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  1. BALTIMORE, see you in London !!! yes !!!
  2. Another coach who won't let go... Guys have proven times and times again, they were not good coaches, keep on having jobs out there and won't let go. Funny how sometimes, the NFL looks like politics, we just see the same faces year in year out and basically nothing changes.
  3. I'm in if you start one.
  4. I'm Slim, from Paris France, some of you guys know me. Been supporting this team for almost 10 years now, as time goes on there's starting to be a lot more NFL fans here and I've seen some ravens fans as well which really feels gooood, sky is the limit... I visited the US (I have cousins in South Carolina) already and went to Baltimore once in 2009, unfortunately, it was in February so no games... However, I had the chance to visit a city that I been waiting to see for a long time, great places like Fells point, Canton, the aquarium, the sports legend museum near the O's stadium and of course the crab cakes that I heard about a lot. I also had a haircut in fellspoint... I couldn't see a lot from M&T and the most pleasure I had was the view from my room, I told the guy at the lobby that I wanted to be right in front of the stadium and so was I... Had a great view on the bank and downtown Baltimore which was pretty cool even though I couldn't see no games ! Planning to go back this summer, may be will be able to see some of training camp or anything like that. Everyone have a great week You can see M&T in background Downtown Baltimore by night
  5. Hey can you wait for the sunday game against the pittsburg steelers??

  6. its true man lol these guys get salty real fast!

  7. LOOOOL HERE COMES THE MOB WITH THE DOGZ !!! u just killed me


  9. hhahahahahahhahahaha i peed in my pants when i saw ur picture man !!! hahahahahahahah

  10. Hello everybody, i'm Slim from Paris, been a ravens fan for probably 7 years now, before i had never heard of football, i have the chance to reach channels to see the games every year (very hard to reach american channels here) ! i look forward to travel to see my ravens play someday soon ! Slim