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  1. I believe the basis for decision is on roster space, age, tax benefits in the State the team is located and coach appreciation.
  2. Zach Orr cannot play anymore.
  3. I like your Brandon Marshall idea.
  4. This is the only site where anyone will defend JF. It should have been Boldin in the route instead of Evans We win. No need for Cardiff to blow it 2014 The D failed on that trick play to the wide out and this year we should have scored a TD rather than a FG and also made a FG in the Steelers game I blame it ALL on COACHING. Hate to admit this but Bellichick has it all over everyone else.
  5. If we lose to them, our season will be grey once again.
  6. Looks natural. He's from Alabama
  7. He should be a coach. The poor guy has a spine defect and the organization could take care of its own.
  8. Does it really make a difference? Our O line could not create huge holes or carpet space where a guy like Bell could shift, balance and dart for those extra yards.
  9. This is a loaded question. Every sad Ravens football moment is attributed to these two. Between The Steelers and Pats I would favor the Steelers due to the respect and AFC North loyalty. So far for the SB LI I am rooting for the Falcons.
  10. How Ironic: Biscotti regreted trading Anquan Boldin. Playoffs: If we had him catching that ball in 2011 instead of Evans fate would be different. If we had him in 2013, he could have been the x factor to win those last two games. If we had him in 2014 he could have made a TD to help break out and advance. If we had him in 2017, he could produce just as he did for the Lions. Since we had a senior retiring this team ought to grab a guy that can crash opposition rather than stand there and catch a third and out. Boldin is the guy!
  11. Raid the Patriots staff and get results. Every year, in and out they have un parallel success. The only game I witnessed Ravens full satisfaction and success was against Miami and the only year since the SB was 2014 withGary Kubiak. Otherwise we are bland and ordinary
  12. I wondered if fate had turned our way and we beat the Jets, Giants, Skins, Oakland and finally the Steelers and Bengals. With only 2 losses we could have given SSS, Wallace, Perriman, Jus and Aiken some fun in the post season. With our luck we would let Miami in the game and made heart anxiety another Ravens fan trademark.
  13. I turn off the volume when that useless announcer talks It was better when he was with Steven A, so I could ignore both at one time. Did either of them ever play sports? They probably were debate team studs
  14. Tank Your half right so far
  15. In this years draft we should aim for the corners and lineman. However, another 8-8 or 5-11 season can happen as we are a consistent 3 and out team.