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  1. Jim Harbaugh as surpassed Nick Saban as the highest paid College Coach. He will earn slightly over $9M in 2016. Harbaugh's Michigan team moved up to number 2 in the latest AP poll after a 7-0 start.
  2. You might be on to something. Despite the game ending in a 6-6 tie, SNF saw it's ratings go up for the Seahawks/Cardinals game. In fact it was a 22% improvement from last week's Colts-Texans game. So you may be right, rivalries might be the key to it. Not just divisional, but also try to find the best conference rivals as well(like Ravens-Patriots). AFC South excluded, can't wait to see how low ratings are for Thursday's Jaguars/Titans.
  3. Yep, and what a way for the Indians to start the World Series off. A 6-0 shut out to set the stage for the rest of the series.
  4. TRADE!!! The New England Patriots are involved in 2 trades today. First the Patriots have acquired LB Kyle Van Noy from the Lions in exchange for a sixth and seventh round pick. Secondly, the Patriots have shipped TE AJ Derby to the Broncos in exchange for a fifth round pick.
  5. Josh Brown's NFL career is officially over. Giants have released him.
  6. So basically he's going to have to retire?
  7. He's rotting away on a losing team as it is, now Jeff Fisher wants to rot him some more on a 7-9 team every year? I'm kinda hoping we are one of those teams because if it's not the Eagles, at least let it be us so he can come back home. Don't want to see Torrey on another losing team.
  8. Anyone want to bring Torrey home on a reduced contract?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. ravensdfan


      Torrey wouldn't help anything. Our O line rarely is able to pass protect long enough for deep routes. What Torrey brings we already have in Perriman & Wallace.

    3. ravensnick


      Mike Wallace provides what Torrey would, but he is better and cheaper.

    4. Dedicated Raven

      Dedicated Raven

      I loved him to, tough call but I'd say yes for a cheaper price.

  9. We know about the Eagles, but Schefter says "Multiple Teams' are interested and pursuing Torrey. Wonder who the other teams are that are trying to acquire Torrey.
  10. Someone should call the police, and tell them there is a hostage situation going on in Cleveland. That way we can retrieve Joe Thomas and get him to a contending team. Hue Jackson says that the Browns are not trading Joe Thomas. At this point, this is completely unfair to Joe Thomas who deserves a chance to win a Super Bowl and not be stuck in a drought with the Browns. Hue Jackson is completely insane to not realize the draft picks they can get for him to further continue the rebuilding process.
  11. Good for Torrey, hate to see that he has been reduced to nothing in San Fran. At least in Philly he will be able to produce and put up decent numbers.
  12. I totally forgot about those Quarterbacks lol.
  13. Yep, I knew we were in trouble too. Wonder if the Jets start winning now and cost them a shot at a franchise quarterback in next year's draft.
  14. I think we did the Jets a favor....... Geno Smith suffered a torn ACL in the game against us.