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  1. No but I shall ask and I do know that want to 'keep it classy' which is why we have been moving stuff to OT here.
  2. Guys I moved your posts here so the original thread doesn't hijacked per higher ups request.
  3. You are correct about contact us. Guys we are trying to keep it classy here so your posts you don't see will be in Off Topic, Thanks.
  4. My husband is a Saint during football season, Mod 3 will vouch for it. We have a hard fast rule, my family's tolerant from August to February BUT after the Superbowl my potty mouth goes away along with the kids and my husband coming down to leave for work and I'm at the computer. Usually the kids would get check for lunch and I made sure everything was signed in the back packs, then I'd go upstairs and crash until 1300, shower and pick the kids up from school. Prior to 2003 when I still worked part time it was UGLY, really ugly. We have a huge spread because I used to have a house full of friends and neighbors but that's down to a small amt of people, but still make a lot of food and my 'kids' are four boys from 30 to 6, so it ALL goes. I tend to throw stuff, so I was not allowed to be on line except half time until I got a tablet lol My 21 yo was six weeks old when the team arrived, so he is quite the fan, when he was little, 7 or 8 my brother sat him with them and he smacked talked Eagle fans up until they left, they thought he was funny, I'm not sure if y'all remember after Superbowl XXXV, there were Kiosks set up and people selling their wares, my husband would stop after work because he was a huge collector of everything Ravens, especially pins and tee-shirts I still have some I've never worn. It was getting to be March and this one guy wanted to pack up and go home. He had 20 plus shirts and sold them to my husband for a buck a piece, my son lived in Ravens shirts for 3 or four years And I had the school call and wanted to know if we washed his shirt every night. I was so embarassed, but this came under the heading of pick your battles lol He still wears team stuff and has been known to 'borrow' my stuff until he out grew it lol
  5. More UFO sightings around the ISS I love the U.K. Papers! The article discusses cylinders and cloaked ships so I guess they are Romulens and not the Cylons.
  6. Not happening.
  7. I'm a creature of habit and there really is nothing I have to watch on TV since they cancelled Boston Legal and CSI:Miami, so I watch all the games as I'm complaining about TNF and how it sucks for the players and fans, so it makes me a tad bit of a hypocrite. I lost a season due to being critically ill and don't remember 2014 that well so from the illness in the Spring, so it's all precious to me. My husband and I set a dollar amount after the first big raise and we are a dollar from it, so we have a decision make in the next year or two. When 3 seats are half our primary age kids private school it's costly.
  8. The thread with the alt sites is in Off Topic where it belongs until after the Draft. One thread started by a user.
  9. Post your thoughts here,
  10. I thought the same until Darklight, Grapple or Mod 3 pointed it out to me .
  11. It shouldn't be try it from home.
  12. Surviving the death of a child is the hardest thing any parent will ever go through WBAL Link. Prayers and healing energy to the family.
  13. Same Game 2008-- Another "Fun" Thread October 2008: troy an flacco i have sat here for a few minutes and thought of flacco vs troy and i came up with maybe the reasoun troy hasnt played like in college cause he didnt have a chance like flacco i know troy played last games of year but i mean tell the truth would you rather play the last few games or be the the number 1 qb to play all year i think we should play troy a few games and thats the realy way to decide who gets the job cause preseasoun and regular seasoun are diffrent and those that love flacco i just want to know why do you praise him and who says troy can be like mcnnab just some thoghts A response in this thread joe flacco is the starter untill they lose enough games where the coaching staff see's the season slipping away. Troy is 3rd string untill he gets back in the loop. my guess is that once troy makes it to 2nd string the lumbering giant(joe flacco) will be 1 of 3 things!! to beat up to play or just too stinky to play or playing like a star. Troy only signed a 1 YEAR deal this year(will be a free agent) and if he's not the starter on the ravens he will go somewhere else joe flacco is the starter untill they lose enough games where the coaching staff see's the season slipping away. Troy is 3rd string untill he gets back in the loop. my guess is that once troy makes it to 2nd string the lumbering giant(joe flacco) will be 1 of 3 things!! to beat up to play or just too stinky to play or playing like a star. Troy only signed a 1 YEAR deal this year(will be a free agent) and if he's not the starter on the ravens he will go somewhere else this is my guess. anyway you slice it the ravens need to win today vs the colts its a must win no matter who playing quarterback so lets hear it for the BIG D we need them to limit manning to the least amount of yards in the air . the colts dont have a good running game and joe flacco needs to step up in the RED ZONE LETS GO RAVENS WE NEED TO RATTLE MANNING TODAY WITH AS MANY SACKS AS IT TAKES TO WIN ---—————-Same game another during the game thread Nice Deep Bomp Harrision Lets See A Few More dont you just love it when the colts do that i do and the ravens can go deep like that too not ok so the colts went deep to bad we cant if they can on our deffense shouldnt we take some down field on theirs oh now lets run get stuff then punt on 4th will win that way and while where doing that there going deep evrytime they get the ball we will win this way Another reply:——-- What did I just read? ------- OP's answer to the above that we $uck and is going to loss aigan cause we have no offense see you need offense to win too not just deffense i bet we dont even score a td this game watch unless we run cause no way on this earth were scoring a passing touchdown ------Another reply: Use periods man it's hard to read ------OP's answer to the above oh stop trieng to change the subject the point of this thread is we $uck and is going to loss face it and dont change the subject (Since this was going on during the game it was locked and consigned to the trash lol)
  14. This is why we close Ravens Talk during the game, the year this was from was 2008 and the team made it to the AFCCG, these are from an away game in Indy. Thread title: I told you so(2008) This is what you guys supported: 2 TDs 6 INT 30493824 fumbles The Wheels have fallen off. Well - we have finally hit that point 5 games in. The wheels have fallen off this bus. We have NO offense. - Too many rookie mistakes by Flaco. - Willis is running bad this year - period. 14 rushing yards! -Our O-line no longer looks dominating - they are getting punched in the mouth & don;t seem to care. - Too many fumbles, picks, etc on offense. - Receivers can't get open to save there lives - why (the receivers themselves, receiving coaches, game plan - what is it?) -Only 3 1st downs in the half! Defense: -Only Ray Lewis is playing today! -C-mac looks sooooo bad! -They don't know how to tackle! (stop going for the BIG hit & try wrapping guys up) Special Teams: -The only positive is Sam Koch! -No Blocking -Figures sucks right now - he runs into guys & makes horrible decisions. We started the 1st half at the 14 yard line - terrible!!! Coaches: -What type of offense has Cameron put in here? This sucks! -Ryan obviously did not plan well for the Payton & the colt offense. -Rosburg - well I don;t have any idea if he even has special teams practicing. He has even messed Stover up by changing the way he wants him to kick. Harbs - needs to kick some people in the a$$ to make them actually play like they are pros. Right now this teams looks ridiculously sloppy. I have seen the o lone run into each other. DB's seem confused. Special team not even showing up. Time for Harb's to take a hold of players & coaches & get them to actually play! I guess we are what all the experts said we are - we just got 2 wins from bad teams. Probably time to not care about wins & loses - just enjoy football & any positives we might be able to get out of it. Is This Real Game Or Am I In A Nightmare ( same game 2008) the topic says it all how can you win anything win have no offense at all every elit team has offense and deffense from the looks of this game we have niether
  15. So you guys wanted some 'dirt', I decided to sanitize some. Anyone remember CBS and the Most Fierest Mascot contest? I pulled the links because they don't work. Poe beat the entire NFL and the funny thing is he was up against Chief Z of Redskins fame, they had a "war room" on Extreme Skins and one guy wrote a script so every vote for Poe was 2 votes for Chief Z, but he did it backwards for every vote for Chief Z gave two votes for Poe. CBS brushed that mess under the carpet so fast it if you blinked you never knew there was a contest. Posted June 3, 2008 is running a competition to determine the Most Fierce NFL Mascot. For some reason, Poe is the #16 seed in the AFC bracket. His first round opponent is Boltman (San Diego Chargers...Actually, Boltman is not technically affiliated with thebut Chargers organization). Currently, Poe has just 33% of the vote, but there are not that many votes so the results could quickly swing with some help from a few Ravens fans. Here is the link to vote for Poe as the Most Fierce WOW! Can you guys believe CBS Sports has already started a new poll competition and POE is in it and tied for the lead... Please go now and check it out.... I was in FL when the poo hit the fan on this one! I sat up with my laptop half the night trying not to laugh too hard and wake my husband and kids since this was pre-condo days and we were at the Hampton. This the real thread no links because it's archived in the mod forum.
  16. So do I. Latin is not spoken but helped me greatly in pre-med, especially Biology classes.
  17. No I understand the spoken and written then speaking it myself. My oldest son had a roommate that was a native speaker and did not speak English and we were able to communicate. My son in bilingual in Spanish, Russian and knows some Mandarin and some Arabic he just picks up languages.
  18. Want a fun language to learn try Latin, I'm glad I took it and Spanish in high school, my parents wanted me to take French. My English grade was bad if it was below a B, Latin was pass/fail and Spanish was self guided 'programs' at home and discuss it in class, a C was a lucky grade for me lol
  19. Rhyme with take and snake.
  20. Love it! Games are usually at night so that should help a little.
  21. Honestly I don't remember, I just remember reading it.
  22. The cruise ship got my husband lol I actually did the calculations from New York/NewJersey it would 5.5 days to South Hampton and 7.2 days from Baltimore to London at 25 knots, and that time of year the hurricanes are quite a risk instead of icebergs. Ordinary cruise ships travel at the speed of 21 to 24 knots per hour, but a high-speed cruise ship can go as fast as 30 knots or more. Most cruise ships are powered by diesel electric engines or gas turbines, and they have propellers that cut through the water to move them forward or backward. is what I used to do the calculations. Lombardi from RSR did one in horrible taste a couple years ago and it was being sourced well into the Fall.
  23. We didn't get one.....
  24. I understand the being in the playoffs once in the last four years is blamed on Flacco BUT Flacco played half a season once and was rehabbing the trashed knee last year. I've posted this somewhere it takes 18 months to get over the whole knee thing, physically the player is ready but psychologically he may not be. I forget which home game last year Flacco trashed his knee brace because he went down funny in his slide and hobbled off the field to the tunnel to get it changed out and came out ready to play---as player that has to stick with you. The revolving door at OC impacts the entire offense and oh boy did it show. The stupid penalties killed the team as well as QB play. Personally I like Joe and I know he will never be Peyton or Tom, because franchise QB's of their caliber do not grow on trees or everyone would have one except maybe Cleveland.
  25. You and all my kids/young adults love that show when they grace us with their presence lol