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  1. Which would be a terrible pick such as any player who wears Black & Yellow.
  2. You may have to log out and then log in to your ESPN Account.
  3. 30 minutes away, starts at 9:30
  4. Good thing it did happen tonight, you got the number one pick in the draft.
  5. Never mind... We got the full 8 Votes Draft is on for 9:30PM tonight! Draft Room is now Open!
  6. They get stuck with a team from Auto Pick lol.
  7. Only 1 More Vote and we'll be drafting at 9:30 tonight!
  8. Tell that person how to vote quick.
  9. All we need are the 8 votes and we should be good. We got 6, just need 2 more!
  10. Then everyone who has already voted will have to revote for a new time.
  11. League has to be filled an hour before the draft. I don't think the Draft Time and Date are impacted in anyway.
  12. Click on this link... and where it says "Draft Date" vote on the draft date and time to be 9:30pm tonight.
  13. Yeah I'm worried about that as well but I also think most people believe it's still going at 9:00 and thus people aren't checking it. If we can get the votes for 9:30 it will give people an extra half hour to show up.
  14. Edit: Sent out a League email to everyone. Hopefully this works. Got 5 votes, need only 3 votes!
  15. Down to the final 4 votes needed, let's do this!