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  1. Pittsburgh has the easiest schedule ever. They play the Vikings and the Ravens after their Thursday night games if not more. I don't mind our schedule and think it is balanced but jeez.
  2. Both issues you have occured on the same day. I would just chalk it up as a bad day if he has a good excuse. He acted pretty poorly at the combine with the hospital worker but hearing reports that the hospital workers were out of line with him that gives me a pass. He didn't fail a test and I honestly could see a player doing what he said he did to try to add weight before the combine. Like I said luckily the Ravens have a lot of Alabama ties so they know for sure draft day. I think he is drafted round one easily.
  3. Exactly and Foster is on a whole different level than Ray.
  4. I disagree he is a top 5 talent he will still likely go before the Ravens pick. If he is there at #16 his name will be on the card. No advisor told him anything he did this on his own. 5 pounds sometimes does mean a lot to a team. It sounds like the drug test is a one and done thing at the combine from what I read. It all just recently came out too and the combine was over a month ago.
  5. I still take him. He is a playmaker. Tim Williams is not a safe pick I am afraid he will be a 3rd down pass rusher, where as Reubon Foster is a 3 down inside linebacker.
  6. I have a different view, I think he is a top 5 playmaker in this draft. I think he is still taken early. The combine incident was really stupid and was a bad day all around for him. Luckily the Ravens have Bama ties.
  7. Brandon Williams is a hard worker dedicated to football. Timmy Jernigan showed talent, but he was so inconsistent that he started losing a bunch of snaps to Brent Urban late in the year. Brandon was a consistent ball player that opens up other players to make plays, like CJ Mosley that you seemed to rave about, you are not giving Brandon Williams his due. Timmy Jernigan will likely get around 8-9 sacks in that defense just because he surrounded by talented players and his one job will be to attack the quarterback. The team likely would have gotten a 4th out of him you are right. But that is probably best case scenario, also a comp pick is near the end of the 4th round which is basically round 5. Would you rather have a 5th round pick, or a chance at a higher rated player or ammunition to move up in the draft? To me I would rather take the 25 spot jump in the 3rd round over a 4th round comp pick any day.
  8. He won't pass our #16. I bet he still goes top 20 if not way earlier.
  9. If you read what the report said via score mobile, he said something along the lines of that he is not a people pleaser, he is a coach pleaser. After a few coaches mentioned him possibly weighing in too small at the combine, he then drank a bunch of water and ate a bunch of food to the point he almost threw up to get a heavier weigh in. Luckily Ozzie is in the shoes to get the full reports on him. I think he goes round 1. I would be ecstatic with him at #16.
  10. Reubon Foster is still going round one. Probably not top 10 like he was planning on, but nobody is going to drop him from the third round from eating like an obese pig and drinking like a dehydrated camel before his drug test.
  11. Top 5 pick now available at #16 lets gooooooooo
  12. No lol. As much as I like Tavon, you are definitely sleeping on Jimmy Smith. He is a top 5 corner if not higher in the NFL and one of the most underrated corners in the league. Led mostly every category last season until hurt. A team that was #1 the first 12 weeks went down to #9 or whatever it was in just the final 4 weeks with bottom 10 performances in those four weeks. Tavon is good but Jimmy Smith healthy is elite. People sleep on him because his lack of durability. But he really is a star in this league.
  13. There is no hiding the famine on the offensive side of the football for Baltimore. No one has stepped up at running back, the offensive line is relying on strong games from Stanley, Yanda, and Alex Lewis if any of them go down the team will be in big trouble. No receiver to replace the attitude, big plays, and tough intermediate catches Steve Smith provided, and if you step on a crack you will probably break Dennis Pitta's hip. The Ravens need playmakers on offense. But it will probably be a very long time for the Ravens to be an offensive juggernaut. If the Ravens return to the playoffs it will be because of them having a dominant defense. The secondary is probably the best in the league right now. Get a younger pass rusher and a guy to put next to Mosley and you could almost spell elite if Foster fell to 16 and a pass rusher fell to the second round.
  14. Yep there is certainly some versatility on the offensive line and defensive line. ILB is probably one of the more concerning but the fact there is a 2nd round pick from last year and the team probably ran more of a 4-3 than 3-4 last year.. I'm not too concerned.
  15. I wonder if they will make the Ravens and Steelers again Christmas Sunday this year.