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  1. In all honesty, I see what the front office is doing and it's not a bad idea. They are basically doing the same thing Pittsburgh did, but opposite. The Steelers kept throwing talent on the offensive side while ignoring the defense. Now they are paying those players to retain them while focusing on defense. It lead to an AFC Championship appearance and three straight years of playoff appearances after missing two in a row (2012 and 2013). The Ravens have focused on defense, likely to combat that Steelers offense (which, if we're being honest, they've done better than most teams). As of now, the only defensive starters we have over the age of 28 are Weddle (32) and Carr (30). Possibly McClellan depending on who's the "starter" next to Mosely as of March 21st, 2017. The only backups over 28 is Levine (29). That's 4 total defensive players over the age of 28. They've built a young defense that can spend the next few years contending with, and limiting, those top AFC offenses like Pittsburgh, New England, and Oakland. Now, they can focus on offensive youth in the draft and add more going forward in free agency. And if they are really focused on regaining a power run game, then having the type of defense they just built could have this team once again looking like the 08 Ravens, but with a more a better and more experienced version of the rookie QB who made it to the Championship round on the back of the defense and run game. The more I've thought about it, the more I'll be surprised if WR is NOT the pick at 16. Maybe if all 3 are taken before hand. Davis has ridiculous potential, Williams is already pro-ready and could be a dominant intermediate threat, and Ross is looking like a less feisty and younger Steve Smith Sr. If all three are gone, I'd expect an edge rusher to round out the defense and a WR in the second (Zay Jones). Sorry for the long post but, to me, it looks like the front office is building something that's slowly coming to fruition. It'll come down to the finalized o-line imo
  2. Should have read this post first. Okay, as I already knew, the contract amount does factor. Didn't know there was a max of 32 comp picks though. That's interesting. That chart suggests that you may always be eligible for at least a 7th so long as there aren't 32 or more higher contracts above the player you lost. Maybe you do get something regardless (so long as it's within the 32)
  3. Yeah, those things definitely contribute to how high of a pick you get, with the highest being a 3rd rounder. I just can't remember if there's a floor or not. I don't think it's an automatic comp pick for losing a player, I believe they have to reach a specific set of qualifiers starting with contract amount. I'm just not positive on it
  4. Isn't there some sort of qualification on this also? The player must have x amount of time played and the contract must be x amount of money. If someone knows, please share that info.
  5. Orr won't count because he retired as opposed to went to another team. Same reason SSS won't count. The Cowboys dead money for Carr.......is actually a great question. I just noticed they have 2.7M allocated to dead cap for him, per "over the cap", and that honestly doesn't make sense to me EDIT: Grimm explained it.
  6. I see people still want a CB in the first round. I definitely want Davis/Williams in the first and then, as mentioned above, grabbing Jones in the 2nd or 3rd to stash for a year. The Cowboys were willing to spend a 2nd on Jaylon Smith and he'll help them this year. Grab Sidney Jones on day 2 and play him in 2018
  7. Hmm. I'd assume this signing takes CB off the first round target list, but I wonder if the Ravens will try and grab Sidney Jones in the second or early third as a "planning for the future" pick
  8. Everything going on, to me, looks like the Ravens are purely focused on the run. On both sides of the ball. We sign a great in the box safety and re-sign our NT, while letting the RT who was an excellent pass blocker go because he wasn't a strong run blocker. And now trading the center who go zero push in the run game. I'm going to guess that Jensen ends up the starting center because he's considered a "mauler". I know a lot of people remember that one play, but run blocking is pretty much his main strength.. My main question is RT. I really don't know much about Wesly or Nembot, and Alex Lewis is essentially Rick Wagner-lite if moved to RT, but way cheaper
  9. Curious about a few things. 1. How is your first issue with Flacco that he doesn't run out of the pocket? He's a pocket passer, not a scrambling QB (although he can and has). 2. "he just tries to bomb it down field on almost every pass" - Did you spend last season watching old games from the Cam Cameron era?? 3. How did you bring yourself to include Forsett in the 6 RBs comment while also mentioning that we "just" let him go (about half a year ago)
  10. It's very rare, but it happens. Dolphins traded Welker to Patriots. Eagles traded McNabb to Skins Steelers traded a future 3rd to Browns for their 4th to draft Shamarko Thomas. I'm sure there's more. But again, it's rare, but it happens. I don't know if this one would, but there's always a chance
  11. I would lose my mind if we got DeAndre Hopkins next year. It'd be such a fantastic signing I would lose my mind if this happened also, but for the opposite reason. This would be a huge blunder by the front office to trade the #16 pick for Malcolm Butler
  12. As a follow up, I just looked for that play and can't find it anywhere on video. So I'm not going to comment, or make guesses, as to how that play occured.
  13. It doesn't freaking matter as it doesn't change my point. You just found something to grab onto so you could do your usual "swoop in and drop a one-liner" posts. I don't care the position, I don't care the task, if a player isn't on the field for passing downs, in a passing league, then that player isn't worth almost 11M a season nor are they the best player on the field. Hell, I know you agree as you're not even arguing the point you jumped in on. You decided to pick and choose another area so you can......I don't know, feel good about yourself? Speaking of which: That's it? You're going to compare 4 seasons of each of their careers are justify it with a few playoff games? Amazing. You really will reach huh? But since you want to discuss: In Williams' career as a 3-4 NT (4 seasons), he has 5.5 total sacks including playoffs In Gregg's first 4 seasons as a 3-4 NT (to keep it even), he had 9.5 sacks. For the record, I'm also including the entire 2008 season THAT GREGG DIDN'T PLAY DUE TO INJURY. You can keep digging for ways to cherry pick things to prove your point since a fair comparison hurts your argument. Three seasons of Greg almost doubles 4 seasons of Williams. Four full seasons of Gregg actually does that. But to repeat the main point again, I'll list it in two easy points: 1. In a passing league, if a player only plays 60% of the snaps, for any reason, that player is not worth almost 11M per season, in my opinion (and clearly many others), nor can they be considered the best player on the team Side note, when I get home I'm going to look up that sack. I don't remember it so I want to see if Williams simply made a good play or if the QB ran into him trying to escape someone else (or he fell and go touched down). If it's anything but the former it'll be hilarious to me
  14. You keep saying this as if it changes my original point. The best player on your team simply can't be someone who's on the field 60% of the snaps, regardless of the reason. Is this a specific enough statement?? Good god man. Just because I point out that he comes off the field in passing situations (as a reason I don't like him being paid what he was paid or why I don't think he can be the best player on the team) doesn't equal not knowing what a 3-4 NT does. And for the record, as already pointed out, we've had two different players play the NT position in the Ravens 3-4 that didn't need to be pulled, but that's not part of the current point you jumped into.
  15. Well, clearly the Ravens will too. But when praising someone as being the best on the team, I remove anyone that has to be removed during obvious passing situations........in a passing league.