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  1. Just take A Kamara in the 2nd Rnd and that will be all we need at RB
  2. I am pretty sure we are going to trade a 4th, 5th, and 6th to Seattle so we can bring Arthur Brown back. And he will be able to fill in for Orr, Guy and Elvis. That's what is so great about Art. He is so versatile. He should be an instant upgrade over B. Urban, B. Kafusi, K. Correa, Matt Judon, Z. Smith and Albert McClellan. And he is most definitely going to be better than any of the rookies that we take in the draft. Its always nice to be able to give the rookies a redshirt year so they can get acclimated to the speed of the game. Trading for ARTHUR BROWN Now that's just plain Cray cray!!!!!!!!!!
  3. B Carr is solid , he is a GIANT upgrade to , Wright, Arrington, or whomever we have tried at CB opposite Jimmy Smith, (not including Tavon he is more of a true nickel) all the Debbie downers you don't know what your talking about... Look at his stats from KC , pretty good pickup OZ
  4. Love what Ravens FO has done so far in Free Agency, c-mon down Zack Brown!!!!!!!
  5. Trade No. 16 to Houston (they need a QB) we get no. 25 and No 89 in the 3rd, That will give us 79,89, and 99 in the 3rd rnd, we draft Hasaan Reddick at number 25... we use one of the third rounders to draft Sid Jones and let him recover for this year....
  6. Agree , Z Brown would be a good fit at an attractive price, We have so many needs I doubt WR will be our first pick. Mangold would be a nice piece, but the surprise may be Boldin.....
  7. Zuttah was just horrible, the eye test on JZ we could see blown calls and just terrible angles he took , hope he has success for different team, but I think Urshel could be better and a lot cheaper...
  8. Just a thought , trade back 5 or 6 spots get an extra 3rd, draft Hasaan Reddick in the first, take S Jones with the extra 3rd he can set and rehabilitate for this year
  9. Great Story, instantly becomes a fan favorite...
  10. Pass rusher is key. DB's are only as good as the pass rush. Of course there are exceptions with a specially talented DB but they're few and far between. We need to find a way to draft Hasaan Reddick in the 2nd round, he is Z Orr with more upside
  11. Don't underestimate B Will, he is a difference maker , not just a gap filler, there is a HUGE difference between Brandon and Pierce, we are lucky to retain B-Will....
  12. Would love S. Jones (CB) or C.Davis(WR) But really hoping to land H Reddick in the second even if we have to move up a little (THis guy is the 2nd K Mack)
  13. See Ya fellow fans , I enjoyed our time discussing our Ravens. Yes I have complained , Yes I have thought I should be the coach and GM, Yes this board was just for enjoyment, but remember I will always Ride with My RAVENS ,,Win or Lose they are the best franchise in all of Pro Sports... God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Good Luck to my man Elvis "Doom" Dumervil , Elvis was a complete Beast at my Alma Matter University of Louisville and also be came a Great Raven.. I for one am sad to see him go, but I completely understand and agree that this is the right move for the Ravens..... It may be Haason Reddick time at the 16th pick ( he could be the next Khalil Mack)