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  1. I think they should be ok with energy for this series. It's the ECF and possible SCF where I think they would start to feel the fatigue. Obviously the pens are a really fast team so they need to control the puck a lot against them and holtby has to be on fire. Marc andre fleury being the goalie atm for the pens is a huge advantage for you guys.
  2. Caps through. They got a taste of some real young talent and speed with toronto. Hopefully it prepares them for the pens.
  3. Washington really need to reverse their recent luck against pens, hell their all time luck against them. This is the year they have to get the monkey off the back for themselves and the sake of the league.
  4. I have a feeling pens are gonna repeat sadly
  5. Ahh ok, well then that trial was completely trivial and waste of time.
  6. Wait a minute, didn't he just get a non guilty verdict? Well anyways the guy was a murderer so this doesn't affect me really.
  7. Not only that, but lester isn't even an everyday player like cespedes. Bleh repressed trade memories.
  8. Well for donaldson we got kendall graveman, brett lawrie (who was the biggest part of the deal and plays for no one now) and a decent minor league prospect. For cespedes we got jon lester for 2 months, for russell we got jeff samirdjza. All terrible deals sigh.
  9. Lol no way haha, the red sox are probably the only boston sports team I feel completely indifferent towards. For my team we have traded everyone good. Donaldson from the blue jays we traded them, addison russell from the subs, cespedes from the mets just to name a few sigh.
  10. The yanks have won 7 straight now, see I had a feeling they would become really good soon, but was hoping it wasn't til next season. They might be able to make playoffs this year. Too many good rookies, if they add to the rotation they will be hard to stop.
  11. Caps have talent, they need a coach better than trotz though who isn't expecting long series. Need a ruthless coach or someone with ideas like peter laviolette, quinvelle, julien (to a slight extent) or a number of other coaches. They get it done regular season but not when it counts. Still think they finish the leafs in 6 though, but the pens will be waiting.
  12. It's about 11th best in the league, we traded away too many good prospects and players for nothing already sadly. I think if the O's had a stronger rotation and had say 2 players with consistently high OBP they would be a damn hard team to beat. I never bother trying to pick a AL EAST winner lol it's too hard. Though i'll give it to bostont his year because chris sale is a beast and he can account for probably another 16 victories this season alone.
  13. Everything is gonna do us in as per usual, including injuries. Yeah I think toronto will turn it around like they did last year too but your div is always the hardest one to pick on who makes the postseason.
  14. I love the NHL playoffs, every year its impossible to pick the winners of each game. Unlike the NBA where everything is automatic and boring. Hoping the bruins go up against the pens or caps int he ECF, and blackhawks against oilers in the WCF.
  15. the 1-8 blue jays lol