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  1. Championship Weekend Preview.............. AFC Championship: Steelers vs Patriots NFC Championship Preview: Packers @ Falcons For the Atlanta Falcons, they can send the Georgia Dome out with a NFC Championship victory as they get ready to move into their shiny new stadium next season. The Green Bay Packers come in riding the "hot team" toward the end of the year momentum and not even the Prescott & Elliott Law firm in Dallas couldn't stop Aaron Rodgers. What will be the game of the day as I expect this to be just like the Packers/Cowboys game with a whole lot of offense and no defense. No Punters Necessary.
  2. Jamison Hensley reports that B-Will may get more money than what we are willing to pay and may end up letting him go. Have to admit, I'd rather keep Wagner over Williams. If the goal of the off-season is to beef up our Offensive Line than keeping Wagner may be higher priority than Williams. We just can't let both walk, gotta keep one. Just so hard to know which one it will be. I just hope we are able to get a deal done with one of them before FA just like the Jets just signed Brian Winters to a new contract.
  3. Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin, and Derrick Mason(sure I'm missing someone) have been veteran guys we have signed in FA in the past(or in Q's case, traded for) and to me I think much like Smith if this is true, we'll push hard for Brandon Marshall if the Jets release him. What do you guys think of the idea of Marshall being our next veteran?
  4. 49ers are willing to wait on Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan and will offer him the Head Coaching Job as soon as the Falcons season ends. A second interview following the NFC Title Game is also in the books. Adam Schefter 39 mins · Facebook Mentions · ‪49ers plan to offer their HC job to Falcons' OC Kyle Shanahan whenever Atlanta’s season ends, sources tell ESPN. Willing to wait for him.‬
  5. A new report suggests Eagles may move on from starting Center Jason Kelce. That's a move I like to see done to improve the OL. Huge upgrade over Zuttah and he's only 29.
  6. Jets have signed one of their own to a new contract. Guard Brian Winters who was a pending Free Agent, signed a 4 year extension worth $8M a year.
  7. Brock Osweiler has gotten his offensive coordinator fired. Texans have fired OC George Godsey.
  8. Chip Kelly likely to sign with Jacksonville as their new Offensive Coordinator under Doug Marrone.
  9. Packers-Cowboys draw highest Divisional Round Rating in 20 years. The overnight rating came in at 28.2 in which let me put that in perspective. It beat Game 7 of the World Series(25.2 Rating) and the NBA Finals(18.9 Rating) in ratings.
  10. With a guarantee of Brady or Ben heading to the Super Bowl 14 of the last 16 AFC Super Bowl Quarterbacks will have been Brady, Ben or Peyton Manning. Of course Joe and Rich Gannon are the only ones to break up their party.
  11. Josh McDaniels is going to remain in New England as OC for 2017. McDaniels has withdrew his name for consideration for the 49ers job. Leaving Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan the 49ers new target.
  12. Anyone else have this strange feeling that if the Packers are in the Super Bowl that an Aaron Rodgers hail mary to win the Super Bowl is going to happen?
  13. Wonder if a Romo sighting in KC could happen now that Smith has continued to show he will hold the Chiefs back as long as he's their QB.
  14. Travis Kelce I would say is not a fan of the officiating during the game, and took a shot at head official Carl Cheffers saying he shouldn't be able to wear a zebra jersey. Travis Kelce on Eric Fisher's hold: "That was terrible(removed Profanity)." Said ref who called it "shouldn't even be able to work at Foot Locker." Well Travis based off the overall officiating in the last few years, I would say every NFL official should never put in an application at Foot Locker.
  15. Aaron Rodgers & Matt Ryan, you have one job. Put up a 50 berger in the Super Bowl and embarrass the Steelers or Patriots.

    1. ravensdfan


      GB all the way man. Would love to see them take it all.

    2. berad