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  1. To +1 this post or not to +1....
  2. He had a Long career at least.
  3. Not sure where else to put this: American Airlines has ended its charter flight deals with the Cardinals, Ravens, Colts, Jags, Dolphins and Steelers, citing inadequate machinery. Up to 20 teams don't have a charter provider for next season (not sure if said six were included in that count). I'd kinda like to see United try to drag Brandon Williams off a flight though.
  4. I guess that's another Patriot who won't be going to the White House.
  5. @Mt. Crushmore is going to be in for one hell of a shock whenever he decides to log in next.
  6. Going by Elam's Twitter feed I think he was already ruled out by LiT's criteria.
  7. Just add 12lb of lean muscle and you'll be fine.
  8. As a Magic fan I feel like what you see at this point is more or less what you get with Oladipo. He can play solid man defence (he can body someone up and stick with them) but his team defence (which is a bigger part of the modern game imo) isn't so flash. Attacking the rim hasn't been an issue per se but he's never been able to draw fouls for some reason. His gameplay's always been streaky too - he'll play extremely well for a while (like he did earlier on this season) but then he'll go through games where he can't even make layups. This is a contract year for him too. I'd say he's better than OKC's 4th best simply by virtue of being capable of having a presence on both sides of the court, but I think that says more about the team outside Westbrook than it does about him.
  9. Core is the main part of something, corps is the entire group. (slightly simplistic, but that's a working definition)
  10. That's the Opiki Basin - you can see the fencetops. Suffice it to say no-one's taking that route for a while.
  11. This fan only vaguely remembers him.
  12. Now that you mention it, I do remember a lot of Cheetahs fans coming in and getting nasty especially during our SB run. The 49ers fans were pretty unbearable at the same time, but vanished after the SB to my knowledge. Then there was that Texans fan who was talking up how Matt Schaub was so much better than Joe (while Schaub was in the middle of his infamous pick six streak), and mysteriously vanished after that 2013 game. I'm curious about that Steelers fan though. I can have a good guess at who it was but I wouldn't have the first clue what they did.