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  1. Nothing much, this board going insane like always hehehe
  2. Pitta is cool in my book, I have a feeling he'll get better and better with time
  3. Defense costing us
  4. Haha TD after all that flacco, offense hate
  5. No flag, flacco's fault
  6. Flacco didnt throw that caught ball
  7. Flaccos fault, he shouldve blocked that guy
  8. Defense gives a 300yard cushion, our players are out getting food from dennys when the play starts
  9. Wide open, wide open, wide open
  10. Hahahahahah and again
  11. Wide open? How many times has a cowboys player been wide open so far??
  12. Let him go right now, grab a fan to take his place
  13. Defense went straight garbage mode