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  1. Sadly I heard that the Brigade have only sold 500 season tickets so far. There's still no place to buy t-shirts online or any other team gear.. The problem is Ted Leonsis's dual ownership, should have announced both teams at the same time. Or had a separate Baltimore based ownership group run the team. The first game in DC against the Valor will be televised on CBS Sports Network as part of their Arena Football coverage this year.
  2. I get put down when I suggested escalators for the 500 level which should be ready in a couple of years anyway. I was called lazy. If they don't like them, they'll probably just keep stairs or ramps at one part of the stadium for those who want to walk. If you don't want them, I suggest you stand outside the club level and you'll get a bunch of angry people if you say they don't deserve them.
  3. About Invincible, they forget that Vince Papele already had already played professional football in the World Football League for the Philadelphia Bell in the mid 1970s.
  4. There was once a Washington, DC area professional cricket team, DC Forward that played its home games at Prince Georges County Stadium in Bowie, MD.
  5. Also based on a true story, unlike the Rocky series.
  6. There was talk of a NFL Developmental League at one time, had they had it in spring, it could also have NFL referees and justify having them year round. Also there was talk of an Academy for players out of the league in the regular seas. Probably would have had 4 NFL teams assigned to one franchise. I'd would have had the teams in cities where there's no NFL or Major League Baseball franchises.
  7. I heard they signed a former Raven, when calling about season tickets, I said "that might sell you a ticket or two". They look like they're off to a good start despite starting 3 month later than the Valor.
  8. They used stopped escalators in the Washington Metro all the time.
  9. And at a bar in Northern Virginia watching the Ravens game, just before I see tv ads for Redskins season tickets. Guess the 30 year waiting list is history.
  10. Steve Bisciotti said "If Ray wants a job with the Ravens, we'll give him one, but I feel he can do more on the outside."
  11. They work because they are split between two levels and someone holds back traffic between them for safety.
  12. I don't drink beer and two there were escalators at Memorial stadium and there was accident on safety patrol day that killed some kids. The reason I heard they only had escalators to the Club Level was Modell had trouble maintaining them at Municipal stadium, but the plumbing was so bad in places that they had porta potties on the concourse. They have them up at Oriole Park with no problems. But if you insist, they should rip them out of the club level as well.
  13. I'd like to see them renew with WJLA 7, or switch to WUSA 9 for the preseason, especially since they dropped CSN and their umpteen repeats of the games, NFL Network usually shows every preseason game but on a delayed basis mostly. About the Ravens shows, show them on a Baltimore station, then have them on digitally for the rest of the fans.
  14. Perhaps they'll do It like FedEx Field, where they have a bank of them going to the 400 level and ramps for all the "Health Nuts".
  15. Georgia cut the education budget to fund the new Mercedes Benz stadium. And in San Digeo, they had a hotel tax budget that failed, the taxpayers said "Drop Dead" and the Chargers moved back to LA where they won't even fill the StubHub Center next year.