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  1. I really like the picks in this mock, but I do not think Kupp slides that far. I think if the Ravens land Kupp it would have to be in the second round. I could see the Ravens trading back into the tail end of the 2nd round and picking up Kupp as well as another 4th round pick.
  2. You said it better than I ever could Rossi I would agree 100%. Ravens need a chain-mover.
  3. Yeah but I am afraid how well he matches up in the redzone at the next level. A lot of his touchdowns were big plays compared to 9 yard touchdown grabs. He is a playmaker, but I think he is not what the Ravens need.
  4. Ranked around 30 as a cornerback with nothing around him on the Cowboys defense isn't terrible. He was a cheap signing and the deal is a 2 year deal that can be a 4 year deal if he continues to play at a high level. This team got one of the better complimentary corners in the league who has stayed healthy during his career. Also adds a big body on the outside. Some people just have to complain about everything.
  5. As much as people want to give Flacco crap, he was coming off of an injury which affected his accuracy a bit. I bet there will be a huge improvement next year. I agree with you I mean look at the supporting cast Flacco has had.... Looking at the film his YPA was so low because of the receivers inability to get open on a consistent basis. He had to dump the ball off to West or Dixon too many times last year. Also the offense was built around the short passes and screens which is not Flacco's strength which still baffles me the team even went that way last season. I mean you have a 37 year old receiver coming off a torn achilles last season, Mike Wallace (a speedster), and Perriman (a speedster) and you are running screens and short curls and expect them all to come up with shifty YAC. The Ravens need to get back to getting those 4-5 yard power runs with the big deep throws a few times a game.
  6. I wasn't surprised at all I really liked Floyd in college. I thought he would be top 20 for sure. I wanted him to add weight but he seemed to have a solid rookie campaign.
  7. I am one of the few that still like Harris over most DEs in this draft. I am warming up to Barnett but I am still afraid of his lack of athletic talent hindering his growth at the next level. Harris has that burst and speed that Dumervil had on this defense that I think would compliment Suggs well.
  8. I disagree I think Ross was a 2nd round talent until he posted a 4.22. I think I would rather have Zay Jones and Cooper Kupp than John Ross. The offense's problem last year wasn't moving the ball. There were a lot of good drives. The problem was getting touchdowns on those drives. Seemed like the offense stalled inside the red zone and settled for field goals, or failed 4th down attempts. The offense needs some height and some bully especially after the departure of Steve Smith.
  9. Yep do we want another Shareece Wright in the building, or a guy who was shutdown when healthy? Plus people cannot predict injuries.
  10. He. Is. A. Free. Agent.
  11. The Ravens won't take an O-lineman at 16 I don't think anybody thinks any of the linemen in this draft are that good. People there is still a whole wave of free agents in June. That is when the Ravens usually sign most guys because they are a lot cheaper for the production they bring.
  12. From what the front office has said it sounds like the Ravens want to be a downhill, big bruising, running team. Which means the team needs a bigger RT and C who can actually push forward. And it makes sense the Ravens have West and Dixon who are able to break tackles and push piles. The team needs more of those 4-5 yard runs on first down. Too many 3rd and longs last year.
  13. I just like Kupp because he has fantastic hands, hand-eye coordination, and body control. Reminds me a lot of Doug Baldwin when catching the ball. I think he will be steal. I think the small school will cause him to have some hiccups early on. But I think he has those clutch player traits this team would really want to have on this team.
  14. 10 games of Claiborne > Malcolm Butler... Add in that Claiborne will likely be cheaper than Butler as well here in 2 years... Plus you get to keep the draft pick.