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  1. That first sentence pretty much sums it up, Big Ben, AB and Bell carry that team on their back. Yes they finished ahead of us the past three years but... look at the overall of things since the Harbaugh Era started in 2008. - Ravens & Steelers each have won 1 Super Bowl during that time. - Ravens under Harbaugh only missed the playoffs twice(2013 & 2015), Steelers under Tomlin in that same time frame... Missed Playoffs 3 times(2009, 2012 & 2013) so they were home watching the playoffs in 2013 as well. - The Tebow curse that started after they loss in the 2011 Playoffs in the Wildcard Round. Took them 4 years to get a playoff victory in January after losing to Tebow. Ravens meanwhile had 5 playoff wins and a Super Bowl during that 4 year stretch of losing in the playoffs or missing the playoffs. - We have beat the Steelers the last 3 games including the playoffs. Steelers last victory over us was November 2nd, 2014. A lot has to deal with their poor drafting, why do you think they had to bring James Harrison back? Jarvis Jones never developed and wasn't the same after his injury. Shazier is a great talent but is hurt by the Sean Lee injury bug. Also they are looking at starting 3 rookies on defense this season(CB Burns, SS Davis and NT Javon Hargrave) and those are key positions where you don't want rookies starting.
  2. 2016 Free Agent Thread (Other Teams)

    Here are the rest of the option year pick ups for the 2013 NFL Draft First Round Players. - Browns decline Barkevious Mingo's 5th Year Option - Rams activate 5th Year Option on Tavon Austin & Alec Ogletree - Titans decline 5th Year Option on Chance Warmack - Vikings activate 5th Year Options on Xavier Rhodes & Shariff Floyd. Decline option for Cordarrelle Patterson - Chiefs activate 5th Year Option on Eric Fisher. - Jaguars decline 5th Year Option for Luke Joeckel - Jets activate 5th Year Option on Sheldon Richardson, decline it on Dee Milliner. - Lions activate 5th Year Option on Ziggy Ansah - 49ers activate 5th Year Option on Eric Reid - Despite trading for him, Patriots decline the 5th year option on Jonathon Cooper - Bills decline 5th year option on QB EJ Manuel - Broncos decline 5th year option on DT Sylvester Williams
  3. 2016 Free Agent Thread (Other Teams)

    Bears have also cut Guard Matt Slauson as well.
  4. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    So what's up with Westerman here? Does he have knee issues only the teams know about?
  5. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    Down to the final 3 picks left.... 1 in the fifth, and 2 in the sixth.
  6. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    I know we drafted Young earlier but I still wouldn't have minded us taking Robinson at some point.
  7. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    That will make people happy.... Willie Henry!
  8. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    Westerman or Dahl here please!
  9. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    Alex Lewis over Dahl/Westerman? Are we not planning on signing Wagner and letting him walk next year?
  10. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    NFL Network will go to commercial right before every pick. Come back for the Packers pick, then go to commercial again, come back for the 49ers then go back to commercial.
  11. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    Antonio Morrison over Wright? Works for me.
  12. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    Ozzie needs to draft one of these guards that are still available with our next pick. I'm surprised some are still here late in the fourth.
  13. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    I wonder if the Steelers would have took him here but the Bengals took the Steelers guy from right under them the same way they took Jackson one pick ahead in the first.
  14. 2016 Draft Day 3 "Game Thread"

    Whoever called it... Bengals took Billings.
  15. 2016 Draft Rounds 2 & 3 "Game Thread"

    Ohio State was a great football team and seems to me a lot of teams over rated Ohio State players because of their success.