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  1. Good for them... Glad they are listening.
  2. Do we know that he didn't get constructive feedback? We had a pack of WR's the beginning of last year, hence why Waller converted to TE. Reality, if Aiken was all that he claimed to be, he'd have won more time. We have seen how that works here in Bmore. If you perform well, yeah.... if not, bah bye.
  3. I'm sorry... but Aiken sounds like he's whining. He had opportunities. Quite a few times I saw where he was basically hit right in the numbers with the ball and dropped the pass. Come on man.... He had a ton of chances to prove himself. I loved Juice. As a fullback, and where the position has taken a back seat to RB's and Receivers, you can basically understand where he's coming from. The play at the end of the Steeler's game is one I will not forget. He laid it out to make that TD. Good Luck to both of them.
  4. Good Ness, what is the problem? Do I need to post videos? OH yeah, they just released him for no reason.. There are options, and we don't know everything....Move on
  5. I had assumed we were talking about that.. when Dumervil was mentioned. Has he signed anywhere?
  6. Ozzie could replace Orr with Zach Brown and his price is coming cheaper since he been on the market for so long. We also have ZDS...
  7. Constantly pushed back into Joe.... Hence the statement, "“… His toughness and accountability made him a popular teammate, but Zuttah struggled at times, especially against big nose tackles.”
  8. Others would have rather us "just release him." SMH
  9. Tampa didn't release him. We traded for him lol Point was they let him go.. He couldn't have been that valuable to them either
  10. We will have Yanda,Stanley, and Lewis at least. That line neeeds to get better anyway. Urschel was our stand in for Zuttah.
  11. There was a reason that Tampa released him to begin with. Very often he was pushed back into Joe. The guy wasn't that great of a Center to begin with.
  12. Why Yes, Yes I did. Of course.
  13. I think we're discounting Tavon Young way too fast. That guy played pretty damned well for a rookie this year. Come on, give the kid a break. And moving Webby to Safety was the right move. Gave us two very talented guys in the "outfield".
  14. Yes, they were.... I was at that game.... Sunday night... National TV
  15. BW... We are sooooo happy that you are staying in Baltimore... #RavenforLife