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  1. Very nice and you seem to have your stuff together , good for you . Hopefully you will become a full time reporter for the Ravens !!!!!

  2. catch me in the tailgate lots this year representing Ravens24x7.com! Really excited to be a 'Ravens Chick':)

  3. I just want to say what a women

  4. If you were Ozzie who would you take at WR AKA the next Ravens Playmaker Boldin Marshall Calvin Johnson or someone you may have as a surprise.

  5. Its good to see a woman understand a lot about sports lol...And i wish you well with your career you are pursuing you'll be fine

  6. but whats in Boston? besides Brady!?

    1. karlej


      I live in Mass and I cant stand the pats or Brady

  7. My birthday. Clearly SOMEONE wasn't paying attention to my Facebook status updates a couple weeks ago. Even though I have 50 billion updates a day. lol j/k

  8. Nice to see another women on this board especially from westminster as i am. Go Ravens!!

  9. Hey Ravensgirl you are more than welcome to talk with me if you choose.I like the interaction with other fans.

  10. Checked out a few bleacherreport articles. I could see you being successful in your endeavour.