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    Proudly support the Ravens each week with felllow Ravens fans at The Parlor in Hollywood, we are "The West Wing". Thanks to Peter, Daniela, Kazy and Chris for organizing the group, creating website and for their dedictaion on trying to get a Ravens Roost in LA!
  1. As long as John Harbaugh recognizes he's on our team and uses him instead of always going for it on 4th down. "Let Tucker kick!"
  2. I know I'm a little late on the response but I absolutely have Harbaugh on the hot seat but he doesn't seem to concerned because as he said, him and Steve are friends. I have no issues with your friend working for you but honestly it's Steve Bisciotti team and it seems we will have John Harbaugh for one more year. I only hope he challenges himself to get better by watching the games again with an experienced outside football guy and explain some basic fundamental coaching decisions. Constructive criticism is good. A fresh set of eyes is good. Fresh perspective is required for growth. He obviously isn't at the top of his game, nor will anyone ever mistake him for a great motivator, not even a great offensive or defensive mind. Basically you have a fan/ friend running your team. Outside looking in, if you were to catalog all of the games where he went for it on 4th down within field goal range and we lost by 3 or less points we're in the playoffs 2016 and I bet you gain a game or 2 for each year we missed playoffs. I'm a loyal fan but I have little excitement for next year, hopefully something will happen to get me fired up before September. Stay tuned...
  3. playing musical chairs. Ravens need to stabilize the offensive staff but I would add that his in-game decision making, constantly going for it on 4th down early in games instead of using Tucker cost the team at least 2 wins just this year. it's a pattern that John Harbaugh needs to correct.
  4. I agree. Steve Smith Sr deserved more than 5 targets in his finale. He was here a short period of time but man I loved watching him play ball.
  5. What IFs? if we're playing this game let's go back earlier in the season when our head coach kept going for it on 4th down, early in games instead of using the #1 kicker in the league - that's at minimum 2 games just this year. Last I checked the record is a reflection of the head coach... except in Baltimore. IF the MO plays out as in the past ~ a coordinator gets fired.