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  1. that may be the worst trade in ravens history.

  2. there are so many damn good corners in this draft i'm convinced we draft one in the 2nd or 3rd. hoping King, Wilson, Jackson, Tabor, or White falls to 2nd
  3. There are a lot of playmakers this offseason in the WR pool: Terrell Pryor, DeSean Jackson, Tedd Gina, Cordarelle Patterson, and Markus Wheaton. How awesome would it be to get one of these players with a good price?

  4. compare the team now to like 2 years ago-ish, we have so many holes like every where haha how are we at the top of our division?

  5. another knee injury for Perriman....sheesh he cannot catch a break....

  6. Ok I'm looking ahead already haha but oh my goodness, I'm dying for the Ravens to get Desmond King no matter what. Please tell me thats why we were rebuilding in this draft. 

    1. RavensDieHard21


      I was hoping he would come out next year, but he will likely be a top 20ish pick so hopefully he will be in the cards next year. He is physical and has great ball skills, plus ideal size. Would love him here.

  7. i thought they drafted good players but i don't see any of them making a big impact, disappointing really. I would have given up Ronnie Staley and Bronson for Jalen Ramsey, an actual playmaking difference maker with immediate impact. 

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    2. juanman7


      STANLEY will be the man....We got a ton of pass rush....we got some promising corners.....we got the WR the front office believes will be the next big thing, what else do you need man??

    3. pechillo


      @juanman7 Im not denying that Stanley won't be the man, but he is not an immediate impact player, they don't even know if he will start! Pass rush is great sure, but that was one of our strengths on defense, we addressed the secondary with a nickel corner, and a very raw prospect, again both non immediate impact. And WR was not in that much of need either with everyone coming back and the signing of Wallace. This was a rebuilding draft not a "championship bound" draft

    4. pechillo


      I'm disappointed in that. 

  8. sure he may have been BPA but trade back! get more picks!

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    2. Deflated Football
    3. VeiledPsychosis


      Without Tunsil nobody wanted to trade up, it takes two to tango, I'd take Stanley over a bad trade any day. After Tunsil's latest crap nobody wanted to trade up for him and that's understandable.

    4. pechillo


      lol ok then trade up for Ramsey if that was the right theory @TDubbs

  9. anyone else in awe...? a reach pick no doubt. the ravens defense needs a corner outside linebacker and inside linebacker. Offense needed another WR also, all more pressing needs than OT.

  10. Titans want to get back into top 10 and if Tunsil gets past the Chargers, Ravens could possibly trade back with Titans and get an additional 2nd rounder. 

    1. TDubbs


      In that position I'd prefer us to take Tunsil, our franchise will be better off imo. It's always nice in theory to get another 2nd round pick, but what does that player become? Is he a Torrey Smith, Upshaw, Osemele or does he become a Sergio Kindle, Terrence Cody? Give me the day 1 franchise LT over extra picks. 

    2. Deflated Football

      Deflated Football

      I'd be pissed if Tunsil was there at six and we traded out. 

    3. pechillo


      look back when it was eric fisher and jake matthews for the no. 1 pick, both graded out to be day 1 starters and franchise players, but they haven't done anything. A lot of tackles in the first round are overhyped beyond measure and the ravens know that, thats why and how they find talent in the later rounds. Not to mention, ravens gave monroe a nice contract, so that man is gonna work for it no matter how bad he doesn't want to play.

  11. it's still possible Ramsey falls to 6. 

    1. usmccharles


      I don't think so at all

  12. i actually agree, i think he was a bit overrated as well and especially now, probably a 4th or 5th rd grade
  13. dream draft would be 1st rd: Ramsey 2nd Rd: Spence 3rd rd: Karl Joseph if you couldn't tell by now, i love defense.
  14. pretty pumped to see trent richardson in purple and black low risk high reward deal's are the best. 

  15. trade back few spots and still draft VH3? possible

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    2. raven22nation


      no bosa, i like treadwell or jack

    3. raven22nation
    4. jboy19


      I think it would be risky. SF, PHI, TB, NYG could all reasonably take Hargreaves.