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  1. We good at running back but Harbaugh want an impact guy, basically someone that can carry only 10 times a game and get 30 times a game numbers. We really need an impact head coach who can use talent in the right way.
  2. We need O-linemen, we have good running backs and a QB, Dallas recipe made the offense look superstar-ish.
  3. or maybe hester realized this was his last shot so he decided to stop being such a complete boneheaded idiot while fielding punts? Naw, we just clearly didn't block for him on kickoffs, punts was another story but kickoffs we never helped him.
  4. It's so clear that we were not blocking for Hester, we cut him because we couldn't block for him. So as a head coach that knows special teams Harbaugh failed once again.
  5. Watching Steve Smith football life again and seeing how he and Jake had that chemistry shows how Flacco and Harbaugh wasted such a good weapon. It's sad how so many fans are feed up with the Harbaugh lead ravens that watching them isn't even fun anymore. Steve B. your loyalty to Harbaugh is draining. We know Harbaugh is a good guy, maybe a great friend and positive figure but that doesn't translate to a great head coach.
  6. If we had changed the head coach which would lead to use changing the way the offense is handled and run then we could have gotten one more year of the magnificent Steve Smith Sr. But with things staying the same Steve would have only been promised headaches and a lack luster offense once again.
  7. We need a new head coach, Harbaugh is a garbage time coach. I liked the team better with Billick, we was either clearly in or clearly out. With Harbaugh we get to act like we good then fail come crunch time. I wish Billick had one year with Flacco before Harbaugh was given his team. Now that Billick's team is gone so is the "Ravens way".
  8. Besides Kubiak year, we haven't had a winning season since the tough guys left. Harbaugh time is up and if we keep him then this organization is a joke. Ticket sales will drop and television viewing audience will drop, as well as jersey sales. Not being able to believe in the head coach makes us dismiss the talent of our team.
  9. Harbaugh fired Trestman then Marty did the same thing Trestman did and Harbaugh allowed it, insanity at its best.
  10. We only made the playoffs once since Ray Lewis & company left and the one time is credited to Kubiak. Bye Harbaugh, you clearly have nothing for us in Baltimore. People keep saying OC & DC when the true problem is the HC.
  11. The 4 game losing streak earlier in the season hurt us, we were out coached leading us to need to be prefect in our division in order to make the playoffs. Harbaugh put the team in that position with garbage time coaching, it's time for him to move on and get a head coach that can win the coaching game.
  12. Did Harbaugh get fired yet? I'm no longer interested in anything this team does until we have a new head coach. I really dislike the Patriots but boy do they have some coaches over there.
  13. Not the Steelers or Patriots, but the Raiders, Redskins, Giants and Jets are the reasons Harbaugh should be fired. Flacco has reached his learning curve with Harbaugh and Harbaugh's staff. Hire a new head coach before we need a new QB.
  14. Ray Lewis was right about Flacco. Did you see Dak owning that offense? Did you see Joe not owning that offense???
  15. Pitta can not block! I would cut him next season. Flacco got beat by a rookie, if you want to make Flacco better hire a head coach and OC that he wants. If you're spending that much on one player than he should decide who coaches him, otherwise we'll keep hiring and firing until Flacco's career is over.