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  1. I'll just start it off with this: Roch Kubatko (@masnRoch) 10/6/16, 3:27 PM Buck said talked to pending FA Wieters: "Tough. Not many dry eyes in that place." #orioles Sounds like Wieters is gone. Will post some more tweets from today's press conference.
  2. Especially since everyone knows if DBs could catch they'd be WRs.
  3. My whole neighborhood (except that one Steelers fan) erupted after that game. We were outside making all kinds of racket and one family was even setting off fireworks. Best spontaneous block party ever.
  4. No, this thread is off-season AND the remainder of the time the forums are open.
  5. Sure, they had a relief pitcher throw at his head AFTER they had a big lead and the series was almost over. Chickenshit move. A team with character would have either foregone the drama or beaned him in his first at bat yesterday. No respect for that team. Crap runs rampant in Massachusetts.
  6. Actually, considering the ratings dive, I think they do. I know for sure I do. MNF has been pretty much unwatchable for 2 years now. If it's not the Ravens, I'm not watching bad games.
  7. As a courtesy to other members, PLEASE include position and school in the title when starting a thread on a specific prospect. For the most part, though, prospects should be discussed in the thread for their position.
  8. Brach has turned out to be a nasty, nasty, pitcher. Who knew?
  9. MLB (@MLB) 4/21/17, 1:15 PM Live baseball comes to your @Twitter feed. @RedSox vs. @Orioles, TONIGHT at 7:05pm ET. Blackout restrictions apply.
  10. I like your attitude. I guess we don't get a Veterans Day game this year. That's a long stretch in November without a home game.
  11. My worst experience was a Waffle House in Jax Beach. Yes it was late on a Thanksgiving night (we had flown in for a Ravens game that weekend), but it was seriously horrible.
  12. Only 10 going to London? Was it by lottery?
  13. That was definitely pie worthy.
  14. Every now and then he reminds us of why the Orioles signed him.
  15. @NFrame You can have a great time on Ravens Walk, which is the area between the two stadiums. It is basically a big, public, tailgate party with live music. There are food and beverages available. There is a multitude of hotels/motels within walking distance of the stadium. Any travel site can help you find one within your price range.
  16. I pick mine up and drop it in the recycle bin.
  17. Steve Melewski (@masnSteve) 4/16/17, 5:08 PM Amazing note....after Mancini's 2nd HR both Manny and Gentry used an xtra Mancini bat (same model) and they HRd.
  18. Actually, it's here because it was a semi-duplicate and a glitch is keeping us from properly dealing with it. I don't expect we're high on the list for tech support.
  19. The all-in-one is a WF-2650. I've had it a couple of years and it is pretty good on ink. I do all my wireless printing on that since it does automatic double-sided. The other one is an XP-420 that I use to print checks. Very small footprint and you can load the checks right side up. I've had it for years. Just keeps chugging along. HP home printers are subject to stupid failures. My last one had the black ink failure issue that couldn't be corrected. The ink is more expensive for HP, too, and they seem to use more.
  20. I have had wonderful success with Epson printers. Currently have 2. 1 is an all-in-one. Very easy to install. Last forever. Hate HP home printers.
  21. Britton is going to give me a heart attack yet.
  22. I was enjoying him.
  23. How big a lead is big enough for Ubaldo?