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  1. My pleasure! LETS GO CAPS!
  2. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/russianmachineneverbreaks/11649302?q=I11649302
  3. We've got all the wrong teams to be able to manage stress! lol Caps didn't look very good last night and won that game through sheer effort and Holtbeast's all world goalkeeping. I think they win the series against the Leafs and THE nemesis awaits them in the second round. They will need to play much better to beat the pens. They have the talent and just need to somehow relax and execute their game. Don't cozy up to the tube tonight as game six in Toronto is tomorrow. haha C A P S CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!
  4. Give it time, it will soon turn into the usual Flacco sucks thread.
  5. Not such a far reach if he can stay healthy.
  6. I think the bigger question is what the heck are you doing at the dining table during games?
  7. The Man in the High Castle?
  8. You have Amazon. Did you watch Goliath?
  9. Man you just gotta letigosometimes, especially when wrong. lol
  10. lol.....no animal style. Have been a lot of places San Francisco and below. My nephew lives in Costa Mesa, so been around LA area quite a bit. Did a trip in 2006 where we flew into Vegas, visited the Grand Canyon, then doubled back going through Death Valley to Lone Pine(Mt. Whitney, Alabama Hills), up 395 to Lee Vining (Mono Lake). Spent time hiking Yosemite then over to San Francisco and Pacific Grove for a few days, then a leisurely 3 day drive down the PCH to Santa Barbara and back across the Mojave to Vegas to catch the flight home. 2010 went to a wedding and stayed between LA and San Diego for a week. Then went back to Yosemite(Fish Camp) and also spent 4 days in Three Rivers while hikng Sequoia NP and King's Canyon. Love the Sierra Nevada region. Can you tell? lol
  11. Negative, not in a couple of years. I don't do much FF either, just when travelling, but got hooked when my nephew and his fiance had an In n Out truck cater their "night before the wedding" party. Longboard on tap and cooked to order burgers and fries at the Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club. It was a blast! Although I never did really get the hang of rolling those wobbly balls. lol
  12. Yeah, OK. I'm in Cali as a visitor so it was only hyped to me by relatives. I have to say though that it's the best FF I've had.
  13. The best food you'll ever eat at a gas station. http://www.whoanelliedeli.com/
  14. Over rated? Compared to what?