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  1. Don't believe the hype! The Ravens receiving core was trash last season. Dropped passes, inconsistent route running, and they constantly demonstrated their inability to make plays for their QB and then to get...wait for it...."SEPARATION" from their defenders. PLAYMAKERS PLEASE!!!!!
  2. Horrific news! My heart goes out to Todd and the entire Heap family! You're all in my prayers!
  3. I like a few players but I'm not really a fan of all of this "breakout" talk year after year because oftentimes we see "flashes" from a cat in one game and then they disappear for the next 2-3. Hardly anything that I'd consider to be a "breakout".
  4. It's not about what Ed Reed did once he left the Ravens, it's really about what has a "Joe Flacco-led" Ravens team done since he's been handed the reigns?
  5. Good for Aiken! Good luck bro!
  6. And a few of my friends that are Cowboys fans have said thank you for taking him off of their hands.
  7. Nice signing but I'll just wait to see how they do on the field together in LIVE action before saying that they "could be" the best safety tandem.
  8. Thanks for all of the great memories Webby! Peace!
  9. I expected this move. No surprise there! Thanks for all of the memories Webby. You were a great Raven.
  10. Cheaper doesn't always mean better. So, we have 2 young and up and coming bucks in Dixon and West, you let Juice walk and then bring in a "older" cat who missed half of the season due to a TORN ACL? Unbelievable! SMH!!
  11. The Juice is loose! Hate to see this cat go...but oh well! Good luck Juszczyk.
  12. What other forums?
  13. Elvis has left the building! See ya Doom!
  14. These young cats just can't seem to (in my Stephen A. Smith voice) "stay off the weeeeeeeeeeee-dah!"
  15. That is the truth! I've learned a long time ago that you can't judge the ENTIRE Ravens fan base off a few cats in here.