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  1. You're kidding, right? Joe Flacco is the greatest QB of all time. He is on track to be a first ballot HOFer. Why would he need to play better?
  2. There's some decent stuff there, especially the play review process. A centralized system is the way it should be done and allows for the quickest decisions I think.
  3. What the heck?? Why are you quoting me? Wasn't even referring to you. lol Pretty juvenile post btw. I've seen nothing posted here by anyone that suggested that Flacco was "almighty", only posts that dispute ridiculous criticisms based on fantasy.
  4. You trolls better watch out or your lines are going to get tangled! LMAO!!!!!!!
  5. Sure, no doubt that was a part of it. But ignoring the circumstances(not only Pitta) is skewing the view of his performance. Fact is Flacco improved throughout the season as he gained confidence in his knee. It was obvious to any objective fan that there were also other team issues that hampered the passing game. It wasn't just on Joe Flacco.
  6. Saying this without recognizing that his leading receiver basically fell down to the turf pretty much each and every time he caught the ball is ignoring fact. Everyone knows Flacco was tentative at times last year and that the passing game was inefficient, but framing it in that manner is an attempt to "gloss over" many reasons it was inefficient.
  7. Yeah, I think Joe did fine considering the circumstances. He was improving all year while gaining confidence in his knee. If the Ravens can somehow find "that guy" in the draft, and/or if some of the underachievers already on the squad begin to produce The Flacco will be The Boss.
  8. Way too fragile to be an everyday returner. Anytime he filled in there it was an automatic fair catch. I think it would still be great to have him back for depth in the secondary.
  9. Losing Cekovski didn't help them, but Melo played like pooh. Don't see how he can enter the draft after this poor season.
  10. cheapskate. lol
  11. haha! eh.....like I said before Nurps, quality over quantity. I'm good. I think many got the big #s through the game threads. I was there sometimes, but not a regular over the years and could never hang for an entire game. Too much "good cheer" for me. lol
  12. So it will be pretty much be exactly a 10 year run.
  13. Ticket and a PB burger tailgate and I'll consider it.
  14. One month makes him a young whippersnapper? lol So did the boards open in April of 2007?