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  1. Just take it safe like everyone else is saying. 8-8 or 7-9.
  2. I was also thinking the Ravens should do something for him. Like on the uniforms. I thought about retiring 25 maybe idk
  3. Just saw this on twitter. My gosh! Hope he gets through this. Prayers up.
  4. Perhaps a hockey game with Capitals or something. But they probably play in Redskins stadium.
  5. Brown probs ST but that's it.
  6. Bundy looked good today. Still hoping Kim keeps digging himself out of his slump. He has a hit in every game since his first one i believe.
  7. Its literally the same thing every year with them. Draft a QB or RB, suck. I dont see this draft being any different. They need to just fire everybody or something. But I agree, they are the last team I see winning a championship next year. well most years. At least they play close games with AFC north teams to try to be competitive.
  8. I want the whole team to stay healthy. I mean we have some okay depth players but man 2 years in a row we had such bad luck with injuries. Call it the injury era.
  9. Well well well...makes total sense now.
  10. What's next Jimmy Smith??
  11. Then Monroe wont be a happy camper either
  12. no guarantee we get him though? Like they cant make this move and assume they get him..
  13. or maybe another Pollard situation?
  14. Perhaps something off field? That hasen't came up yet?