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  1. what?
  2. There's no way he's still there at 24 - 28. Only reason he lasted this long is because of the qb and wr runs
  3. Wonderful news! I understand the business part, but really, it would seem so unnatural to see Webby wearing any other uniform.
  4. Well, the comment wasn't directed at people like you, who believe he is a quality QB. So, you value him along the lines of say, Rivers, Romo (pre-2016), Cam, way a guy like Rivers or Cam goes for just two 1st rounders. Or, as you mentioned, if Garrapolo is worth #1 plus another high draft pick, then Flacco is worth much, much more.
  5. Davis is who I'm hoping for. If he's gone, then Ross would be a great consolation prize.
  6. You are right, this offense needs a playmaker, not a move the chains guy. Like I said, Ross is probably the best playmaker in the draft at WR, and that 4.22 burst is a huge reason why he is such a beast in the red zone as well. I don't care how it gets done, jump balls, YAC, whatever, just get it done. Ross gets it done,
  7. I'd take Ross in a heartbeat. Would we not add Marvin Harrison just because Harrison's skill set doesn't complement Perriman and Wallace? LOL! And obviously I'm not calling Ross the next Marvin Harrison. This offense needs playmakers, and Ross is probably the biggest one at WR.
  8. Solid signing. Now the defense just needs a pass rusher and I'll be really stoked.
  9. It's absolutely hilarious that some of you guys think that Flacco is so worthless, but we'd get two 1st rounders for him despite being so worthless. Which one is it?? LOL!
  10. The most immediate issue I see is being hosted on boardhost. It's going to limit the software and features and the like in many ways. I'll PM him and talk to him about some concerns and we'll make sure we get this kicked off good and proper, the Ravens and their fans deserve nothing but the best!
  11. I've been away from the forums for a couple months so I am "out of the loop"; whoever owns the message board can contact me at andrew at Please point them to this post, and let them know if they need help with backend development, server administration or whatever, just get hold of me. Just want to add, my concern is that this isn't something we can run on some $9/month shared server. This will require proper planning and hardware; I don't want us to go through the time and expense of building up a new home, only to have to do it again in six months because the new home can't handle the traffic due to hardware or software limitations (not saying that applies to the site you linked to, but thinking aloud here)
  12. If they actually go through with closing the boards down, want you all to know that it was a great pleasure to have met so many cool and knowledgeable people. I always loved this place, and the people in it. Thank you for having me. BOLDnPurPnBlacK has suggested he may create a message board for us to migrate to. I will gladly do so if he decides not to or if issues arise where he is unable to. Any suggestions for the new forum name?
  13. This is all because of Flacco's $120M contract.
  14. Do it. And if you need assistance of ANY kind, no charge, I am a web developer by trade, have been so for nearly ten years. I was also part of the team that did the makeover for RSR a few years back. PM me if interested. In fact, if you don't I think I likely will.