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  1. Really can't wait for the draft to be over. All the speculation hurts my brain! I'm glad I don't have Ozzie's job (although sometimes I wish I did). ;)
  2. Yeah, 'cause Harbaugh and Kaepernick would get along so well together!
  3. Probably has a lot to do with teams that share stadiums, or parking, or have multiple franchises in one city. Fluidity in scheduling may be due to fluidity in other dependencies.
  4. If we draft well, people will say this was a great move. If we draft poorly, then it will looked at as a mistake. So let's draft well.
  5. Hmm, Delaware ought to get a team, then.
  6. Um, what's the plan for getting us depth at the offensive line? Looks like we can have a #1 defense, and still have Flacco backpedaling every game.
  7. And also one of the most exciting parts of the game.
  8. They keep talking about surrounding Flacco with the talent he needs, but where are they? At the moment, we have no O-line and a shortage of receivers. We had better have one heckuva good draft!
  9. "The Ravens are only looking for one receiver." Huh? Do they just mean one "veteran" receiver?
  10. With the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, don't we all have a Flacco connection?
  11. Flacco is not a guy like Brady who elevates the play of the people around him. Flacco needs a strong OL and talented WRs. If we can get them, he will put the ball in their hands, and we will win games. If we go into the season with an OL of similar quality to last year, then Flacco will spend all his time backing up and throwing off his back foot. I can't believe the FO is unaware of that fact; however, we have not seen any indication of what the OL or receiving corps are going to look like,
  12. Yeah, good luck with that.
  13. I don't understand Pitta's restructure. Guy comes off a major injury where he sat out most of two seasons and collected injured pay, then comes back and has the best year of his career and leads all TEs in receptions, and gets asked to take less money? I am happy about it in that it frees up cap room so we can get some talent at WR and OL, but I really don't get it.
  14. Jefferson seems like a class act.