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  1. Post your thoughts here,
  2. We didn't get one.....
  3. I understand the being in the playoffs once in the last four years is blamed on Flacco BUT Flacco played half a season once and was rehabbing the trashed knee last year. I've posted this somewhere it takes 18 months to get over the whole knee thing, physically the player is ready but psychologically he may not be. I forget which home game last year Flacco trashed his knee brace because he went down funny in his slide and hobbled off the field to the tunnel to get it changed out and came out ready to play---as player that has to stick with you. The revolving door at OC impacts the entire offense and oh boy did it show. The stupid penalties killed the team as well as QB play. Personally I like Joe and I know he will never be Peyton or Tom, because franchise QB's of their caliber do not grow on trees or everyone would have one except maybe Cleveland.
  4. You and all my kids/young adults love that show when they grace us with their presence lol
  5. Posters in this huge thread please remember we are on a message board not an emoji/.gif board so please add some your wisdom to the thread. There are several posters that others feel are trolling The post of the gentleman above is a wise one to follow! Thanks people.
  6. Oh heck yes as well as my 70 something dad,lol
  7. 3 minutes ago, DaveinMtAiry said: You are going to be on preview for the first 15 posts as IM sure you read when you signed up. An ancient established community is Here on Scout an infusion of new blood is needed. Once you are approved there you can post to your hearts content
  8. Thank a Moderator or Flock member who reported abuse so we could get rid of the post and if needed put the offender on hiatus. There is a lot that goes on that quietly gets taken care of, one of the reasons new posters are on mod preview. Many teams that had message boards no longer do, I went and did my own checking Pittsburgh has everything but a MB, Cincinnati,Cleveland, Buffalo( they had one at the beginning of the 2016 season) Patriots, Jets have a bizarre social hub, Miami has links to fan sites,Indy and Tampa Bay do not have message boards Redskins, Giants, Falcons, Eagles, Jaguars, Cowboys, Texans, Panthers do have message boards but I'm not privy to what goes on behind the scenes or if they will continue, I just went through and clicked the links. BTW @K-Dog that was one I'd my best birthday presents ever -- that win ! My husband just walked by and asked I was reliving happier times lol!
  9. I am already on FB and MySpace before that to keep an eye on what my then kids were into lol FB is now a venue for me to swap pictures with my family and friends and not to have sites post on my behalf. I personally think tweets are stupid, especially trying to figure out what some people are trying to say. I have instagram but have never used it I signed up to see a friends pictures of her grandson. I love this site and have put many, many, many hours into this to place and am beyond sad to see it go. As someone previously said, I am a PSL holder for 3 seats that have gone up 19 buck per seat per game, so I do financially support the team.
  10. We were told that less then half the teams had message boards by the end of the season, it seems to be a dieing 'thing'. Where else can you go to someones employer and demand they be fired? I noticed last year the death of boards on sites like ESPN, which surprised me, IMBd which really surprised me, PFT has had several polls asking members if they want commenting first one in 2013 I think and a bunch of news sites have gotten rid of commenting/ boards because of the keyboard bullies and negativity. Admin 3 is on the Ravens staff the moderators are volunteers.
  11. Admin 3 is our big boss when it comes to the digital media team.
  12. Since we got an extension I am parking this here in Off Topic.
  13. I've been here since April of 2007, but we had regular SNs
  14. Guys the rules still matter here so please watch the measuring stick comments lol
  15. We do a gameday thread on Scout and it has everything but the pool lol It's an old place that this place killed, plus it used to have subscribers which are no more
  16. Putting this out there if y'all want to migrate your draft stuff to an older board with a core of established posters but could use an infusion of new blood feel free to check Scout out. It's free to join mod 3 and I are over there and the is a draft Forum that is yours for the taking.
  17. I wish we could
  18. Ok people if you come across something not working for you please put it in this thread and I will pass it on. No banter please so we don't have to wade through it. Thanks
  19. We get enough people back to Scout we will appoint forum mods for Off Topic, Fantasy and Mock drafts, we will also have a game thread forum if the interest is there . This place killed Scout so we thought it only right to put this out there
  20. Go for it!
  21. Anyone that wants a new home we have a place old forum that lost their publisher, kick the wheels and give it a try
  22. It is and I have a home for y'all if you want it Here This place needs new blood badly you make have an entire subforum and a mod out of this group
  23. Old wives tale :Thunder in Winter.Snow in 7 Days.This week we won't be looking, rather, we'll be listening for the sound of thunder in the sky. As the saying alleges, roughly 7 days after a thunderstorm, snow will be falling. FROM the Old Farmers Almanac For every thunder with rain in February, there will be a cold spell in May. Thunder in September brings plenty of snow in February. Thunder in spring, Cold will bring.
  24. Some of the buses RV on the tailgate lots are impressive. My family has joked since 1999 getting a 'dirt yacht' and let me sleep in it the Saturday before a game since I am a royal not nice person to get going in the morning. I hate following RV going to the OBX, but in the all in one you can move around somewhat in traffic and don't have to stop for the 'conviences', but you are stuck taking your living quarters with you.
  25. I've been following that mess in California with all the rain and the sheer damage at Lake Oroville to the spillway and displacing all those people. I then came across this Lake Berryessa and the morning glory hole Which is beyond cool. For some reason Dams and their towers be it Liberty, Patuxant or Conawingo, fascinate and scare me all the same. I had a friend sucked up in an intake and killed in 1990 or '91 while working as a diver. Water can be the most beautiful and destructive force of nature.