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  1. 1.Corey Davis, WR 2.Derek Barnett, DE 3.Takkarist McKinley, DE 4.Gareon Conley, CB 5.Kevin King, CB 6.Quincy Wilson, CB 7.Rasul Douglas, CB 8.Howard Wilson, CB 9.Cordrea Tankersley, CB 10.Damontae Kazee, CB 11.Cooper Kupp, WR 12.Zay Jones, WR 13.Josh Raynolds, WR 14.Malachi Dupree, WR 15.Jordan Willis, DE 16.Taylor Moton. OL 17.Nico Siragusa, OL 18.Will Holden, OL 19.Justin Senior, OL 20.Chad Wheeler, OL 21.Isaiah Ford, WR 22.Ryan Switzer, WR 23.Tarell Basham, DE 24.Dawuane Smoot, DE 25.Keionta Davis, DE 26.Deion Adams, OLB 27.Ben Gedeon, ILB 28.Anthony Walker, ILB 29.Elijah Lee, ILB 30.Jon Toth, C 31.Kyle Fuller, C 32.Channing Stribling, CB
  2. I respectfully disagree on.. basically every point 1. I don´t think people here think Orr was an all-Pro worthy ILB but rather an overachiever, which of course made of him a fans´ favourite. 2. After the suspension of Ngata (and later on his departure) he should´ve taken over the DT spot but didn´t do well enough despite his snaps count increased from 28, to 50, to 60%. Way too inconsistent to be worth 6M/y in a team like ours (where that´s the money you can pay for a very solid DB, look at Weddle with 3.5M or Jeff with 5.5M). Sure, someone else with an insane cap space would pay him that and even more but with the cap increasing and the 3rd round comps netting something above 10M/y I´d rather say there´s "no way in hell we would have gotten anything MORE than a fourth rounder from Jernigan". You can make a case for us re-signing him next year but as I wrote in the specific Timmy thread we underestimate the amount of informations we fans aren´t given about our own players. He failed one drug test prior the combine, had some injuries (albeit not too manies) throughout these years. FO has a better take on the probabilities of him getting hurt or suspended soon. Only 2017 season will tell about this point. 3. When making such a statement make sure your point is backed up by the stats. Both Timmy and Brandon played exactly 60% of the defensive snaps. At this point the question is: do you play the inconsistent pass-rusher or the main reason the Ravens have been a top 5 run stopping D in the last years? We all know how tough it was for our passing game. Letting Williams go would´ve meant putting question marks on what we used to excel, too. To me, the choice is a no brainer. BTW the best pass-rushers on each roster barely played more than 80% of the team snaps (you even have Wake, Sheards and others sitting on the 50-55% mark). 4. I had the same feeling about the return, at first. However, look at what players will possibly slide to the early 3rd this year. It´s basically like having a 2nd last year (depth wise). Sure, having one more pick is a better value but the Eagles are getting a player who´s hitting the last year of his rookie contract. It´s like they´re taking a gamble on a 1-year prove it deal. If he underachieves or something happens they just let him walk in 2018. They didn´t pay much because Jernigan, at this point of his career especially, is by no mean a guarantee. We´ll again have to wait for the end of 2018 to tell whether our future #74 is worth the deal.
  3. 16.Carl Lawson/Derek Barnett 47.Kevin King 74.Cooper Kupp 78.Ahkello Witherspoon/Rasul Douglas With so much talent at CB it would be great to double dip in day 2 in order to have a great starter and some quality insurance. I don't think Kupp and Witherspoon will be there when we pick but it's not a crazy unrealistic scenario.
  4. With apparently no ILB2 on the roster taking over for Orr who would play some great zone defense on passing downs I fear a TE like Howard and Njoku will give us troubles through the middle. Other than this I would certainly hate my favourite guys going to our rivals.
  5. The next DROY will be a day 2 CB. After numerous balanced drafts, Ravens will draft a record low 2 offensive players.
  6. I watched the video on YouTube telling about the promise he made to his grandmother. I really liked him as a prospect before and, for as much as one video might tell about a man's personality, I can't help but feel even greater simpathy. With Conley, Wilson, Takk and Laws still on board I would poop my pants about pulling the trigger. Always talking about characters, I just watched Auburn pro day shortcut. Love the way my boy listens to the coach and looks willing to be taught.
  7. Obliterated is probably over exaggerating it but yes, I've just re-watched the tape and S.Lawson put up 6-7 pressure and a few sacks against Ronnie (idk why I wrote Tunsil in the precedent post. I need to get sober come draft day). While the DE won his battle (and definitely caught my attention thanks to his hands work and a few nice set up spins) you can see he really lacks motor, has no counter moves, is not a bender and is definitely not worth a top 10 pick.
  8. We just can't get a game where two prospects face each others and claim the one having the better day is the better prospect. If it was that easy then Shaq Lawson would be hands down more valuable than Tunsil since the guy obliterated our LT one year ago. I got fooled by such a 1 on 1 match up and made a big deal off it. I think we have to evaluate the prospects' traits more than the singolar performance.
  9. Yeah I also see a good awarness for the position and how well he tracks the ball. Initial separation might be an issue on the short routes but as long as you keep him running fades and comebacks he's going to demand attention. As route runners for intermediate routes I prefere Kupp and Ford, hands down.
  10. I think BK is more of a gap disruptor as he likes to knife through B often with a swim move but ends up often playing a little too high pads and gets moved too easily against the run or on trap blocks. Let's say Charlton has a much higher floor and is definitely more of a complete player despite not possessing a big arsenal as a pass rusher. I think what makes Kaufusi that interesting is the potential for a 3rd rounder.
  11. I would like every bit of it. I don't see Feeney getting to us in the second with many teams that will probably overdraft offensive linemen (Colts, Seattle, Denver, Miami and the Giants in the first) when there's just a handful of prospects worth a top 50 pick. I'd personally prefere Switzer, Dupree, Reynolds and Henderson to Steward (if they're still available) but I'd really like the general outcome. Charlton looks to be a very solid pick and the most important needs may be so addressed. Have no idea of who Kirsch is so I'm going to give a look at him but with our history in finding a good late round OT I wouldn't be too surprised if we waited till day 3 to ads some competition on the right side.
  12. Oh no worry. Not going to take it bad even if it was personal. I had watched only edge rushers tapes last winter and didn't dig into CB until january. I didn't find many tapes on Jones at the time so I couldn't rank him anywhere and of course never gave my opinion about him. As with Lattimore and Conley, I literally started to look at them as soon as the Lattimore hype spread. I always try to watch tapes without any sort of bias (see my opinion on Wilson, Lawson who I think none here would like at 16). Thus you'll see thatl my like for Conley is sincere and not conditioned by other events
  13. Exactly. What I really like about him is that he's a pretty complete player and is a good fit in either zone or press man duties. He's not the amazing athlet that Lattimore is but is more physical and is less subject to quick routes separation and doesn't have an injury history (bot that I know at least). He'd be a great value at 16 imo.
  14. My fav picks at 16 (in order): Lawson, Conley, M.Williams (who just shouldn't be available but I throw him in there since some mocks have him falling to our range), Q.Wilson, T. Williams. Least fav picks: Ross, McDowell, Cook, Robinson
  15. I did and he sounded a tad more interested to what Voch had to say than to those Combine questions. Sure, the tone was very confidential and informal as Voxh talked to him as a fan rather than a possible employer, but this kind of spelled that picture I had of him being very coy. One thing I would like to see more often tho is players being a little more self aware of which area of their game they must improve the most. McDowell answered 'I really don't know man' when asked about why lots of media poundits are sleeping on him. Well, I would have some ideas. Not abig deal anyways, and as Rmw says this is the slowest moment of the pre draft process.. I won't try to read too much into this stuff