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  1. That's really awesome. Do you work for the ASPCA or was it just some sort of community project? Hunting Beagles are the best. I love it when they smell/see something then their tails point. They have a great frame for shows as well. How did they act when they were in a stable environment?

  2. Very cute. I thought that Beagle's were always very hyper, but mine just lays around the house all day lol. Either way, they are family dogs who are very loyal. Did you rescue purebreeds?

  3. Haha I like your picture. I have a Beagle so that cracked me up...

  4. is searching for time travel technology to speed up the arrival of the next game.

  5. Awesome! I went to one 5-7 years ago at "The Bob" Carpenter Center at the University of Delaware, and you could tell they knew they weren't on TV (they were missing each other by a Rey Mysterio body length). I was wondering how the quality is nowadays, and Youngstown is a good sample location.
  6. Has anyone been to any small-market matches? For example, have you attended matches at your college or in a small town? If so, what has been your experience with the quality of the wrestling?
  7. Is the silence from the crowd because drool is quiet or because men are afraid to cheer in front of their women?
  8. I really do mean it. I agree with you - they are brilliant at building a cross-section of fans and they use multiple methods to keep people interested.
  9. I'm a huge fan... of the WWE's marketing department. Freaking brilliant.
  10. Welcome to Ravens football! We're glad to have more fans from across the pond, so join into the conversation any time.

    England rocks!

  11. I never had them or heard of them when I was in, but supposedly they existed for a time - but I'm hearing recent years and conflict pretty much destroyed the concept because if you can't handle basic combat training, you can't handle Iraq or Afghanistan.

  12. D-Will is a nickname of a player - Demtrius Williams - a back-up (2nd string, reserve) wide receiver.