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  1. Mike mccoy was just let go
  2. 3rd and 18 meaningless game check down to pitta brillant
  3. run the freaking ball
  4. the oline have know idea who to block sometimes they just watch people run by them
  5. maybe we should go with a 4 te lineup
  6. will the bengals punt today?
  7. A few weeks ago i think after the pats game
  8. colin cowherd called harbs the east coast jeff fisher
  9. I love pitta but is it time to get rid of joes besty
  10. Can flaccos head move left or right
  11. How great is dixon gonna be with a upgraded oline
  12. Are there any play making wr's in free agency the ravens will not sign
  13. Every team besides the steelers
  14. check down check down check down check down
  15. Is this team tuning harbs out