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  1. you typed this wearing high heels and nothing else, didn't you?
  2. So if all receivers are covered and the QB has to run around trying to find a way to get rid of the ball....that time the secondary gives you doesn't increase the chances of getting a sack?!?
  3. Please tell me you've seen The Shining........
  4. I'm still here so I don't believe so......
  5. Jon (the one I'm thinking of) was super cool and really funny. Just got tired of the militant moderation we went through at one point with Maryland1. That guy was relentless.....
  6. Hahaha Ah yes. Man, it was a chore not to lay into that guy.....
  7. Nuke it from orbit....... Its the only way to be sure........
  8. Why the hell wouldn't you name this thread "Reat in Peace"?!?
  9. You have really come out of your shell, 3. I'm proud of you.
  10. .....and its a sliding scale of diminished returns usually
  12. Look around..... some members have made a separate board
  13. Hell yes that's a good movie. Is it streaming?
  14. Lots of great points, Bold. So many offensive pieces we really haven't had a chance to toy around with yet.......
  15. Don't step foot back in here until you're at 10K lol. Run along and post like the world is ending. GO ON NOW, GIT!!!!