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  1. Nope took a year off from coaching, he'll probably be back next year. It helps that now Brisset won't need surgery now according to a new report. Either way you all should beat the Bills and Rex would be fired the next day if he isn't already fired after losing to the Cardinals this week.
  2. Ugh... Bases loaded yet couldn't score a single run out of it to end the game. Orioles have fallen apart so badly here as of late.
  3. Only the Browns...... Adam Schefter 6 hrs · Facebook Mentions · Browns' K Patrick Murray hurt his knee during practice today, per team official. Needs an MRI. Q for Sun. Browns need to try out kickers.
  4. Still find a way to win. As I said, Bill could make Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell look like a million bucks.
  5. Hell I'm convinced at this point that JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf could suit up for the Patriots and they look like a million bucks and far from the draft busts they actually were.
  6. As long as Bill Belichick is the Head Coach, the Patriots will win regardless of the quarterback or even if their defense is nowhere near what it was in the early 2000's.
  7. Maybe we should add Bill O'Brien to the list of coaches that could be fired at the end of the year.
  8. I second that, I started him tonight because he was doing so well the first two weeks after I had him on the bench.
  9. Another TD by the Patriots, so it looks like the Patriots will be 4-0 without Brady after they beat the Bills next week.
  10. Ok so the Texans player pushes the Patriot player in front of the ref and the Patriots players immediately beg for a flag. Oh what an ironic Hyundai commercial to play right now.
  11. John McClainVerified account‏@McClain_on_NFL I've got to pass out 3 game balls for the Texans. I'm thinking the bus driver for sure. Now, let me try to come up with two more.
  12. Everyone on Twitter is like.. "Apparently Houston didn't watch Super Bowl 49".
  13. So close to happening.
  14. This guarantees Josh McDaniels will get a second chance at a Head Coaching Job in the offseason. The way he's been able to work with Brady, Jimmy and now Brisset and not miss a beat is something I'm sure other teams are noticing.
  15. Alright Houston, your down 20-0. If you learned anything from this past week it's the fact you can come from behind to win after being down 20-0. So get a safety, then start the comeback.