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  1. Saw this on Operation Sports... Apparently people are saying Madden 17 plays better without any patches or tuners. Basically Out of the Box, and essentially this only works if you have a disc version. Delete Madden from your system, reinstall it and make sure you DO NOT let it install the latest patch. Here's the link to the thread on OS Forums...
  2. The closing quarter of the season is here, the playoff stretch is now in full force. The Raiders head to Kansas City to start us off on Thursday Night Football where a win gives them a playoff spot(of course some help along the way). The Chiefs look to complete the sweep of the Raiders and take control of the AFC West. Dallas can clinch the NFC East on Sunday Night, and more playoff battles! Raiders @ Chiefs: The AFC West battle heads to TNF as the Raiders head to KC to face the Chiefs. While the AFC West won't be clinched until Week 17, the Raiders can clinch a playoff spot with a win or tie + a Dolphins loss, or a Broncos loss or a Ravens loss. The Chiefs have already went into Oakland and beat the Raiders, who are 5-0 on the road heading into Thursday Night. Steelers @ Bills: The Steelers head to Buffalo as they look to remain neck and neck with us in the AFC North. While the Bills season is over, this is the final stretch of the season where teams out of contention upset teams looking to make the playoffs. Does Rex Ryan and the Bills have something up their sleeve to slow down Big Ben & co and help their former team? Broncos @ Titans: The Titans have the toughest schedule remaining of all three AFC South contenders. The Titans are going to have to pull off a surprising win this week, or next week against KC in order to stay in the race. The Broncos are back into the playoffs and look to remain there for the final 4 games of the season. Will Trever Siemian play or will the Broncos have to resort to Paxton Lynch once again? Redskins @ Eagles: The Redskins come into this game out of the playoff picture and looking up to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Redskins look to get back on track on the road where their record is only 2-3-1(including last week against the Cardinals). The Eagles meanwhile are 4-1 at home, which doesn't bode well for a Redskins team needing to get back on track in the NFC playoff picture. Cardinals @ Dolphins: The Cardinals outside of Arizona have been terrible posting a 1-4 road record. The Dolphins meanwhile have a 5-1 home record and look to get back on track after a terrible loss in Baltimore. The Cardinals look to hold off the Seahawks clinching of the NFC West by another week while Miami is trying to keep up with Denver in the wild AFC. Chargers @ Panthers: The Chargers come to Carolina looking for a win against the defending NFC Champions as the Panthers look to rebound following a terrible loss to the Seahawks. The Chargers need a lot to happen to make the playoffs but if they can gain momentum for next season, they can be a force in the AFC West. Bengals @ Browns: Welcome back RG3... now place your bets on how long it takes for his next injury. Seriously though, it looks like if things go well in practice, RG3 will be starting against the Bengals. Looks to me the Bengals are going to get back on track by beating down two bad teams in a row. The March to 0-16 continues on.... Bears @ Lions: The Lions finally were able to get a lead, hold it, and never give it up. The Lions look to continue their winning ways against the Bears who most likely got their final win of 2016 last week against the helpless 49ers. Texans @ Colts: The AFC South is up for grabs as the Colts host the Texans. Looks like Luck is healthy enough to go on a run to clinch the AFC South and get into the playoffs. The Texans meanwhile look to hold on to their lead this week as this game may end up determining who wins the division. Vikings @ Jaguars: The Vikings have fallen in 2016, and now can they get back up in time to at least get a Wild Card? The Jaguars look to do their part in keeping the Vikings hope alive as it's only a matter of weeks before the Gus Bradley experiment is over. Jets @ 49ers: Draft implications here, as Bryce Petty takes over in New York, Kaepernick will continue to start in San Fran as both teams are just looking to outdo each other in a battle of poor quarterback play. Saints @ Buccaneers: Tampa has arrived, and they are a real playoff contender. The Division Title remains in play as they are in a 7-5 tie with the Falcons, and a win against the Saints will help their cause. The Saints look to spoil the Bucs potential playoff run and build momentum toward next season. Falcons @ Rams: Bucs will definitley need to win to keep up with the Falcons who have a easy win this week against the Rams. Unless for some strange reason, Jeff Fisher decides he wants to win this game and spoil the Falcons season. Seahawks @ Packers: The Packers have got back on track against the Eagles and Texans, but are they for real? They will be tested against the Seahawks who can clinch the NFC West with a win and Cardinals loss. Are the Packers going to make a late playoff run or have the last two weeks been flukes against bad teams? Cowboys @ Giants: Oh Terrance Williams. If the Cowboys go 15-1, Williams will be the reason why the Cowboys did not complete the perfect season. The Giants are looking for a season sweep of the Cowboys who are looking for the NFC East Crown on Sunday Night. A win will give the NFC East Crown to Dallas for the first time since 2014. Giants look to hold on to the fifth seed as the NFC Wild Card Race tightens in the final weeks.
  3. Colts LB D'Qwell Jackson suspended 4 games for PED Violation.
  4. Embarrassing home loss, got blown out 41-7. Would love to see us do the same to them in Foxboro and just blow them out 38-7, 41-7, etc.
  5. So through 13 weeks, I want to get everyone's thoughts on what Black Monday may bring on Jan 2nd. Hot Seat Watch: - Gus Bradley: Jaguars haven't improved under him, they have good talent just don't have the coaching. Kinda like the 49ers before Jim Harbaugh. - Chip Kelly: Does he go back to college or does he remain for another year while GM Trent Baalke gets the boot? - Marvin Lewis: Will a non playoff season finally be the nail in the coffin regardless how well the team does down the stretch? - Mike McCarthy: Barring a run to the NFC North Title overtaking the Lions, or a Wild Card berth, I don't see McCarthy staying next year. - John Fox: With the Bears in rebuilding, they may decide to go with a younger HC to take on the rebuild project. - Jeff Fisher: If he still going to be fired, then I think this is the year it finally happens. Though probably be the Rams luck they win out and he keeps his job. - Todd Bowles: Does he get fired tomorrow after that blowout loss to the Colts?
  6. Todd Bowles is probably getting fired tomorrow after that embarrassing home blowout.
  7. In his second year, the Jets look like they have already quit on Todd Bowles and that's not good. For a team who was on one game from the playoffs a year ago, to a team that has quit on their Head Coach in one year. Anyone think Bowles is fired tomorrow?
  8. No matter who wins, it's going to come down to Justin Tucker having to kick a game winning FG for us. I see this being another nail biting game that comes down to the final minutes. My prediction, Tucker hits a 54 Yard Game Winning FG to win the game to further his GLORIOUS 2016 Season. Ravens 31 Patriots 28
  9. Earl Thomas done for the year... including playoffs. Adam Schefter 6 mins · Facebook Mentions · Seahawks S Earl Thomas will be out for season and will not return for postseason, no matter how far Seattle advances.
  10. Raiders currently sit as the number one seed once again through tiebreakers. To me, winning this game and potentially being the one LOSS that gives home Field to Oakland or KC in the playoffs would make it sweeter.
  11. Since Seahawks have killed the Panthers.... let's move on to tomorrow night. In another way to say how bad the AFC South is, a Colts win against the Jets will put them at 6-6. After 13 weeks of football, the AFC South standings will look like this barring a Jets win. Texans 6-6 (3-0 Division Record) Colts 6-6 (2-2 Division Record) Titans 6-6 (1-3 Division Record) Remaining AFC South Schedules Week 14: Texans vs Colts, Broncos vs Titans Week 15: Jaguars vs Texans, Titans vs Chiefs, Colts vs Vikings Week 16: Titans vs Jaguars, Bengals vs Texans, Colts vs Raiders Week 17: Texans vs Titans, Jaguars vs Colts
  12. NFL should have flexed Chiefs vs Falcons for this week, I was surprised this game stayed on SNF considering the Panthers aren't even in playoff contention this year.
  13. Makes sense. Yes, Dallas has clinched but the division won't be clinched and Home Field will still be in play. For Tampa, they are currently the 6th seed and tied with Atlanta on top of the NFC South. Brady vs Osweiler doesn't have that media friendly promotion like Brady-Manning so no way that was going to be flexed. Steelers-Bengals got kicked off SNF to a 1:00pm game lol.
  14. So apparently he signed the extension in the offseason. Yet there are reports that he STILL may end up being fired.
  15. I don't get that at all, I'm in the middle of recording and I check ESPN to see the score and see Anderson threw an interception. I figured there was some bizzare first snap where Cam got injured on the first play or something.