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  1. Makes sense!
  2. I like the top one. your ideal draft. Those top 4 picks would be perfect, except I would prioritize getting Eflein in there for our Center for the next 10 years. We need to draft Teez. If Davis isn't there at 16, I would trade down to get that extra pick for Eflein, and make sure I draft Ju Ju. Here's my ideal draft with a trade down out of 16- Forrest Lamp Ju Ju Carl Lawson Teez Eflein Roderick Johnson Then if it were still possible to get Perine, that would be amazing. I haven't really studied Hunt yet at all That would be an INSANE draft class for us Teez and Lawson are top 15 talents imo. Crazy to me how much their stock has fallen over the past month You put a lot of effort into your choices. Good work.
  3. Baltimore and its team do not need a player like this.
  4. I hope we take extra care of Achilles it seems to be the popular injury lately especially our secondary When the average person hears about injuries, especially Achilles, most would assume that it's because of lack of strength and conditioning. But there are other several factors that could be at play. Popular antibiotics such as Cipro & Levaquin have show a direct relation to ruptured tendons (so much so, the FDA advises against them). Taking Corticosteroids like Cortisone, Hydrocortisone & Prednisone has also shown to increase Achilles tendonitis & ruptures. A player could have bronchitis or a sinus infection and be taking Cipro as an antibiotic with a Symbicort breathing treatment and he's just increased his chances of an Achilles tear or rupture exponentially. With staph infections rampant in the NFL the last few years (JJ Watt almost lost his leg last year), I can imagine the use of Cipro & Z-Pak has been huge - thus the significant increase in Achilles injuries. Incredible! Thanks
  5. Watch.....The MGMT will pick a receiver after Wallace illustrated points not choose one.
  6. Although all of us have opinions on a skill or sturdy lineman players, the end result is Ravens management picks the player as they see opportunity develop.
  7. If you don't believe any of the WRs are worthy of a pick as high as #16 (and virtually every analyst alive would disagree with that) ... that's a valid reason to not pick a WR .. but the notion that we're bad at picking WRs - that is NOT a valid reason to avoid a WR with our 1st pick. Using your logic, had OBJ fallen to 16 a couple years ago, we should have avoided him, because we're bad at picking WRs. That makes zero sense. Yes, we've picked 3 disappointing WRs in the 1st round, however the jury is still out on one (Perriman) and the other 2 were made 13 and 16 years ago. To think that draft busts from over a decade ago will shape your draft approach is mind-boggling. also lets not forget who we had as a QB back 13 and 16 years ago. We were going thru QBs like sweet corn thru the hired girl. Sami... That was quite a catchy phrase.
  8. No hesitation. O LIne is key. We lost two. Have to make a deal or pick as opportunity happens.
  9. I would absolutely want Both of them back. I was one of those posters that never dissed TS in any forum. Bolden may be older but he is tenacious and sparks any offense.
  10. If we lose to the Dolphins again I will be livid.
  11. Its between him and fate. Got to be frustrating riding a bench so much.
  12. Another 8-8 season would make me feel like a successful jets fan.
  13. So Sorry that this tragedy happened. His guilt will multiple every day because of this. It is insane torture. His little daughter.