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  1. I think we'll be alright without Zuttah. Time for Jensen to step up. Urschal is a guard or tackle. My biggest disappointment is losing Jus.
  2. If he matches his stats from NE days then his presences would be greatly appreciated.
  3. This is a very limited forum. Sports Two has the better choices and topics. It's night and day.
  4. Good Move...We will see new faces in September in other positions as well..
  5. Nurkvik is another Sabonis. His great passing and D gave the Blazers a much needed win against the Thunder
  6. Fans from other teams dismiss JF but if you are a Cleveland, Jets, LA or SF fan you just want a permanent steady QB.
  7. Mangold IN............ Elam Out. Finally after all the negative comments about Elam, people in here get what they need.
  8. Looks like Warriors again!!! At least they get to the finals and subsequent rounds,.
  9. Portland Trailblazers 2/27 and Blazers 3/1
  10. The proof positive is Tom Brady. Besides that, he is blessed with schemes and expert game planning from a genius coach and his staff. .
  11. He actually should have been better than what we witnessed.
  12. I believe the basis for decision is on roster space, age, tax benefits in the State the team is located and coach appreciation.
  13. Zach Orr cannot play anymore.
  14. I like your Brandon Marshall idea.