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  1. What if Luke was to turn in the end. Hence the Red titling.
  2. Nahh. Not a prequel just essentially the same story as Alien 1.
  3. Power rangers? Past my time. I saw 2 movies today.. Life... Kind of a modern version of the original Alien movie. Good. Logan... I thought it was pretty well done. Nice action sequences. Made good use of R rating but not over the top. It lacked a good villain though.
  4. How about josh bynes senderrick marks paul Kruger
  5. I did not watch that one. I started Narcos which is pretty good. I think of entourage every episode though. Lol.
  6. If you have kids both Moana and Sing I liked allot.
  7. Best villain of walking dead was Shane. It started going down hill when the governor invaded the jail and no one shot him on sight. They had a few good ideas like terminus and when they first got to Alexandria but never went anywhere with the conflict. And haven't used the zombies as any legitimate threat in years. Leftovers is is an awesome awesome show. I like season 1 better than 2 but both were great. There was an HBO show carnivale which ran years back that had similar intrigue. Right ht now I need something new that's good. Many shows I liked:!!Dead, Arrow, Flash, Suits, even thrones have just been getting worse and worse. I hope Saul and another season of west world can rise up.
  8. Haha. Is this out on Netflix or Hulu? I saw so many duds I never watch his movies anymore.
  9. Haven't looked at this in some time. How could Airplane be left off best of all time list? Best comedy ever. Matrix 3 easily the most disappointing but still the final fight is badass so not the worst. Anything with adam sandler in it is worst. Also I think it was terminator 3.
  10. I need new curb in my life.
  11. The offensive line is the biggest issue on the team. By far.
  12. I just feel he got way overblown due to the superman highlight play. I believe Thomas for example to be a better prospect. Granted. I have not watched these guys as closely as other years.
  13. That is very surprising he would be ranked that highly.
  14. Johnathan Allen #2? That's a pretty big surprise. Obviously hooker >adams no bias here
  15. I really like this option. Looking at the available free agents he could be a nice addition. The line needs starters and depth and Lelito could be both.