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  1. Escalators are nice, especially since I sit in the upper level, but they are ruining the aesthetics of the stadium with video boards in the notches. The notches are one of the most distinctive characteristics of the stadium and now they are polluting them with more video nonsense. It's a freaking football stadium, not an Imax theater. If fans need more video to be engaged in the game they should stay home.
  2. I'd rather they spent the money on lower ticket or concession prices. I go the game to see a LIVE game, not watch videos. They upgraded the video boards a few years ago. Who cares about pretty bathrooms -- clean and functional are all you need. This isn't a hotel. It's a football stadium!
  3. Maybe the Jets will release him in time to sign with the Patriots when they're here on 12/22.
  4. Yeah, TO was a Raven long enough to spit on us. Sort of the way Elway did when the Colts were really the Colts.
  5. Elkton, MD -- Near Md/DE border and surrounded by Eagles fans aarrggghhh!