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  1. Pretty much the same for me. They got too caught up in the personnel and less about the NFL. I don't need/want their opinions. I want news.
  2. And those runs last night were undeserved. When we can all see the divot showing the ball was foul, how can NY get it wrong? I swear they spend the evenings drinking up there.
  3. Especially since everyone knows if DBs could catch they'd be WRs.
  4. My whole neighborhood (except that one Steelers fan) erupted after that game. We were outside making all kinds of racket and one family was even setting off fireworks. Best spontaneous block party ever.
  5. No, this thread is off-season AND the remainder of the time the forums are open.
  6. Sure, they had a relief pitcher throw at his head AFTER they had a big lead and the series was almost over. Chickenshit move. A team with character would have either foregone the drama or beaned him in his first at bat yesterday. No respect for that team. Crap runs rampant in Massachusetts.
  7. Actually, considering the ratings dive, I think they do. I know for sure I do. MNF has been pretty much unwatchable for 2 years now. If it's not the Ravens, I'm not watching bad games.
  8. Brach has turned out to be a nasty, nasty, pitcher. Who knew?
  9. MLB (@MLB) 4/21/17, 1:15 PM Live baseball comes to your @Twitter feed. @RedSox vs. @Orioles, TONIGHT at 7:05pm ET. Blackout restrictions apply.
  10. I like your attitude. I guess we don't get a Veterans Day game this year. That's a long stretch in November without a home game.
  11. My worst experience was a Waffle House in Jax Beach. Yes it was late on a Thanksgiving night (we had flown in for a Ravens game that weekend), but it was seriously horrible.
  12. Only 10 going to London? Was it by lottery?
  13. That was definitely pie worthy.