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  1. Remember the story about Kubiak having his "Welcome to Baltimore" moment when we drafted defense. Marty is probably like.... Where's my offensive players at???
  2. I'm going to call it a night, I won't be around for tomorrow's picks but hopefully we get some Offensive Linemen and a good WR who can be a good kick/punt returner.
  3. LOL saw this tweet on Twitter. Gotta love the opposite perspective between us and Steelers fans. SteelerNation Member‏ @SimFBallCritic 2m2 minutes ago More You over sensitive Steeler fans kill me. The Steelers only 2 picks in and y'all already saying they don't want to address the defense, SMH
  4. Forgot about Dunlap, forgot that we were collecting former Chargers thanks to our newest front office member, Eric Weddle. I agree, Dunlap, Mangold and Boldin will be signed within a week.
  5. Jeff Zrebiec‏Verified account @jeffzrebiecsun 1m1 minute ago More Newsome said the potential is there to pick up more picks by potentially trading back in the fourth round.
  6. Eli Manning's successor?
  7. So the formula for 2017 is the 2000 defense mixed with a little 2012 Offense that helped us win the Super Bowl?
  8. Walter Football seems to like our draft more than most on here. Gave the Bowser, Wormley and Williams picks all A grades. Marlon Humphrey was only graded a B but so far so good according to WF.
  9. Eric Weddle‏Verified account @weddlesbeard Following More LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE our draft picks!
  10. I agree with Billick, I thought Stewart would have been our next Bama pick not Williams. We should just let Mallett start the regular season since obviously the defense will handle everything. Then start Joe in the playoffs to unleash January Joe.
  11. Well then............
  12. Guessing Ozzie's plan is to hold opposing offenses to 0 points so we can just win games with Tucker?
  13. Guarantee Boldin and Mangold are waiting in the wings, has to explain why nothing has been done so far at WR and Center.
  14. Anyone think we could be moving to a 4-3 defense in the future?
  15. Wait people are mad over Wormley? Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the value in this pick and loves it.