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  1. You need to make 26 more posts, like now.
  2. I'd give Guardians a rock solid 9/10. Expendables 3 and Ninja Turtles get a 6/10.
  3. I am far too good at Cards Against Humanity

    1. PolishRifle


      I felt just as conflicted, when I got good at Monopoly. I am the 1%.

    2. Sizzlebshu


      the game is too good

  4. Metaphors don't go over my head, my reflexes are too fast... I would catch it

    1. redrum52


      Lmao... The movie was great. That and the black light part had me dying.

  5. Yes.
  6. NXT is the only thing I watch anymore.
  7. Isiah Thomas was a goon, at least Laimbeer didn't hide it.
  8. Ahhhh sweet vindication *stretches*

  9. Welcome to our secret society. Fun fact, there are only 16 members with 15,000+ and three with 20,000+ Purock is the only member of the 30,000+ club, so you kids get off his lawn.
  10. Not for me. I did see some of Banshee but I stopped at the start of season 2.
  11. All three from year 2000, Backlash, Summerslam and the RR. The first two are top 5 all time for best PPV's ever and RR was fun as hell. I still remember all 3.
  12. RIP James Garner
  13. Browns wide receivers be like...
  14. So whats the best show today? I still need something to fill the Breaking Bad void
  15. I wouldn't trust Lebron to stay, especially if the Cavs don't live up to finals/championship expectations. There are a lot of variables to work out.