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      After careful consideration, we have decided that we will sunset our message boards after this year's NFL Draft. Since we opened our boards a decade ago, the digital landscape has greatly evolved. While we understand there remains a smaller group of highly-engaged fans who participate in conversation in our forums, a significant amount of the dialogue about our team and our games has migrated away to other social media platforms over the past several years. Our message boards will remain up and running through Friday, May 5th, and will be removed on May 6th. We recognize that this change may upset avid members of our community. However, we look to utilize our time and resources to focus on how we can best connect with our fans across an array of digital/social outlets. If you are not already engaging us and other members of the Ravens Flock on our Facebook page, Instagram account, through Twitter or Snapchat, we invite you to follow us on those channels and continue to participate in our social communities. In addition, the commenting feature on our website articles will remain intact. Members will be able to continue using their boards account to log in and share their thoughts at the bottom of every news story. We’d like to thank all the Flock members and our moderators who have brought thoughtful conversation to this space and made our community great for the last 10 years. Ravens Social Media Hub »

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  1. Has anyone seen any details on this? I haven't found any clarification yet. Does this mean you can't intentionally run out of bounds? No spiking the ball? What?
  2. Did you read the updated announcement? Boards will still be here this Sunday.
  3. All of the information is here http://www.baltimoreravens.com/ravensflock/draft-events.html.
  4. I hope everyone has superbowels today. LOL!
  5. You have got to be trolling us.
  6. Best idea. Alternatively, just don't bother to respond.
  7. U.S.A! U.S.A! I can't believe how much I enjoyed this year's WBC. Our Orioles really put on a show, too. Maybe next time other team's stars will be more willing to participate. It'll be nice to have all of our guys back in camp, though.
  8. Another long established forum. Here's the invite from one of the mods over there http://boards.baltimoreravens.com/topic/72491-a-new-home/?do=findComment&comment=2563889
  9. You can do that on Scout, just without the f bombs.
  10. So, I got this email today. Anyone think it will help?
  11. Good for Jacoby! He'll always be one of my all-time favorite Ravens. Heck, he even got a lot of us to watch dancing!
  12. We actually have quite a few medical professionals who post here.
  13. Just one inning. Can't wait for the WBC Finals tonight. Can Jonesie do it one more time? From now on, he'll always be "Captain America" to me.
  14. And that's the kind of statement that drives the "Flacco lovers" nuts. As a matter of fact, the Ravens were in the top 3rd of the league in AVOIDING 3 and outs. He was NOT failing to move the chains at a high rate. Granted, there were too many failed attempts at securing the first down later in the drive, but a fair amount of that was lacking a playmaker on offense. It takes two to move the chains.
  15. And I see it totally the other way. The slightest defense of Flacco is met with a tirade of over-the-top criticism. I don't see anyone "absolutely love" Joe, just people trying to tell the "haters" to lighten up. Seriously people, there is a middle ground and I think that's where the bulk of the fans are. We've seen horrible Joe and we've see tremendous Joe. What we want is a plan, scheme, roster, whatever, that helps us see the good Joe way more often.