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  1. Speaking of the cowboys. Joe Flacco will surpass Troy Aikman & Steve Young in all time passing yardage next season!
  2. Actually it's the perfect time...Ozzie talking crazy.... "You have to have two quality quarterbacks in this league to be successful year-in and year-out," Newsome added. "We realize that Joe is one play away from being injured. We have seen that."
  3. How much does 2016 (1yr) have to do with his overall body of work? This thread is about his overall body of success (4/8 yrs)
  4. Billick had a good talent development system.
  5. Joe wants to be blitzed like all top 10 QBs. Now, Pressure with a front four is deadly as everyone else is in coverage....But that applies to Tom Brady as well.
  6. what's his cancer status.....cancer can come and go and we don't want to have a coordinator that may have to miss time or worse case scenario no longer be alive.
  7. word....Harbaugh got exposed this year! Harbaugh got exposed this year. His specialty being special teams was a fail with Devin Hester not catching the ball often enough. shouldn't there have a been a guy telling hester if he should move, fair catch, or return it. I feel his motivation speaking is not sustainable. I felt Harbaugh was needed in 2008 as we had HOFers that were tired of losing and he instilled/confirmed our culture. Now we need a guy to build up young guys. You have to switch your coaching style-up depending on personnel!!!!
  8. so....DID HARBAUGH LOSE THE TEAM IN YEAR 9!??!?! *AHEN* cause it sure ain't look good today...
  9. personnel is important to every NFL coach! How many teams have an amazing development program? If anything during the Billick era you can say he was up there with Belichick in terms of homegrown players and homegrown coaches. Billick and the Ravens organization in general is a top 5 developer of talent and arguably top 3. we just have not been good at developing certain positions like WR...but overall we develop a solid amount of talent.
  10. They weren't the 90's cowboys. However, the lack of quarterback was the issue for Billick...we were just blessed with a great defense, but competent QB play as in executing his plan was important. McNair was competent and Billick got everything left of him.....if McNair was healthy no question we would have won it all in 2006. 13-3 with a broke down McNair. Yes the defense deserves credit....but harbaugh hit 12-4 a couple times with less defensive talent than the Billick era because Joe Flacco is a fairly competent quaterback compared to Boller and Joe Flacco has more arm strength compared to 2006 McNair. 1998 vikings were impressive...points record stood for 10years, period.
  11. well...what about the buffalo bills 4 superbowl appearances in the 90's? That's still legendary!
  12. seriously.....gave Billick a broke down McNair and it is spun into 13-3. Granted the 2006 defense was amazing with two shutdown corners, but I think Boller would have had mental lapses leaving them 10-6.
  13. Playoffs are important. hence.... Tom Brady >>>> Peyton Manning
  14. 50% average...amazing! 2009- Rookie mistake with a middle of the field pass against the Steelers end of game to take the lead for the win. 2012- Lee Evans drops the ball 2013- Superbowl MVP 2015- Pats cheated with eligbiles, cheated with not letting us sub and cheated with defeated balls. Flacco was out slinging Tom and the pats had to cheat to overcome two 14-point deficits. Playoff Joe is the truth! If we can carry the man to the post season he turns into a HOFer!
  15. true. Hell, I feel if Flacco joined the Raider tomorrow they would win it all! Flacco is a guy that can get you over the top! And if Lee Evans caught that ball in 2012.....we beat the giants.