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  1. I figured to post a draft rumors thread since we are one week away from the draft. Post any rumors here, and I'll start with one involving a Browns-Jets trade. There is a report that the Browns will draft Garrett number one and strike a deal with the Jets at 6 in order to grab Trubisky.
  2. Jets have signed one of their own to a new contract. Guard Brian Winters who was a pending Free Agent, signed a 4 year extension worth $8M a year.
  3. Cardinals ILB Daryl Washington has been reinstated after 3 years by the NFL.
  4. Michael Fabino posted this on his Twitter: Report: Marshawn Lynch arrested in Oakland on suspicion of DUI. Ok it did happen. Apparently Lynch was arrested Saturday Night.
  5. Let me throw this question out here to everyone. Rumor Mill is crazy on where the QBs in the draft will go, who has interest in who, etc. We've seen the evolution of the league into a passing league in recent years where if you don't have a QB you won't succeed no matter what. See what happened to the Raiders when they lost Carr, or Indy without Manning and when Luck is injured. Yet you see a team like us who loses Flacco and yet are competitive with someone like Ryan Mallet. I think a lot of our success without Flacco was in part because we had a TEAM in place that can compete regardless of who the QB is. When you look at someone like the Browns or the Colts without Manning, you see where not having a QB did hurt them. Though ultimately what did it say about the 52 other members of the Colts when Manning went down and they were a 2-14 team or 1-15 team. Has the NFL created a monster in the fact that it forces teams to overdraft and overvalue quarterbacks in a way where they are forced to take bad quarterbacks just because the league says hey you need a QB to compete weekly. Look at how many wasted picks the Browns have made on QBs but yet they have one of the worst teams in the league every year regardless of who their QB is. They put so much stock into a QB that they forget the rest of the team. Then ultimately because of the need for a QB, and the over drafting of bad QBs, coaches and GM lose their jobs because said QB failed and busted. Thoughts?
  6. The Broncos are back to irrelevance without Manning and the Steelers will fall to irrelevance once Ben goes. I really hate how whether or not your competitive revolves around having a quarterback and not having one.
  7. Kizer as Ben's replacement? Don't make it easy on us when Ben retires.
  8. For one, if Lamp is our pick he needs to not reference us taking him or any team for that matter. We haven't met with Lamp throughout the process(assuming Ozzie wants to keep the interest a secret) and now his agent tweets this, I'm sure Ozzie wanted to keep it on the down low we were going to take him.
  9. Sidney Jones doctor says he should be ready by September. Crap.
  10. Albert Breer reporting his name was filtering to teams and now they are trying to fact check this quickly.
  11. Lattimore is tweeting about it in a bad way. Check out his Twitter before his agent tells him to delete the tweets
  12. Really? I wouldn't be surprised if they took the best pass rusher available or even Reddick. If Foster is there then he's the pick.
  13. The fact his agent has said that his client will talk to police after the draft is suspicious in itself. Most teams are going to want to know who he is and find out the truth. This could be a case where a girl is trying to ruin his reputation to cost him millions, or it could be true and they are trying to hide it so he still gets drafted high.
  14. They never learn. Apparently another prospect found himself in trouble. Apparently he was accused of sexual assault and now there is reports the police are doing him favors by not filing the report. It says that the prospect will talk to police... AFTER the draft. PFT has learned this player is expected to go in the first round Thursday Night.
  15. Does anyone think s trade will be made before Thursday Night?
  16. That's not the only thing hurting him. Apparently teams are holding it against him that he missed his bowl game citing that it showed a lack of commitment to his team. Now McCaffery and Fournette did the same but they told the coaches in advance they were sitting out, Peppers made the decision on the day of the game.
  17. Rumor is 49ers are looking at taking Mitchell Trubisky at 2, but as we get closer to the draft more smoke will be blowing and we won't know fact from fiction until Thursday Night. Bears could be high on Trubisky as well, seems to me the 49ers and Bears are trying to scare the Browns into passing on Garrett.
  18. Dejavu for the Bills. Last year the Patriots signed RFA Chris Hogan to a offer sheet, the Bills declined. This year, Patriots signed Bills RB Mike Gillislee to a offer sheet, Bills once again declined. 2 years in a row the Patriots have took RFAs from their AFC East rival. The Bills now receive the Patriots 5th round draft pick. Adam Schefter 3 mins · Facebook Mentions · Bills declined to match two-year, $6.4 million offer sheet that RB Mike Gillislee signed with Patriots, per source. Gillislee now a Pat.
  19. Looks like Adrian Peterson is going to find a home. The Saints and Peterson are closing in on a deal.
  20. Add me on the Cam Robinson hate if he becomes our pick. If we take a OL, take Lamp and get our franchise center for the next 10-15 year's. Whether we take Lamp at 16 or trade down and still land him, regardless I hope it's Lamp. With The Sun saying we want to build a line similar to Dallas, I do think OL will be the pick Thursday night. Just hope someone takes him before us or a team like the Broncos, or Giants jump us to ensure Robinson is not there at 16.
  21. Days before the draft...... how stupid can you be. 2017 Draft Prospect Caleb Brantley was arrested for punching a woman. So now he's guaranteed to go undrafted and be treated like Rice and Greg Hardy. NFL career done before it begins.
  22. I like next year's QB class better and would wait on Darnold or Josh Rosen. Though Darnold may take the Luck route and stay for his degree and wait for 2019. Though I guess it would be a Browns thing to do and take quarterbacks in bad years opposed to taking them in the years quarterbacks are actually good.
  23. That moment when your agent has to keep your draft stock up after injury reports..... From John Ross' agent:
  24. This is sure to make things interesting if this is true. La Canfora reports that the Browns coaches want Garrett, but owner Jimmy Haslam is pushing for the first pick to be a QB. He says Haslam "badly" wants a QB and the last time Haslam pushed a QB draft decision, in 2014. When the Browns moved up to infamous pick 22 and drafted Johnny "Party" Manziel.
  25. So.... what all games is everyone planning to go to? Got my stuff together for my trip to Nashville for the Titans game but debating which home game I want to go to this year.