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  1. This 98 Rock Twisted Tune from KML says it all"
  2. Prayers to Todd Heap and his family.
  3. Last I heard they're selling season tickets at 30 a week clip. I do too, but the Valor had a 3 month jump on the Brigade, and finally on Monday you can buy t-shirts and other gear on I wish the Baltimore team had a separate ownership groups that knows the city. In fact the Brigade's ticket office in in DC. I will be repping on tonight at the Verizon Center.
  4. Vince was rumored to buy Ring of Honor, but it doesn't look that way now. There's Impact wrestling, and El Ray has that Serial Drama "Lucha Underground', there are some weak competition. And New Japan on AXS with Jim Ross which is good lead in to their fight night. Then there are the indepents like Maryland Championship Wrestling. So there are alternatives to the WWE, you just gotta look.
  5. It was a debate with other board members that got slightly on the nasty side.
  6. I'll miss the words yelled at each other about escalators. Which there are already was some to the club level and will be installed up to the 500 level this season. I'm pretty sure they'll still have ramps for those who want to climb up like they used to do.
  7. It definitely wasn't out of the goodness of Modells heart,.
  8. Art was forced to leave the name, colors and history behind as part of an out of court settlement with the City of Cleveland, so they wouldn't sue him over the last year of the lease there.
  9. I suggest the city of Oakland find a way to kick out Davis and the Raiders. The team should just play at 35,000 seat Sam Boyd stadium near Vegas until their new one's ready.
  10. Those last two years in Oakland will be like the Houston Oilers in 1995 when 3 weeks before the season owner Bud Adams announced he was going to move the team to Nashville, and play a couple of lame duck seasons in the Astrodome, it was half full at best, then the played a season at Memphis in the Liberty Bowl which not many people showed up. They played one more year at Vanderbilt and they moved to Nashville and became the Tennessee Titans. This was also mentioned by a Browns fan who called himself Art Bietz as part of his anti Baltimore website
  11. Sadly I heard that the Brigade have only sold 500 season tickets so far. There's still no place to buy t-shirts online or any other team gear.. The problem is Ted Leonsis's dual ownership, should have announced both teams at the same time. Or had a separate Baltimore based ownership group run the team. The first game in DC against the Valor will be televised on CBS Sports Network as part of their Arena Football coverage this year.
  12. I get put down when I suggested escalators for the 500 level which should be ready in a couple of years anyway. I was called lazy. If they don't like them, they'll probably just keep stairs or ramps at one part of the stadium for those who want to walk. If you don't want them, I suggest you stand outside the club level and you'll get a bunch of angry people if you say they don't deserve them.
  13. About Invincible, they forget that Vince Papele already had already played professional football in the World Football League for the Philadelphia Bell in the mid 1970s.
  14. There was once a Washington, DC area professional cricket team, DC Forward that played its home games at Prince Georges County Stadium in Bowie, MD.
  15. Also based on a true story, unlike the Rocky series.