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  1. I want Corey Davis but have yet to a see mock draft with us taking him 2nd choice is John Ross (DifferentType of Speed ) 3rd choice Mike Willams MY PREDICTION: Zay Jones could be a steal in the 2nd
  2. If Corey Davis, Ross, and foster are gone, trade back and draft Zay Jones in the 2nd round
  3. I would consider the offseason unsuccessful, not a failure, of we don't draft an Offensive playmaker. Davis is gonna be a superstar. I like Ross as well Zay Jones who would be perfect for our offense.
  4. Unless we draft a LB, We probably gonna draft John Ross or Corey Davis with our 1st pick.. We have 5 TE's ( injury, and suspension) Wallace, Perriman, Moore West, Dixon, Woodhead. I feel like we still missing a piece from being a SB contender
  5. Anybody know what's up with Claiborne? Is that why we trade zuttah?
  6. Oh yeah I forgot about Foster at LB.. that would work too...
  7. It's like we are just shifting pieces, not rebuilding. Rebuilding We would start from ground zero. We were and still are a competitive team.
  8. Lawd, Asa Jackson, Nick Boyle, Darren Waller ..smh come on man
  9. Let's Trade one of these 5 TE's for a pick or a WR
  10. If we can get Claiborne, then we will probably draft WR or DE 1st round.. this is so intense man
  11. Is that dude Bronson healthy? Maybe we don't need to sign a pass rusher to replace Doom.. I would like to get another CB or move Webb back to CB
  12. So I've been hearing Torrey Smith's name being thrown around.. isn't he, Wallace, and Perriman all deep threats? Who gonna be the inside slant guy? 3rd and short? GARCON? Draft? Kamar?
  13. Deangelo Williams better than woodhead
  14. Bro why did we sign Danny Woodhead... Smh injury prone.. he has played too many snaps I don't see any value.. I hope he proves me wrong
  15. This is sad man.. I would rather sign a vet ILB than draft one.. we should draft an OLB ... in Ozzie we trust fam