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  1. I don't think Bell is as big a factor as he's made out to be. The Ravens success against the Steelers comes from the fact the team has been built to beat the Steelers, as well as the Patriots. Won't always happen, but the pieces were put in place for those two teams. The team is 6-3 against the Steelers since Bell was drafted. Keep in mind the horrible 2015 team that swept them and the 2014 playoff team that beat them with CBs not even good enough for the bargain bin (minus Webb I guess). in the four seasons before Bell, Baltimore was 5-4 against the Steelers. So Baltimore was still pretty successful against the Steelers. Pittsburgh has become too reliant on Bell, and that's what will stop them from truly outplaying the Ravens. RBs are rarely the x factor against Baltimore, no matter who it is. There are exceptions, but Bell clearly isn't one of them, not for the Ravens.
  2. I was close. Sunday at home against the Steelers instead of on the road, And the season ends vs Cincy. So close on all this lol
  3. As long as we don't end another season @ Cincinatti, I can't complain. I wonder if they'll give the team their request to not have that week 4 bye week. Then again, they'll probably honor the request and give the team a Thursday night road trip against Pittsburgh or Cincinatti instead.
  4. Thanks folks
  5. Quick question for anyone willing to answer. I'm the Ravens GM for a collaborative mock draft on another site, and I pick at 11:30. I'm really considering taking Ahkello Witherspoon. It's the first pick of the 3rd round and I'm not really a draft nut or college fan, so I don't have as much knowledge as others. Would that be a good pick spot for him? I've done some mild research in the last hour and so far think he has potential and won't need to be a day one starter. If anyone is curious, the first two picks went to TJ Watt and then Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster. I don't like either at those spots (personal preference), but wasn't available for either pick as I'm an accountant working in a tax office, so both were autopicked. I really don't want them autopicking any more for Baltimore, so I'm determined to be around for every other pick
  6. Brandon Williams didn't really help stop teams from averaging 136 rushing yards per game those last 4 weeks, but we still (over)paid him. Also, for all the focus on Jernigan's sack numbers, I think people are forgetting he was pretty good against the run. And so was Guy. As of right now, we've lost two very good run stoppers on the line AND lost two of the better pass rushers on the team (Jernigan and Dumervil). A lot if depending on young unknown guys from 4 different spots in the front 7 (OLB, ILB, and two D-lineman)
  7. It wouldn't have been two years, would have been next year. And a d-lineman that's pretty good against the run but can also rush the passer would have definitely netted a decent comp pick. Unless he gets injured, I can't imagine Jernigan not getting 10M a season when whatever teams signs him next year.
  8. 1M
  9. If we didn't give up the 99th pick, I'd agree with you. I fully hate the trade (but who am I, I guess)
  10. Hate it. It's his contract year. Watch him ball out for Philly. All for a swap of picks
  11. I agree. Mason did a lot more with less (he had Boller and Wright throwing him the ball and still eclipsed 1k yards) while never having a true threat opposite him. Smith Sr was just an animal considering his age. Boldin had the best WR opposite him in his time here among the 3 by far, and thus had less pressure. Mason did disappear in January though
  12. RSR. On an article written on 4/1/17. Completely credible and legitimate..........
  13. Oh I fully agree. Just using that as an example to say the cap hit wouldn't be crippling for a backup QB but pretty much all the stars, planets, and galaxies would need to align perfectly which isn't likely
  14. In all honesty, if the Ravens were stupid enough to cut/trade Joe with a post June 1 designation (if cut), they could manage it. Don't down vote me just yet lol. They could take the 6M in savings and not touch it, rolling it to next year to offset a little of that cap hit for Joe's dead money, bringing it down from 29M to 23M. That's huge, but we did just see the Cowboys take a 22M cap hit for Romo to ride the bench all season. Of course we'd need pretty good QB play from Mallet all season which seems laughable to imagine, we'd need an o-line that's the best in the NFL, we'd need to draft the best rookie class in history that all become day 1 starters, and then we'd need every starter to stay healthy all year........... That said, this would easily be the stupidest thing the Ravens front office has ever done without question and would cause me to do nothing but call for them all to be fired and Bischotti to sell the team due to pure incompetence. But in theory, there's a 1% chance it works out somehow
  15. The Falcons proved you always have to worry in the 4th quarter, even if you make a bunch of plays in the first 3. The 9ers almost taught the Ravens a similar lesson a few years back.