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  1. Figured I could do that but honestly, I couldn't wait two more entire rounds at this pace.
  2. Missed on kicker in free agency
  3. It has become too painful waiting on a turn and I didn't have a kicker. Long waits between the picks have killed the game for me this year. If we manage to do FFA, I'll spend my remaining stars, maybe take couple undrafted guys but this is pretty much it for me.
  4. With the 37th pick in the 4th round of the 2017 Forum Mock, the Chicago Bears select Zane Gonzalez, K, Arizona State
  5. @ArsenalRaven666 Chicago Bears give Rd 5 Pick 39 Rd 6 Pick 27 Rd 6 Pick 28 Rd 7 Pick 3 Cleveland Browns give Rd 4 Pick 37 No stars either way
  6. Chris Borland
  7. Oh lol, I thought you have some very little browser and it's 100 pages for you
  8. It's only 77 for me
  9. Bump @ArsenalRaven666
  10. Problem is that most of the guys you mentioned are halfway decent with some upside. Not a great OL class.
  11. Stanlio e Ollio
  12. Made one too many boneheaded penalty for Harbaugh's taste?
  13. Lot of good DBs and edge rushers this year - I think teams will feel comfortable waiting for them in the 2nd and take top wideouts earlier than many people think.
  14. Please post all cuts, ERFA re-signings and RFA / franchise tag / transition tag tenders in this thread. If they aren't posted in here, they don't count. When posting please use the following format: Position, Player, stars saved/spent Example: OLB, Elvis Dumervil -- 6 stars When figuring out how much you save, it is Cap Hit-Dead Money = Stars Saved. Round everything to the nearest 0.5 stars Please don't edit posts. If you have another move to make, use another post. IMPORTANT: Once posted here, update the SoF sheet and depth chart to reflect cuts and tenders. This is essential for the game to function (correct cap space) and everybody has a clear picture of other teams. Google Doc that keeps track of all the roster cuts and free agents: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tWzhMC1n0kJAJNHdRWdLNx6GS5wvtEuBF4fNUhrlPbw/ Please No Discussion In This Thread Franchise Tag: Green Bay Packers, LB Nick Perry - 14.5 stars Cleveland Browns, WR Terrelle Pryor - 16 stars Washington Redskins, QB Kirk Cousins - 24 stars* Carolina Panthers, DT Kawan Short - 13.5 stars Kansas City Chiefs, S Eric Berry - 13 stars* Cincinnati Bengals, G Kevin Zeitler - 14.5 stars New England Patriots, ILB Donta Hightower - 14.5 stars Detroit Lions, OT Riley Reiff - 14.5 stars Pittsburgh Steelers, RB Le'Veon Bell - 12 stars Arizona Cardinals, OLB Chandler Jones - 14.5 Stars Houston Texans, CB AJ Bouye - 14.5 stars New York Giants, DE Jason Pierre-Paul - 17 stars Buffalo Bills, LB Zach Brown - 14.5 stars * second consecutive year with franchise tag (+ 20%) Transition Tag: Indianapolis Colts, OLB Erik Walden - 12.5 stars Dallas Cowboys, G Ronald Leary - 12.5 stars
  15. Never new 23rd March is a National Puppy Day in US. It's also a birthday of this guy Grew up a little in 6 years
  16. The thing with those two guys - pipe dreams most likely.
  17. Gilmore had surgery on his shoulder and his other shoulder just missed the knife. Two separate tears on hamstring. That's not banged up, it's been real injuries.
  18. Definitely not. Thought about using my previous pick on him, too. He will become Raven in Philadelphia.
  19. I have picks 5.39 6.27 6.28 7.3 and want to move up to late 4th, early 5th. Depth players available, too.
  20. With the 4th pick in the 4th round of the 2017 Forum Mock draft, the Chicago Bears select Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama
  21. You people left me no choice, pick coming in a few
  22. Who said "beer"?
  23. @berad Chicago Bears give WR Daniel Brown (0.5 stars both ways) NE Patriots give Round 5, Pick 39 Total" 0.5 stars both ways
  24. Anybody in the 3.29-3.35 range, Kyle Fuller can still be had.
  25. With the 28th pick in the 3rd round of the 2017 Forum Mock the Chicago Bears select Nathan Peterman, QB, Pittsburgh