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  1. My favorite part: "Kicker Justin Tucker accomplished his goal of hitting an expensive camera mounted on a pole behind the uprights. Tucker didn%u2019t take it down, but still gave a little fist pump."
  2. This draft just got 10x better!
  3. YES!!!
  4. The Patriots got booed like crazy by Jets/Giants fans in NY!!! Hahaha #TheOnlyEntertainmentIveSeenTonight
  5. ????
  6. "Joe Flacco steps up into the pocket, buying time, looks over the middle and throws over the defender... CAUGHT!!! Smith at the 20, 15 10... TOUCHDOWN RAVENS!!! Flacco to Smith!!! Oh wait... #89or82 ???
  7. Welcome To The Flock!!!

  8. We Are The Champions My Friends!!!

  9. Fellow Flock members, Let's be civil and respect each other, even when other members aren't.