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  1. So Jon Toth started 47 consecutive games you say...........
  2. With the 9th Pick in the 4th Round, the Baltimore Ravens select..... Jon Toth C Kentucky
  3. How am I supposed to take him if you already drafted... oh you mean in real life.
  4. I figured OL would be the pick in the first after Zuttah was traded but trading down to take Lamp unless we were confident in his skills to take him at 16. Robinson wouldn't be bad but much rather wait on a better OT class to find our book end to Stanley. Just find a veteran or trade for one that can man down the RT spot until a better class comes along. Like the approach of taking the Dallas route but wait for a better class which I think 2018 is.
  5. Za'Darius Smith is available for a late round pick if anyone is interested.
  6. My pick is in, Titans are now on the clock.
  7. With the 35th Pick in the third round, the Baltimore Ravens Select DeMarcus Walker OLB Florida State
  8. Walter Football's Charlie Campbell is now reporting that we are high on Cam Robinson and have him rated as the number one OT in the draft.
  9. Strange that Zach Brown is still available but we haven't shown any interest in him.
  10. Pick is in, let me know when Pick 35 comes up.
  11. With the 27th Pick in the 3rd round of the 2017 Forum Mock.... The Baltimore Ravens Select Dawuane Smoot OLB Illinois
  12. Pick will be in shortly, I also have a comp pick coming up correct?
  13. The Jets signed a stop gap QB in Josh McCown. $6M guaranteed.
  14. Looks like the Saints and RFA CB Malcolm Butler are working on a contract. Wonder if they will give the Patriots back their pick or give up their 11th overall pick. Seems dumb considering the talent at corner this year in the draft.
  15. Maybe things will pick up now that we know Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey has been found. *Cue Jeopardy Music*