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  1. Joe's contract has always been a sore spot to SOME fans , but not me, do I wish it could have been a smaller number, for cap reasons yes, but Joe is better than what any other QB we could get at this point, Those who think Joe is not the answer, look at- Philly, Washington, Minnesota, Chicago, San Fran, Rams, Arizona, Miami, Buffalo, Jets, Jax, Houston, Cleveland, Bengals, Denver, KC, San Diego.. Now tell me do you really want to get rid of Joe? I would like to Draft a QB, but this team needs a lot of youth in other areas first.
  2. Oh I get the jest of what you are trying to say, I just believe you are taking these Fan boards way to seriously. These articles and comment sections are for the Fans to voice their opinion , and I think all fans know (we are an educated fan base) that the Ravens FO, nor the coaching staff is hanging out here trying to get info, so , enjoy the hyperbole that is fandom. And remember this is just a game, every team has good and bad years, but as a FAN you never stop supporting your team , no matter what...
  3. I think maybe Oz should make everyone leave the room except for Eric Decosta , and let ED pick the 1st round....
  4. 1. The reason I specifically said 2019 is because until then, the cost of letting Joe go exceeds the cost of him being here until then. So while I suppose they "could" release him, they'd have a cap figure that would grow by $4M just to let him go vs him staying, so it would be financially beneficial to keep him. 2. Neither of those teams you referenced are comparable, particularly given that Joe was better than both of those QBs significantly in 2016, and neither of those deals had the guaranteed money that his does. I think being a diehard fan , going to games, buying expensive ravens gear, watching games is exactly the type of fans that the Ravens front office cares about. This is a comment section. I will and I encourage all fans to voice their opinions , I think especially after Spending thousands of dollars per seasons we have the right......SMH
  5. P-Dawg this post is hard to read, and lacks valid points . It wouldn't hurt if you used a comma or two....
  6. I love B-Will , but we have some depth at his position , and we need help at so many other areas , just doesn't make sense to FT him...
  7. The Ravens have enough to worry about (how to get past 8-8) than to care if Cleveland picks up a backup QB(Taylor) the Ravens FO should know this is one of the most Critical off-season's we have here in like forever. Oz and company needs to get this Draft right this year. this could be the year where it may benefit us to trade up and get a star rather to trade back to get role players...
  8. He can be a very good No 2 IMHO ,B Perlman needs improvement in Route running, catching the ball more consistently , toughness in the middle of the field, and Becoming Joes go to guy, This is a lot to ask from a guy who cant stay healthy, and is already in year three of his rookie contract, so becoming our number - 1- not likely...
  9. Really?? That is what most people said when we hired him. Who is that? we can't win with this guy because I've never heard of him! Yet the man has come in and won a boatload of games and a Super Bowl. SMH Biggmack is 100% correct , This is not coaching changes, it is blowing smoke up the fans backside, the only hope we have is that G Romans can impose his will and take control of the OC job, Morningwig is just plain awful, his late game ineptness nearly cost us 2 games in which we were clearly in control of. Morningwig is Cam Cameron all over again, soooo tired of wimpy herbaugh hiring his cronies, every fan knows the last Super Bowl we won was RAY's Super Bowl not herbaughs, I hope I am wrong , but without a miracle just can't see past 8-8 again this year.......
  10. Gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I think Mink has a brocrush..
  12. Either one of the Florida CBs (Tabor or Wilson) My preference if we can trade up is D Cook, or Corey Davis(Big and fast)
  13. I would still rather see Ravens make a run at T Pryor, Physically talented (still a little raw) big WR that could shine for several years