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  1. They gave us a mid season bye but made us play Steelers after the trip to/from UK. I don't like that. The best - for once we don't go to Cincy in last week, praise Lord!
  2. It's all because that nurse kept him wait for so long causing him to drink inordinate amount of gatorade
  3. I dream of Ozzie picking players and not trading back. Maybe trading up.
  4. Good riddance
  5. Has to be something cat related @Catzilla
  6. Apart from feet, what else is there to see?
  7. Without the benefit of hindsight, QB is the only position worth even thinking about moving up that much.
  8. I would absolutely hate him or any other running back at 16 this year
  9. Agree on DaF. NBA draft, too but only if I can have Jokic
  10. OK, took him of my roster Game's been little less fun this year for obvious reasons but we did well considering and I enjoyed it again. Hopefully we pick it up again on alternative board in the future.
  11. How come DC boy don't have him on the roster?
  12. That would be it for me
  13. Chicago Bears