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      After careful consideration, we have decided that we will sunset our message boards after this year's NFL Draft. Since we opened our boards a decade ago, the digital landscape has greatly evolved. While we understand there remains a smaller group of highly-engaged fans who participate in conversation in our forums, a significant amount of the dialogue about our team and our games has migrated away to other social media platforms over the past several years. Our message boards will remain up and running through Friday, May 5th, and will be removed on May 6th. We recognize that this change may upset avid members of our community. However, we look to utilize our time and resources to focus on how we can best connect with our fans across an array of digital/social outlets. If you are not already engaging us and other members of the Ravens Flock on our Facebook page, Instagram account, through Twitter or Snapchat, we invite you to follow us on those channels and continue to participate in our social communities. In addition, the commenting feature on our website articles will remain intact. Members will be able to continue using their boards account to log in and share their thoughts at the bottom of every news story. We’d like to thank all the Flock members and our moderators who have brought thoughtful conversation to this space and made our community great for the last 10 years. Ravens Social Media Hub »


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  1. Man, sucks that the board is closing! I came here in 07 after Steeler trolls pretty much got the NFL forums on AOL shut down. There was a small but very lively group there. Shout out to thefranchise flynismo h8r and all the rest of the old heads on here
  2. #1 reason that the Ravens didn't make the playoffs- They did not win enough games.
  3. Metallica just announced their US Stadium Tour They are kicking the tour at M&T on May 10 w/ Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat Its gonna be awesome! anyone else going?
  4. Dude legitimately has like 1 playoff TD pass. Look it up. It's like one or two maybe. Dalton is a joke.
  5. So, what you're saying is that when you score more points than you allow, you win? Interesting theory
  6. I'm reading a lot of excuses here. I've been a HUGE fan of Joe from day 1 when they drafted him...I live in DE and saw him play at UofD many times. However, it is what it is. Flacco had a bad season. There's no two ways around it. Sure, other players could have played better, but to suggest that none of it is directly on him is a bit of a stretch. I'd argue that it's mostly on him. He has to get better. For every instance that you mentioned a receiver dropping a pass, I can tell you at least one instance where he didn't see a guy wide open down the sideline, and threw a check down to Pitta or Juice. Is it all on Joe? Ofcourse not. But it shouldn't be taboo to just call a spade either.
  7. I read an article on BR earlier which made me think. Most of us are of the assumption that the Ravens we underachievers this season. That they didn't play to the level that they are capable of given the current makeup of the roster, opponents ect.. But what if 8-8 was actually better than they should have done? I mean, they lost to the JETS for petes sake! They almost blew one against the Jags and Eagles..then there was the time when they were down 20-2 to the Browns before winning by less than a touchdown. If they those three... which COULD have happened, it's a 5-11 record. The flip side is that you could argue that the losses to NYJ, NYG, Skins, Raiders, and the second steelere game should have been wins. By that measure, it's an 11-5 record. I cant really speak to the week 17 loss vs Cindy because the team just didn't even attempt to win that game, they were done. Had they beaten Pittsburgh and with the division on the line, they may have forth at least an effort. That said, what do you think? Is this a below average team who eeked out a few more wins than it should have? Or is it a slightly above average team that just is a fe peices here and there from contending again? My my opinion is that they have regress to being just another team at this point. They aren't bad...really the only team that dominated them was the Patriots (regardless of how close the score was) but they aren't good either. The Ravens of 08-12 would have lost one..maybe two of those "should have won games" Are they a few players away talent wise? Partially. The results may have been different had the current players executed as well.
  8. I can see us backing in as a wild card, winning the first game convincingly, everybody starts talking about January Joe ect...then having a meltdown the following week in a very winnable game. Then we pick in the 20's in the draft, trade out of the first round to pick two very average, non deecript players in the 2nd round..one will earn a big contract in FA in his last season here..the second will show brief flashes of potential, but will ultimately vanish from the lineup after work ethic issues land him in harbaughs infamous dog house.
  9. Well at least we made it a game
  10. It's over. they will get the 1st and ice it
  11. So much wasted time
  12. Flacco wasting too much time. Wallace down...Perriman you're up dude
  13. Come on, we have to go down field now.