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  1. He'd have to be cut unless they get him to agree to a new deal before the trade. The site I normally use is down, but it looks like Barwin has a 7M salary this season so that full 7M goes to the new team if he's traded
  2. Not sure if it's been discussed, but how do people feel about Michael Floyd as a FA WR? He's pretty much played as well as Garcon/Britt since he's been in the league minus a very down 2016 season, but that down season and other issues will keep him very cheap and under the radar and durability has not been one of his issues. Admittedly, I've never actually watched him play. Just going off stats and posing a discussion piece
  3. You don't even need to cut Wallace. Pitta, Watson, Wright, Dumervil, K.Lewis, and Arrington get you 15.86M in cap space immediately. Right tackles typically average 7M or less (minus one extreme case) and DTs of Williams' one dimensional caliber (although strong at it) shouldn't cost more than a 10M average at worst honestly. If you consider how all Ravens new contracts have a low first year cap hit, both should be easy to sign. The reason these six players make the most sense is because they all have a replacement under contract right now and the team wouldn't need to scramble to find players. Maybe a FA CB if they don't like Canady and want to have numbers before drafting one or two. Wright and Pitta are the only ones that really played last season and who really thinks we'd crumble with Gillmore/Boyle/Waller and a rookie CB taking over their snaps? This way, IF it comes to it, you still have another almost 15M to open up from Webb, Wallace, and Zuttah. Problem is they DON'T have replacements already under contract
  4. No Problem. In all honesty, I primarily remember how bad he was in that AFC Championship game because I unfortunately know a few Steelers fans who wouldn't let me forget that game (or the 2010 one) until 2014. No exaggeration here. I've also had a debate on rookie QBs earlier this year with a Cowboys fan so I've recently researched the numbers. I was surprised (when I had the rookie QB debate) about the Titans game though after seeing the numbers. For some reason, I remember Joe being better in that one
  5. Okay so just to be clear, Joe's rookie playoff numbers were 44% in completions, 146 yards per game, 1 TD, and 3 INTs in three full games. In all honesty, you'd be hard pressed to find a rookie QB that had a worse playoff performance. Off the top of my head, I know Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, and Dak Prescott had better performances. These are my "I didn't double check" players Now, I'd also venture to guess Andy Dalton (sadly), Andrew Luck, and Mark Sanchez (he was clutch in the playoffs for NY from what I recall) were all better as rookies also. And after checking these out, I'd say they were better also. Sanchez can't really be argued. Luck and Dalton can to an extent, but not to me since both had higher completion percentages and yards per game. There 0 TD percentage does fall below Joe's .333% though so that's something. I'd venture to guess not many rookie QBs even make the playoffs, but I also doubt you'll see a performance as bad as Joe's for awhile.
  6. Not I. I'm a huge Flacco fan, but his first two playoff seasons were abysmal overall. Minus some good play in spot moments against the Titans, he was pure trash in the post season as a rookie. I give him a pass in 2009 due to that really bad hip bruising he had that reportedly kept him from even sitting on the team bus at one point, but I don't know how anybody can look at those five games and say he performed admirably when we've seen rookie QBs, both before and after 08, not look that bad in their first playoff games
  7. Really? The 2011 Ravens, imo at least, were a better team than the 2011 Giants. I know for some, not saying you, the logic might be "well they beat the team that beat us so they were better", but match-ups are a big thing in the NFL. For whatever reason, the Patriots struggle with The Giants. I can't see Eli and company even having the same little success they did against New England against Baltimore's defense that year. If I'm not mistaken, 2011 was the season the Ravens offense played 8-9 games against top 10 defenses, so they were battle tested (although failed a few, like Jacksonville) against better defenses than the Giants #25 ranked scoring defense
  8. I agree with this but execution is vital as well. Suggs and Doom in 2014 played so well even the fans thought Rashaan Melvin was a good CB up until Brady exposed him. Jimmy Smith played so well we all thought the rest of the secondary was playing well until he got injured. To be honest, after re-reading this, these examples can either be excuses for Pees (he's done well when he had talent) or excuses against him (he needs top end superstars to mask his bad schemes). I personally lead with the former as no DC is looking good without key personnel. Rex was a living legend at DC in Baltimore up until 07 when McAlister and Pryce got hurt with Adalius Thomas in New England. Even with Rolle, R.Lewis, Scott, Ngata, Suggs, and Reed (that lineup is ridiculous) all playing most of the season the defense was trash because the top two pass rushers from the previous year were gone (Thomas) or injured (Pryce), and the top CB was hobbled in games or just plain out (McAlister).
  9. And on the other side of that, is a pick a bust if unexpected injury derails or ruins their career? I've seen many posts about "Ozzie drafted a bust" all throughout 2015 because Perriman got hurt and in the past because of injuries that couldn't be predicted (see Kindle). Arthur Brown is an example of a bad draft pick. Kindle is more of an unfortunate one imo
  10. The most interesting thing about this, and something I've never thought about previously, is that Rice is the only 2nd round pick we've resigned. Sadly, that worked against the team since he only played one year under the new contract and it was a very bad year for him on the field
  11. I've always thought the revisionist history by Ravens fans in regards to Boldin was interesting. 104 yards and a TD in the superbowl is great for a WR, it's never been Superbowl MVP worthy. I used to think fans viewed his total playoff performance when saying he deserved MVP, but 380 yards and 4 TDs in 4 games as a WR doesn't hold a candle to 1140 yards, 11 TDs, and 0 INTs as a QB. Jacoby you could make a good argument for though, for the superbowl specifically. 290 all purpose yards and 2 TDs is crazy good
  12. Here's the thing, we haven't had the same receivers coach the whole time. These issues started a loooong time ago and Bobby Engram just got here in 2014. I can't figure out why our receivers never try to help their QB out minus a few who were probably taught this before they got here (Mason and SSS). The Packers flat out teach receivers to keep moving when their down their route if covered. We see the Steelers receivers do it all the time as Ben made a career of "backyard football". Our guys run their route......and then watch Joe to see what he does next while the corner stands next to them
  13. Steve Smith got injured in the first half of the season. Missed 4 games to let his injury heal. Jimmy Smith got injured with only 4 games to go. Do you really think any player is playing on an injured ankle to just impress fans? If Jimmy, and the coaches, were stupid enough to let him play, you'd have likely seen a performance worse than any you've ever seen of a CB because no CB can "tough it out" on a high ankle sprain. And 3 to 4 all pro's in the backfield is a stretch. Reed, McAlister......that's it. And McAlister missed 18 combined games in 07 and 08 and Samari still stayed on the defensive right side. Even as Fabian Washington lined up at the LCB against number ones in 08. I think in 07 our LCB position featured studs like Corey Ivy, Derrick Martin, and David Pittman. And no matter who it was, Samari stayed at RCB. Let your best lock down one side, and roll coverage to the other.
  14. 2011 Divisional round against Houston. They manhandled our o-line. Joe didn't light the world up, but I don't recall any turnovers and he had a solid 2 TDs. The Patriots game after featured a ton of pressure also as Wilfork abused Grubbs, Birk, and Yanda all first half. Can't say if either were or weren't at 60% though. I just remember thinking "wow, Joe is getting massacred out there"
  15. Sure, yes. How long was the Ravens offense off the field? I'm going to disagree. If your OC is calling up plays that have the QB throwing in 2 seconds, and WRs are getting open almost immediately, pressure won't bother QBs that much. Again, Ryan isn't scrambling or buying time. He's performing quick passes. If Ryan hikes the ball, is looking right the whole two seconds and throws, never seeing the defender on the left who would have sacked him at 3-4 seconds, did the pressure bother him?