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  1. I'm with ya stampede, although too icy up here to go out - I'll be glued to my Sirius listening to Gerry, Stan and Q! Let's go RAVENS!
  2. This will be THE statement game of the regular season for us... That being said, I believe in our team and our coaches - they all know what they need to do to beat Brady and Belichick... Flying the Black and Purple proudly up here in the northcountry, I BELIEVE IN OUR BALTIMORE RAVENS - WE GOT THIS!!!
  3. REALLY hope that the third time's the charm for Elam...
  4. Rest in peace, Coach Brooks - our deepest condolences to the Brooks family and all of his players.
  5. RIP Tray - prayers to his family, friends, and team-mates during this painful time.
  6. Totally with you, BmoreB - I was quite happy with the old format.
  7. This is going to be a very telling game for sure - my biggest concern is Hurst and if he can keep the rush off of Joe. You have all of Ravensnation behind you James - your time is NOW! Go Ravens!
  8. man, wish I had the audio for that clip of "Harbs possessed"! LMAO!
  9. Thanks, Ed for all the memories, one-of-a-kind plays, effort, and humor that you brought to the game for our team, THE Baltimore Ravens. So proud to have your jersey and so proud to have been able to watch you play your entire career. Wish I could be there on Nov. 22, but I will be listening on my radio and flying the colors up here instead. #20 for life man!
  10. #20 for life - welcome home, Ed!
  11. OUTSTANDING - welcome to Charm City, Mr. Smith. You will not regret it.
  12. one of my favorite players to watch in the WHOLE NFL - so happy he's still on our team!!!! Still in amazement that this got done - Way to go Ozzie & Co. and the Dragonfly!!!!!