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  1. Its a good thing for Ravens players that they don't get pay according to their stats.
  2. The secondary might be good but isn't the center of the field weak now without Orr?
  3. I do recall there were many former Raven players on playoff teams last year. 2012 was an end of an Era . The beginning of Joe's team and Johns domanance so what ever happen before that is ancient histoty.
  4. Great post. you listed 9 guys that are absolutely top 10 talents and I'd add 3 more guys to the list as home runs if we can land one. ILB Foster CB Lattimore, Humphfries S Adams, Hooker RB Lattimore WR Williams, Davis OT Ramszcysk il also add Garrett, Solomon Thomas, and Allen who are probably no brainers at this point (just to make the list 12 players) that are worth taking regardless of what we have on our roster. Let's call these guys (1A) Robinson, Ross, Cook, and Barnett are good players to pick at 16 but each one has a little dent on his full package. Let's call these guys (1B) I would start rooting for the guy day one but my greed wants (1A) the way I look at it is that we need 4 guys outside of 1A to get drafted in the top 15 in order for us to land a 1A guy. Someone like Quincy Wilson CB Fla or Howard TE Alabama. Maybe a QB or two in the top 15 would be nice. Any of the 12 listed (1A) would feel like CJ Mosley all over again and I'd celebrate winning the draft early. Question When 16 comes around and by some miracle there still there who do you pick in which order? I would go Hooker or Thomas. ILB Foster CB Lattimore, Humphfries S Adams, Hooker RB Lattimore WR Williams, Davis
  5. Wagner, Juszczyk, Orr, and Guy I believe are hug loses for the Ravens. I re watched Ravens vs Skins and Ravens vs Eagles and Guy was awesome. No articles on Guy leaving but that's going to show this season Compare that to what Ravens gained.
  6. That"s two statement you made that I agreed with .....Scary. The OT over WR was the other.
  7. Source where Ozzie told John to hire Kubiak? Pretty sure that didn't actually happen. Most likely a fan-generated myth. The closest article I found. "The last tweet from Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston is telling, considering that Jim Hostler was leading the way for the job it seemed. That would insinuate that Harbaugh wanted Hostler and that Ozzie Newsome and Steve Bisciotti were thinking otherwise." http://www.baltimorebeatdown.com/2014/1/27/5350924/ravens-to-hire-gary-kubiak-as-offensive-coordinator-official
  8. I'm pretty sure he identified already that the Ravens were identifying things that he didn't do well or needed to work on. Seemed he just simply disagreed. The problem with Aiken is that I don't see a particular set of skills that he brings to the table that differentiates himself from his peers, and I think the league knows that. Aiken's skill set was being sure handed on 3rd down and moving the chains, which he did when he played. His peers: Perriman- deep threat with no hands Wallace- deep threat who occasionally had no hands Ironically, his best shot for playing time would've come with this years Ravens since, with the departure of SSS, he would have had the surest hands on the team aside from getting one of the top 3 WR in the draft. Another myth though. Aiken had a higher drop rate (4%) in 2016 than Steve Smith (3%), Mike Wallace (1.7%), and Pitta (1.7%), two of which will be on the 2017 team. In terms of being a "chain mover", his 1st down % isn't much different than most of his peers in 2016. Aiken: 62% Wallace: 60% Steve Smith: 56% Perriman: 58% Pitta was the only one with a pretty low number. What was Perriman's drop rate?
  9. "Lacks desired glass-chewing mentality against the run." That's not "Play Like a Raven".
  10. Still better than any player the Ravens have now. 2012 SB MVP.
  11. Don't forget they are bringing in Ross from Washington for a try out.... That's good news but he is going to have to get by Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Philadelphia Eagles. These teams are listing a big need at WR. Maybe some of them have taken care of that in free agency Don't know.
  12. Kamalei Correa and Bronson Kaufusi better show up this year.
  13. I think we need to go WR, OLB, O-line, RB and then CB just given how deep this draft is for quality CBs... I think we can get a good developmental CB in the 4th round. I seriously can't believe your endorsing Ozzie to pick another receiver in the first round. Were still waiting for the last one to show up.
  14. Well, you would expect a rookie to drop more passes than a 5th year player. The difference between the two is about 2-4 yards/catch. So basically, Perriman can do more damage (and did last season) with less receptions. That's called being efficient. I think you mean effective. Perriman is more effective than efficient Either way his draft reports said he drop a high rate of passes in college and now its starting to show its ugly head in NFL. John H not going to be able to cope with that this year. Jobs are on the line.