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  1. Like that worked ever before
  2. Latest rumors are that Newsome instructed Foster to act up at the combine, assuring his drop to where the Ravens are cool with trading up to take him. How's that, @arnie_uk ?
  3. The rest of our picks will be announced by:
  4. Many layoffs of on-air staff at ESPN:
  5. "Technically, he's yet to be suspended for his 2013 domestic violence charges."
  6. To be fair majority of that is 3-4 players
  7. Problem? What's wrong with you? I am saying there is no reason to be REALLY REALLY UPSET when he goes. That should have been clear since before the last college season.
  8. I seriously don't know why would you feel that way. He is top 10 pick, easy - we were never going to have a shot at him.
  9. They gave us a mid season bye but made us play Steelers after the trip to/from UK. I don't like that. The best - for once we don't go to Cincy in last week, praise Lord!
  10. It's all because that nurse kept him wait for so long causing him to drink inordinate amount of gatorade
  11. I dream of Ozzie picking players and not trading back. Maybe trading up.
  12. Good riddance