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  1. Thanks for enlightening me. In reading this it seems the facts point to the obvious(to most) reasons for sub par passing game performance. Poor receivers, lack of YAC, conservative play calling and injuries.
  2. While the numbers look as though they point to Britt, I don't trust him or his knees. Also, thinking those stats are probably a product of him being the lone option in the Rams receiving corps. Remember 2015 Aiken? Marshall is a beast but will be high $ and brings his own set of risks. For me Garcon is the best option of these 3. He's sure handed, been pretty healthy throughout his career and is a stand up guy. Just seems to make sense. Question is are the Skins going to let him walk and if he's available can the Ravens sign him. I for one sure hope so. Edit.... Just read some of the other related posts and it looks like I just regurgitated much of what has already been said. Sorry for the repeat.
  3. Is Matt Ryan elite?
  4. lol......you got me. I didn't look at the stats but only remembered winning those early playoff games and the tough luck against the steelers in the AFCG.
  5. Let's remove names and ask the question objectively. Should an 8 year veteran QB that was named the league's MVP and plays with the league's #1 ranked offense get a pass for failing when it counted most? In the final quarter of the final game of the tournament? No need to answer and that's pretty much all I have to say on the subject.
  6. hmmm......school me. What rookie QBs before and after 08 looked better in their first playoff games?
  7. You wrote what you wrote in response to me saying the Ravens ended up with the right guy between Flacco and Ryan. In no way did you frame it that way when you first made the statement. But yeah, OK. lol And on your side note; I think most would say Joe performed admirably early on in the playoffs considering he was so inexperienced and had zero time as an apprentice behind an NFL franchise QB.
  8. What other connotation could there be in what you said.
  9. LMAO! So now he's not just "average Joe", he's the QB that "wasn't Boller bad". Too much!
  10. Given the events of the past 8 years for both teams it's safe to say the Ravens ended up with the right guy.
  11. Only for emergency usage if there's no other egress other than the small elevators. If the station has stairs between the escalators they barricade the stopped escalator. Reason is the rise of the treads is greater than allowed by code. Also when stopped all are not equal.
  12. Not an idea, it's fact. They ran only 13 plays in 3 possessions in the 4th quarter producing 1 fumble and 2 punts. 4:30 ToP. That was after having the ball for a 3 play drive(punt) at the end of the third quarter producing -15 yards. After their 3rd quarter TD the Falcons offense collapsed.
  13. Could have, don't know. But after the quick three and out to start the half they came right back with an 85 yard, 8 play TD drive and it looked like they picked up right where they left off in the first half. Wasn't until well after the long break, almost the end of the 3rd quarter, that they looked anemic and were unable to get a first down much less sustain any sort of drive. Given that timeline I would have to say the extended time off the field had little or nothing to do with their collapse.
  14. OK, to state the obvious there were completely different circumstances. One was lengthened by the normal run of play that could happen in any game, not unusual. The other was lengthened by a freakish power outage while the game was being played that robbed momentum, an unprecedented event that will most likely never happen again.