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  1. James Hurst is horrendous... As much as I can't stand Asa Jackson, he's a pretty serious ST player... If he could cut down the stupid stuff...
  2. I wouldn't want a guy on the sideline on crutches/in a boot. One false move, rupture the Achilles from getting rolled up on... Etc... NOPE.
  3. It can't be PED's, I don't think... Says substance abuse policy, not Performance Enhancing Drug policy
  4. Not a chance .
  5. And they still won't give us the PI...
  6. Gotta get closer... Realistic shots.
  7. No hands... No hands at all...
  8. I don't know who the next tackle in ncaa is , but yea maybe so.
  9. This team really has a hard time getting off on third down
  10. Boy, I sure miss a young Ray Lewis working the middle!
  11. There wasn't anyone close. Just saying, it would have been highly likely to go out of bounds
  12. Sleeping on a bed of money will do that