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  1. Cons We need other positions addressed well before TE.
  2. unfortunately i see ozzie trading back to hoard more picks but it would be nice to see him stay put Or maybe move up for an elite player of need!
  3. Taking the place of Juice's duties.
  4. Welcome aboard Danny Boy and a happy St. Patrick's day to one and all.
  5. Stop making sense. It's giving us headaches.
  6. Agreed on misses in the last few drafts. They must hut pay dirt this year or there will probably be new ones doing the drafting in '18.
  7. Pass rusher is key. DB's are only as good as the pass rush. Of course there are exceptions with a specially talented DB but they're few and far between.
  8. WR class not that deep this year. Given the injury history of Ross(projected mid 1st round) hopefully the Ravens will stick to a pass rusher, even if they have to move up to get quality. Generally not the R's style but one can never tell.
  9. Pass rusher, pass rusher, pass rusher. Hopefully one that can also be seen as a legit D lineman. The better a team pressures the QB the better the DB's will look.
  10. Cult must be a more than one and generally is a small group of people. :) Aiken would be alright to bring back but he doesn't fulfill the need for another young speedster on the outside. Possession type and the R's have plenty of those.
  11. "Multi-Dimensional" approach to the TE's. Sounds good but first things first. Let's keep them healthy and avoid other self inflicted "complications" to get them out of the starting gate.
  12. Garcon anyone? And no, not a French waiter. The other Garcon.
  13. They can provide all the help in the world for Flacco but if the Ravens can't get to the opposing QB's then it's all for naught. A good example was the Steelers game when the O had a brilliant drive but the D couldn't hold the response down, giving Big Ben, which seemed like, all day to throw.
  14. How 'bout a legit D lineman who can actually put pressure on the QB?