Although i don't see it happening because Oz isn't exactly an advocate of giving up picks, if we did i wouldn't mind.