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  1. I was half way ok when it was Claiborne but this is just annoying.Brandon Carr is not a good player.Brandon Marshall wouldve given us WAY more bang for our buck with that 5 mill a year.Marshall,Wallace,Perriman and Pitta wouldve won alot more games for us than Jimmy Smith,Carr,Weddle and Jefferson will.We had the 17th ranked offense in yards per game and 21st ranked offense in scoring WITH Wagner and Smitty.Why is the front office piling all of our resources into one side of the ball????
  2. Your just looking at our team through non purple lenses.
  3. This is exactly what I've been worrying about.Alot of ravens fans keep saying cornback is our biggest need,I see alot of fans say pass rusher is our biggest need and the front office let two of our best o lineman walk in consecutive years.I'm starting to wonder if any one in Baltimore remembers that theres two sides to the ball.Our offense was the weakest part of our team last year and our offensive line was the weakest group of the team.Yet we still let one of the best players on the group walk in favor of the defense.The line,rb crew,te crew and wr crew all look anemic at the moment.Unless the defense looks like seattles or denvers from a few years ago and can carry the team or we have a few unexpected breakout stars on offense,I'm not expecting a playoff berth.
  4. And now the refs blatantly rob the Texans and give the Raiders another win.Im done with football.DONE!

  5. The Ravens have lost alot of games this year and as a die hard fan I've taken all of them on the chin without excuses,but yesterday was different.Yesterday was the first time of all the losses I felt like the refs were actively influencing the game.It kindve felt like the Ravens were supposed to lose with the amount of iffy calls and non calls that went against us.And to be clear again,I'm not even the type of football fan that even cries refs after games.
  6. We won the head to head so the steelers actually are one and a half games behind us.
  7. PFF is hilarious.They gave Josh McCown a higher rating than Flacco for last Thursday nights game lol.I realize Flacco had about 4 What the heck? moments but I cant take your ratings seriously if you think McCown outplayed Flacco.

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    2. HomeoftheBRAVENS


      And for the record Im not a "Flacco apologist".Ive always been a fanboy of his,but Ive had moments this year when the thought of the ravens needing to draft a new QB has crossed my mind.

    3. ALPHA


      Flacco had a bad first half so that probably erased whatever "ratings" they gave him in the second. They usually make good points but its subjective so who really cares?

    4. Ravenseconbeast


      Don't let you homerism fool you.   You must have completely wiped out the memory of how Flacco played in 1st half.

  8. If I wasn't a ravens fan I'd probably be thinking it wasn't really a catch but I'm glad for him that it was.He needs to work on those hands though.He's had some ugly drops.He dropped a wide open one last night and that almost wasn't a TD.If he can find his way in the second half of this season,that would be the breakthrough this offense needs to get over this slump....Well that along with our o line staying healthy.
  9. Obviously his knee brace got caught in the turf...oh no what if his knee brace getting caught in the turf reinjured his surgically repaired knee...Mallet better not come in here and outperform Flacco in this offense...I wonder what type of draft position we'll get if this is it for his season...Steve Smith can't go out with another season like this...Also Weedle deserves to atleast see the playoffs too...I wonder if Weedle is regretting picking Baltimore over Oakland now...NO NO NO I can't sit through another year of tanking.......OH GOOD GOD HE'S RUNNING BACK OUT ONTO THE FIELD!!!!!
  10. Playing QB for the patriots is so easy.Good protection.Guys running wide open for TDs and making plays.When will it be our turns?

    1. AsianRice


      when the Sun rises in the West....

  11. I actually agree with pff for once(I usually hate their opinions),Webb hasn't been great but he hasn't been horrid either.So far he's been just good enough at safety.
  12. Mission number one next offseason needs to be getting Joe back to playing good football again.I know he's not elite but he's better than what we've seen from him in these past two seasons.And he's def better than what we've seen this season.Whatever it is that we had before when he used to play good,we need to get for him again!

  13. The thread title should be changed to "When will Breshad Perriman step up".His dropped deep ball and mis step on the non game winning touchdown lost us that game and is the reason a coach got fired.It was impressive that he got behind the DB on that deep play and managed to create separation and be in position to make that catch vs one of/if not the best CB in the league on the non TD,but I'm tired having to look on the bright side at the potential of guys.Outside of 2010,12 and 14 we always seem to go into the season with guys who have potential at WR.It gets nauseating after a while.Especially when we have to look at how pit finds recievers effortlessly in the mid rounds.Their 4th or 5th round guy is outplaying the guy we drafted in the first round of the same draft.?
  14. I think the front office should start considering a trade for Leary.Before he got benched he was a quality guard and he has a reasonable cap number.
  15. I haven't rewatched that game again(mainly because I'm no rush to rewatch that infuriating loss),but I think Mack was chipped on the sack that he beat Wagner on.It didn't slow him down much.If it wasn't on that play then it was on one of the plays where Joe was hit or sack.